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Question Which character would you date?


Ready for battle...
Mar 8, 2017
The normal upstanding totally not evil me would say Nina from Angel.

But evil me would love to date Dru... hear me out... she's damaged and evil, and is likely to eat my face. But who doesn't love a powerful assertive woman who is literally nuts? She would always keep you on your toes, waking you up at all hours to tell you some vague and disturbing prophecies? Relationships are hard work people!


Apr 19, 2020
I'll go with Joyce. Very easygoing and funny. A bit disturbing that she dated a robot and didn't figure it out, but I guess nobody else did either. Only downside is that Buffy would be immediately standoffish about someone dating her mother and might want to slay me.

If I was younger, definitely Willow.


"Soulless Spike would have had me upside-down and halfway to happy land by now" -- for some reason, this line keeps coming to mind as I consider this question lol 😁

Spike is my always, but Faith would also be excellent (Faith of later seasons). Gwen. Phantom Denis and that loofah. Cordelia actually.....boy this is hard....I need man-parts but there's really no good male candidates for my tastes.....guh, I tried, but it's gotta be Spike!! Final answer 💗🖤🥰

Miss Muffet

"Can I trade in the children for more cash?"
Apr 28, 2021
This is a surprisingly hard question! :p

(Assuming the ages all line up nicely) I think Oz is an obvious choice. Someone said Graham, and I'd at least go on a date with him. Same with Riley, but I don't think it'd last (he's a bit too needy for my tastes). Spike would be interesting. He has some great qualities, his loyalty especially standing out, but I think I'd be better with William. On AtS, I'd go with earlier Seasons Wesley, S5 Gunn or David Nabbit. I also love the Groosalug. He's kind, honest, smiles easy, and of all the men on the shows I'm probably the most attracted to him.

All in all, I think I'd end up going on dates with a bunch of different guys and seeing what happened, but my top list is:


Jul 8, 2021
The more I see of Wesley, the more I like his face, so I'd date him. Specifically early AtS S5 Wes- competent, darker, but still chipper. I'm also keeping Spike as my pet poor little meow meow.


Dec 24, 2020
Ideal choices for a relationship for me:
Jenny - We’d find a lot to talk about and would have matching personalities. But I don’t know if she’d date me, I’m not much like Giles…
Oz - He doesn’t talk much so I might get bored or even resent him for not sharing my enthusiasm sometimes but I would know he is a reliable partner.

Would have a crush on:
Giles - I am scared whether there is something Freudian going on with my crush on him, so I’m not gonna elaborate further lol.

Probably have hooked up with:
Faith - Our personalities wouldn’t match in the long run but she is an awesome woman.
Xander - We wouldn’t match in the long term but I would totally be interested in him at some point.

I realize that my answers are based on logic more than emotion here lol. I don’t have very strong para-romantic reaction to any of the characters of BtVS, maybe that’s the reason why. 🤔


Aug 10, 2021
Oh...Such a good question....

Oz is a great choice...I'm gonna have to say Wesley.

He's super smart, not bad looking, and so respectful! He'll treat a girl right. And if you just so happen to breathe in evil coffin dust, he'll be there for you.

Gunn is also good. They had some solid gentlemen (Haha) on Angel, didn't they?


Five by Five
Aug 20, 2021
Okay, so, I would date Faith, clearly. I don't think anybody would be surprised by that assessment coming from her full-on fan, after all.
But the REAL question here is, would she date me? She doesn't seem like an emotional attachment type. She literally bounces from one fling to another.
She's no doubt an amazing woman, and her values are set with an iron fist, and I could probably stand to have more spontaneity in my life... and, of course, she's super super hot. But it would never last. Unless...

All right, here's my final answer: I take the Ferula Gemina from season 5 ep 3, shoot it at Faith, and seperate her into her slayer and human identities (preferably without her knowing). With the Faith-slayer subdued (not sure how yet, but i'll think of something), I swoop in on the Human-Faith and comfort her during the adjustment period. With no physical power left, I'd help her look for her mental power, and (for lack of a better word) train her up as a more empathetic human. Once I've finished (and by this point, she's already fallen in love with me), I'll reunite her with her slayer half, and BAM! Instant bodyguard girlfriend.

It's a flawless plan. But I will accept constructive criticism anyway.
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