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Would you have ended Season 7 differently?


Apr 1, 2016
I certainly would have liked to see more slayer action... but then again, I really would have liked to see them do the spell before they went down into the hole... and maybe gather several hundred slayers around the school. I bet you there were a bunch of undiscovered potential slayers in CA, OR and WA alone...

I don't have a problem with the idea of Spike's soul burning out the enemy. Seems oddly appropriate that a vampire's soul should kill all the vampires... and it brings him full circle. Spike's humanity is why he joined forces with Buffy against Angel and Dru the first time... and now he's got his human soul and the fullness of humanity, at least from a spiritual standpoint.

Spike is only there because of Buffy's action, therefore, I credit the win to her column anyway. General's don't shoot the big bomb, they just decide how and where to deploy it. They still count as winning the war. She is the one who insisted in keeping him around, saved him and deployed him in battle. So it's not 'man power' saving the 'little woman'. It's the 'little woman' figuring out how to use her big guns. Willow. Spike. The potentials. And SHE wins.

You don't have to be the only one on the field to win the war. In fact, in modern wars, the general and the president pretty much aren't ever in the middle of the battle.

Without BUFFY, there's no Willow the powerful witch. Willow dies in season one. Without Buffy, there's no Angel the redeemed with an amulet... he goes on wandering lost in the wilderness. Without Buffy Spike either gets killed by some slayer or goes on being evil. Without Buffy, the potentials don't survive, much less become slayers who help save the world.

Everyone in that building who fought that battle was there because of BUFFY.

Chosen wasn't perfect but it was pretty good. Given the huge missteps of season seven, it's actually a pretty good 'save'.

But there definitely could have been a bigger role for the new slayers.

Buffy never saved the world in six or seven....she was stuck in a hole for S6 and S7 Wolfram Hart saved the world by giving Angel the amulet which he intended to wear in Chosen, but Buffy sent him away to start a 2nd Front , the only people who had any idea what the amulet would do was Wolfram and Hart , Spike / Buffy didn't so when Spike put it on he had no idea it would do ? So I don't understand the big Bomb ?
The two ending are very similar a man arrives to save the world with a gift Giles ( majic ) Angel ( the amulite ) Buffy has nothing to do with either....men saves the world in the last two seasons of BTVS
Buffy actions in S7 put the world in jeopardy , she basically sent them all on a suicide mission , why not inform Riley and the military ,she did when she wanted Spike's chip out ? but not when tens of thousands of bringer's and Turkey Hams that she was going to be let loose on the world ? obviously by this time the Spikes non story was much more important the any reasonable plot

Anyanka Bunny Slayer

Hail Hydra 💀
Dec 17, 2015
Black Thorn
First off, Kennedy is killed horribly, and she dies screaming. 😆 Then, I would've liked to see Werewolf Oz and ghost Tara join the battle. Instead of that stupid empowering spell, we could've had Willow and ghost Tara team up for some awesomely powerful magic. Forgetting the amulet cop-out, I'd also have Spike, Dru, and Angel helping out. (Dru sees Angel and Spike as family, so there's her motivation) I wouldn't have had Potentials, but I WOULD have given Dawn some kind of special power; she'd been the Key, after all. She should've had SOME residual Hell power! (That was a wasted opportunity for the writers. In fact, I would've much preferred her saving the day rather than Spike.) Dawn looks up and sees Buffy about to be murdered by several Turkey Basters, when suddenly a wave of green energy emanates from her, incinerating several of them.

Buffy: "Dawn, you saved me! And I always thought I had to take care of you."

Dawn (shaking her head): "That's where you're wrong. We take care of each other."

The amulet and empowerment spell was such a con job. Lazy writing.

Turkey Basters. 😅
I vote death by Gnarl for Kennedy.


Oct 19, 2018
Rugby Warwickshire uk
I would have ended like this.
There would be no potentials (I am not keen on that idea) I do not like the amulet either, Andrew dies instead of Jonathan.
The First poseses Caleb,
Giles hears about the Scythe (the 2nd from last ep) they search for it they but end up in a wild goose chase Buffy and Faith go to a monistery but the Scythe is gone they get attacked by Bringers Buffy and Faith return having battled the bringers Buffy thinks think Caleb has it or it was a trap.
Angel arrives at Buffys house and gives her the Scythe telling her it will kill Caleb.
(Last Ep) Giles and Willow discover that to close the seal the First you must kill who it poseses (Caleb) on the seal.
Jonathan sees a vamp chasing Dawn she is walking home he tries to attack the vamp but dies saving Dawn she runs home Anya and Xander come out the house see Jonathans dead body (Jonathan is finally a hero risking his life for Dawn)
Buffy announces they are going to investgate (in teams the high school) Buffy and Spike the Seal room, Xander,Anya,Giles,Wood,Willow,Dawn,Faith guard the Door but The Bringers arrive and attack them they have a big battle Anya dies as does Wood. Caleb arrives he battles with Buffy and Spike on the seal Buffy eventually Kills him on the Seal everyone runs out as the whole school blows up (Again)
Faith gets arrested by the Police and goes back to jail she also gets charged with blowing up the school.
Spike is missing (He turns up in Angel) Xander is in tears over Anya. Willow sees Tara`s ghost they talk and try to touch (like in ghost).
Buffy says the Hell mouth is closed it is over Giles says for now.
I love the Faith gets arrested and goes back to prison part.


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
Wouldn't change much. Maybe have Angel stick around for a bit longer instead of just a tiny scene at the start. Also Xander should have died instead of Anya. It would have shown how far his character had come: from a dopey, immature teenager to a guy willing to die to save his friends. Killing Anya was a bit of a lazy move to be honest; it felt like she died just so another character could die rather than have any real dramatic purpose.
Feb 23, 2019
Black Thorn
I didn't really like the amulet part but I loved Spike's death scene so I would have probably changed the amulet to something useful instead of what the fight depended on.
Maybe have some other characters come back because the situation is so dire.
The potentials kind of annoyed me so they wouldn't have been in any of the season.
I would either have had Angel in a few more scenes or not have him in it at all.
I wouldn't have had the cookie dough speech.
I wouldn't have killed Anya off because it was barely mentioned and seemed a bit random.
However, I would have killed off some of the other main cast, maybe Willow or Xander. Or maybe I would kill everyone off so they all die together.
Buffy would not have kissed Angel because there was literally no point in that apart from to annoy Spike but it was quickly resolved anyway. This literally just added to the random romantic drama which shouldn't have had a place in the finale.
There should have been more said after they all escape on the bus at the end and I also didn't really like Sunnydale being blown up either so I would have changed that.

I actually love season 7 and I love the finale too, there was just some parts that annoyed me.
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