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Would you have liked Xander and Ampata together?


Jul 26, 2018
Angel became delirious and had hallucinatory dreams after only 3 months in a wooden crate. And that wasn't just from blood thirst since he must've gone long periods without blood when feeding only on the occasion rat and then when fighting for survival in a Hell dimension.

"Ampata" was trapped inside her body for centuries (500 hundred years! that's half a millennium) as it slowly decayed, unable to move an inch, stuck inside a sarcophagus. The lid closed when she's transferred around the world then opened so people can gawk at her rotting flesh for a few minutes before going on with their lives. The museum directors telling her story of being a 16 year old human sacrifice over and over as if her being murdered and forced to spend eternity as a mummified corpse was just a crowd pleaser.

It's AMAZING that she wasn't more disturbed. She was in a living Hell.

Willow, Faith, Andrew, Lilah, Warren, Anya, etc, had less continual bad happen to them before they became killers. And they had a lot more choices.

Ampata was released from her inanimate dead body state and the only way to stay alive was to kill. It doesn't make it right but it's not like she was killing for money, vengeance, power, or just to make others hurt because she thinks no one else felt her pain.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
Xander always seems to enjoy the new toy in town. I prefer him with women who have a bit more sass. I cannot imagine him finding direction (like he did with Anya) with someone so meek. Plus, she had to suck other men to stay alive, we know Xander would get jealous of that.


Apr 19, 2020
Yes, if Ampata would have been able to live without kill, she & Xander was sweet, maybe they would have been a better couple than with Anya (I've always found weird that she suddenly want to go out with Xander in The Prom anyway).
Exceptionally weird. "I hate men. Men are evil and must be punished for what they do to women. Want to go to the prom?" And the 1100-year age gap...

But a very dark option that could be perversely useful is if she was able to feed on vampires, which could help tide her over for a long, long time (though it might have unforeseen side effects, either immediate or after long term use).
I thought of this too. It would have been great if she could do this. She could be in the Scooby gang, the vampire-kissing Scooby.

Her and Xander made a good couple IMO. I liked Xander with his other partners, too, though I wanted Xander & Willow together in season 3.


Sep 11, 2017
No. I like both the character and actress, and I see some interest in Xander dating a girl who turns out to be the Mummy. But Monster of the Week episodes are intended to be self contained, and in this era of television, multi-episode stories have to be fought for. If the Studio only gave ME three two parties, and limited the arc episodes in anticipation of future syndication, I'm not giving up either.
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