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While just rewatching Buffy for the third time...



...sorry, I am only a fan since one year...I just reached a very cool redemption climax.

After Faith went berserk in Season 4, she moved to LA (I always blend in that 2 Angel episodes, cant help) and there, in that alley. Wow. It gets me every time. The first time I saw that, I couldnt even belief what just happend.

Growing up, making some (fatal) mistakes and redemption. Goose bumps. :D

Five by Five. :)

Now I am really-really looking forward, seeing her in Buffy S7 again.

Damn, watching this stuff is just too greedy. ;)

white avenger

white avenger
Sep 30, 2006
rome, georgia
Blasphemous as this might sound to some hard core Buffy fans, I've always found Faith to be a much more interesting character than Buffy. She epitomizes Spike's statement about, "In the end, the Slayer fights alone." Buffy has her friends, her family, and her lovers. Up until a brief appearance in Season 10, we've almost never seen or heard anything about her family, we know about her Watcher only that she was torn to pieces by Kokistos while Faith watched, and her love life has consisted of all of 3 one night stands, none of which ever developed into anything real. Her list of friends can be counted on the thumbs of one hand. Add to that, every time that she tries to be accepted by others, something screws the whole thing up. Even sharing the title with Angel in the comics series has been pushing the boundaries of her character as it was originally depicted.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Its another neat trick of having basically two shows across the universe. Faith is another character who benifits from that. Its a nice twist that its Angel who ends up saving her and not Buffy. Its quite a story when you think that at the begining on Buffy you didn't really think that she that she was in any danger.
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