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Willow's Wardrobe


That's right, I'm watching you...
Staff member
Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn
Love this, great work! I love the contrast between eskimo Will and Prom Will. Especially love how you highlight The Prom scene with her and Xander and how clothes reflect the situation. As well as the ecclectic turn of her wardrobe in season 4. I always tend to think of season 4 fashion as typically Willow, with the quirky shirts and what not, but really, they are kind of singular to that season, in a sense. At least the later seasons don't reflect that quirkiness anymore, as you clearly show, as Willow develops beyond that experimental phase and moves into a more secure sense of self.

Also, love the reflection on the pink dress/dark jacket when she punishes Glory, never reflected much on that.

It's great to see how much thought even goes into the wardrobe of characters. Her characterisation is very well portrayed here. Much more to reflect on than I thought there would be! :)

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
*Insert shameless self-promotion*

My latest vid, exploring how Willow's wardrobe always reflects her characterisation. Please remember this is based entirely on my opinion and my personal interpretation of Willow's character :)

Love live love this!!!! Sooo much!!! OMG! I already rewatched all your other Buffy videos over and over again (mainly the Buffy hair one and the character centic episodes) they are all amazing! And this is just WOW!!! I love Willow, I love her clothes and I love your videos! I never noticed that her clothes in Dead Things

Are similar to Dark Willows...

Thanks for showing that :)

Well anyways I just wanted to say that I loved this video as much as all your other Buffyverse videos! Please keep doing them! They are amazing!!!
It's the same jacket :)


Mar 13, 2016
Thanks so much for this!

Not only was it really good, but it helped me not be so annoyed with Xander and Willow suddenly having their affair (mainly because it just seemed so random, thrown in just for extra drama and because Joss hates true love). Them suddenly seeing each other in an "adult context" could really help in them NOT seeing each other as the little kids who had sleepovers together, and thus in a "new light" that could finally make stoke those flames already simmering beneath the surface to finally flare up fully within them.

Btw, it's also a trope (any media) that evil and/or reckless characters show more skin and all that, and that holds true here as well. In retrospect it's a bit surprising that Dark Willow didn't carry that one part from her "Vampire Willow foreshadowing" but I suppose it makes sense writing/character wise.
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