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Who would you hooked up with?


Mar 13, 2016
Would it be so bad ? 😜
If I were into men, and about the same age, I'd consider Xander a prime catch given his looks, humor, quirkiness, loyalty, willingness to experiment, and most of all, having his life together to the point he was far more responsible and financially secure (if in the blue collar sense) than many men his age. I'd actually want him for the long haul (even if he was in no hurry to get married, neither was I, and I certainly wouldn't have been a bridezilla who demanded a lot of pomp, and given that I consider many marriage services to be legal scams, I'd want to keep it simple if and when it came about, which I'm sure would relieve him, and spare us both his family who I would not want to be indebted to for helping fund the marriage). But a one night stand would also work. (Maybe I've got a little demon in me...)

Heck, I don't even blame that older landlady flirting (at the very least, it feels more like an outright invitation, but it's been awhile since I've seen it) with Xander in season 5, and if I was my age now (and attracted to men) with a 21-year-old (single) Xander, I might try the same. That Xander refuses her out of loyalty to Anya is another mark in his favor.

But as it is...Jenny, though I'd also prefer Jenny for the long haul.

One night stand or brief fling? I'm gonna go with Lilah. Sure, she's evil (and I'd be deeply frightened if she somehow became obsessed with me), but a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it rather than all cringy, lights out, and forcing me to guess (her looks are a big bonus as well) would appeal to me. It's a flame that could burn hot, but I hope would burn out soon (and not leave me buried so she can listen to my dying screams).

71 Avalon

Apr 15, 2021
Either Harmony, Faith, or Glory (preferably without the godlike strength). I'm not sure which. Or maybe all three at the same time. I'll tell you all about it the next morning...if I survive! 🤣


Oct 28, 2016
For just a hook up- definitely Spike

For more than hook up- Angel or Gunn
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