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Why do you like this season?


Oct 8, 2020
-It's a continuation of Buffy Season 7, as well
-It's The End
-Loose ends tied with Connor, Cordy, Lindsey, etc.
-Emotional moments/deaths
-Change of premise was logical- it's about time the heroes are "in control" and "rewarded" (although that was an illusion)

I'll never understand how fans of TV franchises crap over specific seasons and just can't enjoy the entire story from beginning to end.

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
For four seasons, we have watched Angel Investigations operate on a shoestring budget with a few plot devices that have allowed them to move from an apartment to an entire hotel. The question in the back of our minds always was, what would they do if they had no restrictions? What if money was no object? What if they had the kind of power and resources that would enable them to make their wishes come true? What would they do? What would their priorities be? Can you fight the system from within and stick it to the man? Season 5 is the answer. Not to mention, the blessings of Necro-Tempered glass allows much more of the show to be in daylight so the gloom of the first four seasons is dispelled.

It is my favourite season and the visual aspect of more luminance is not the main reason. The season has consistently good quality with appropriate amounts of comedy as well as drama. We see Angel's pettiness at its best. We see Spike as a frenemy of Angel. Harmony is a great character - every episode she shows up in is comedy gold. Everyone has the resources they could only dream about. But the main thing is the answer to the main question: what would you do if you had all the resources imaginable at your command? Would you usher in a golden era of goodness or like Samson, would you use your strength to pull down the Temple of Dagon on yourself and everyone else?
I don't think any of those questions were ever in the back of my mind - financial restrictions being par for the course for most people, it's so expected it's not even noticeable. 'How are they affording this?' seemed more pertinent most of the time
Dec 17, 2015
Vahla Ha'nesh
Black Thorn
Whenever I think of S5, my first thought is how much Illyria blew me away. After Shells premiered, that night I actually dreamt of being somewhere underground with Angel and Illyria. It was so strange and realistic! To this day, it feels more like a memory of something that happened rather than a dream.


Socially Awkward
Aug 16, 2020
@spikenbuffy Yeah, I noticed yesterday. lol Was trying not to bring attention to it...

But anyway, if you or another mod could just delete that drunken mistake of mine, I would appreciate it... 🤣
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