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Why did Tara/Anya let Willow perform the Resurrection Ritual?

Oct 23, 2018
That was certainly true of Angel (I think maybe from the very beginning) they never really had a big plan for him or the series, they just used to break him down as far as they could each season and see what happened, they had no idea how they were going to get Cordelia back when they had her ascend to a higher being etc. With Buffy ... they did have a plan up to season 5, but had always thought of ending it there - so it makes sense that s6 would have a much more vague outline than what had come before.

This can be good because it allows characters to drive the plot instead of trying to steer characters in a direction that makes no sense as to why they would be acting that way, but downsides are you can introduce something in (for example) episode 5 and think "oh it would be so great to have this in episode 1" but it's too late to put it in, or things have been written (and aired) that you're not sure what to do with and some plot lines get hastily stitched together to fit with something earlier (which don't always align very well) and some plot points just never go anywhere.

The show needed to bring Buffy back - ultimately the writers just don't want us to think too hard about why Tara and Anya agreed to it, it just needed to happen so it did.


Sep 11, 2017
I think you are underestimating just how dangerous Willow is, without Giles and Buffy to counter her. I don't think Willow's corruption was sold properly, but it was part of the season's themes.

Anya is a demon, and loa ultimately care nothing for concepts like good or evil, only power and the will to use it. Anya is in love with Xander, and part of that ancient curse is that she will do anything for him, but she is not one of the good guys.

Tara wouldn't be the first teenage girl whose sense of morality went wobbly due to her "partner's" influence. Also consider, her brain was scrambled by Glory, the long term effects of that act weren't really explored, and "Bargaining" always seemed to have a lot of relic plot ideas in it.
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