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Why do you like it?


Bloody hell, Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers..
Sep 7, 2017
Québec, Canada
Hi all!

So I know a lot of you love Firefly and I just can't seem to agree with you guys. BUT! Since I like to challenge my initial ideas I wanted to know why you guys like it so much and how much it impacted your life. I'm trying to see it in another light so there go change my mind!


Lion Faced Kitteh
May 5, 2014
East of Trouble
I love the universe he created. I loved the characters and their baddassery, and their complexity and flaws. I enjoyed most of the story lines. Finally, I loved the biracial couple -- Wash's death really soured me and it seemed unnecessary. That and the death of Book really upset me. People of color and biracial couples don't do well in the Jossverse, though.

I think it raised interesting questions about a lot of things, including poverty and greed. Some of the answers about racial and sexual politics... not so positive. But mostly it was real and until Serenity, it was fun.

So, it's a mixed bag. I really enjoyed it as a series. Serenity, not so much, for reasons mentioned.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
I think I like it because it's a story that portrays the life of a chosen family on the outskirts.

Everytime I've been allowed to choose where I reside, I have moved to the outskirts - of cities, society, friendship groups and public opinion. I am a big believer in thinking for yourself, forming your own opinions from lived experience vs the secure structure of a schooled society. Seeing through the BS and defining your own existance.

There is a freedom to living away from the trends, and living with what you need vs what the collective decides is a correct life and correct values. It is literally character building to earn a living, regardless of how the living is made. They chose to enter the black together and do what they need to do in order to keep flying.

I adore the scenes where they act like a family despite not being blood related (minus River and Simon, it would be unrealistic for even misfits to follow a girl like River without a man to support her). Their dinners remind me of bonfires with close friends. The crew show good morals and support each other without enabling harmful ideals. There is an air of humour and jokes that would not be permitted in a traditional family organisation or workplace. My best jobs have been "live in" so this appeals to me too. I do miss that aspect of live in work, to be welcomed into an equally contributing community, not run on cash, but needs based and caring. (I am sorta slipping into that again but cautiously, not all communities are equal and I found that out the hard way).

I enjoy the outer planets being ruled and maintained by those who win it. Gender did not define the powerful before it was the cool new thing. The structure of each planets society was unique and interesting. The range of characters is exciting and I wish I saw more of that world, with Josses jokes.
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