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Willow #3 Preview


Jan 25, 2016
I quite enjoyed this issue. I like the art, which helps. It's a thin story of Willow in a magical village full of witches, but something is off and although she's been charmed by the place and people, she knows there's more to discover here, possibly something evil. As I say, it's thin and could have been done in half the time, as the pace is really slow and nothing much happens, but it's still enjoyable.
Jul 5, 2019
I'm loooooooving this mini. I know it's really slow paced but I actually enjoy how deep and introspective it is, we're really getting to know this new Willow here. I hope they do more of these in the future because the main series is so fast paced and has so many characters and moving pieces that they really can't afford to slow down and really get into the character's heads like this mini has been allowed to do.

And like I get that, the main title is where all the action is and it seems as though they're trying to make every 12 issue cycle a "season" with it's own over arching narrative. Offering more of these mini spin offs would just be a good way to compromise and still allow these characters to slow down, breathe and really let us know who they are without relying on "you watched the show so you get the jist of this person."
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