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Why do you, or don’t you, read fanfic?


Mar 7, 2018
York, England (Teabag Central)
I'm 33, and I've just started to read fan-fic for the very first time in my life.

Of course, it was Buffy fic that I started with, since its probably my favourite TV show (along with Angel).

I've only read a couple of stories, but, already I have fallen in love with fan-fic!

The main reason is that I know the characters so well. For this reason, I can imagine the fic really easily as though it were real in my mind when I'm reading it, and this makes it so authentic, fun and believable. Like, I can almost "hear" the actors' voices when they speak their lines. This makes it a lot more powerful than reading your everyday fiction or other books with characters that you do not know about or are familiar with.

When reading, it just seems to help a lot more if you actually know the characters to begin with. That's why I also enjoy reading autobiographies of people that inspire me, I respect or admire. If I already know a lot about them, it makes it that much more fun to read their life story because based on your understanding of them you can relate to what they're depicting a lot more easily and with a greater level of enjoyment.

Another thing that I'm impressed with in relation to fan-fic is the scope for variety. For instance, yes, Buffy fic is about characters that I like a lot, but the scope for variety in terms of what any given author brings to the table is wonderful. Each piece of fic definitely has its own very distinctive character and style. Some pieces, for example, that I have read have been almost dark and poetic while others are crackling with bubbly dialogue and humour. Its fun not knowing what style of fic you will encounter next!

PS. Thanks to Nightshade for turning me on to Buffy fan-fic, albeit unintentionally! (I just read one of her posts and was inspired). :)

Joan the Vampire Slayer

Carpe Spuffy!
Jun 5, 2008
WA State
Some folks love fanfic, some don’t touch it. Why or why don’t you read fanfic?
I haven't read any in a while, but used to read it pretty often. I enjoy reading well-written fan fic, especially stories in canon that fill in "missing scenes", so to speak. But I've also enjoyed some interesting AU stories as well. I read it because it's entertaining.
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