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Would Luke from the pilot made a good recurring villian if he survived?

Anyanka Bunny Slayer

Wolves ov Siberia
Dec 17, 2015
Vahla Ha'nesh
Black Thorn
Yeah Jeff Kober was creepy in the X-Files and wasn't even a villain :D Brian Thompson who played Luke did return as the Judge and was in X-Files too.

Brian was also in Charmed ("Oh, my Goddess!") and Mortal Kombat. Oh! And a couple of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. As a Klingon, I think.

71 Avalon

Apr 15, 2021
The character coming back as another character thing came up a couple of times in the Buffyverse. Zachary Kralik from S3 (in ‘Helpless’) also appeared in season 6 as ‘Rack’, Willow’s magic ‘dealer’. I wonder why they did this. Interesting.
A lot (and I mean A LOT) of shows have done that over the years. I think it's called character recycling or actor recycling or something like that. You must remember, a lot of these shows were on the air before the era of marketing TV shows on DVD or of things like Netflix where you could watch whole seasons in a matter of days and remember reappearing actors better. Back then when you could only watch an episode when it came on TV once a week or less, the producers knew they could use the same guest actors and most viewers wouldn't know any better. The producers had no way to predict Netflix or TV shows on DVD...not that they would probably care anyway.
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