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Xander in S2


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
all around
This season was high in romance angst and there are some ambiguities for me regarding some of Xander's responses/scenes. So, here are a few questions about your interpretation of some scenes/episodes:
  1. Why does Xander complain so much about Oz in Phases? Is he being protective of Willow? Or does he feel threatened by the idea of Oz becoming important in Willow’s life? I don’t know, taking away her attention? Or taking away her friendship?
  2. What’s up with the scene between Xander and Buffy after they dust Theresa (also in Phases)? It’s the first and only scene where I see something more between them (for a second, it looks like they are about to kiss) and it seems to be driven by Buffy. Is she seeking solace for a minute and then decides otherwise?
  3. The scene between Xander and Willow in the hospital at the beginning of Becoming II also has me intrigued. Does it have an ambiguous meaning (friendship vs romantic) when Xander tells her that he loves her and she wakes up and asks for Oz? Or am I miss-reading it?
  4. Did Xander ever care for Coderlia? I just don’t see it and I think that she doesn’t see it either. He’s more than ready to move on with Buffy in BBB before realizing that it was the spell and after they get back together, he keeps pining for Buffy and acting jealous of Oz.
  5. Do you think that Xander and Willow should have talked about her finally saying something regarding her feelings for him in Surprise? It feels that it was swept under the rug and, of course, it will come back in S3.
I'm just curious about your thoughts.


Mar 28, 2020
I could be wrong. These are my guesses.

1. Xander doesn’t want Willow crushing on someone else. He doesn’t want her but he enjoys her crushing on him. Plus, yes, werewolves are dangerous.

2. I don’t know! That was odd. I think it was just a moment. They happen.

3. No, that was cool. Very.

4. Yes, he did. Hence Idiot Jed.

5. I don’t know what you mean.


Aug 9, 2021
These are my interpretations;

1)Xander’s behavior towards Oz doesn’t appear to be friendly concern it truly did appear that while he didn’t want Willow he enjoyed her crush on him. I have read somewhere in regards to Xander’s behavior in Season 2 that he hates all monsters because of what happened with Jesse and he resents monsters like Angel that got to live while Jesse had to die, supposedly this was confirmed in the comics and if this is the case the writers missed the mark.

2)I see several moments of weird sexual tension between Xander and Buffy in Season 2. In this particular case though yeah I’m guessing Xander looks perfect and uncomplicated after what happened with Angel/Angelus. If it weren’t for a lot of his gross behavior throughout Season 2 and 3 I would support this ship. I think in the larger picture of this scene Joss sees himself as Xander so having Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia have a thing for him is his fantasy.

3)I didn’t read this scene as friendship. They do genuinely love each other but now that they are teenagers with hormones they need to figure out if they way they love each other changes. They explored this a lot just to have it fall flat by not discussing it again after their significant others caught them cheating in Lover’s Walk.

4)I think he cared for Cordelia in his own way with that being said the relationship was extremely unbalanced, I do think she cared more for him than he cared for her, and I also think he was extremely disrespectful to her the majority of their relationship. Openly drooling over Buffy and Faith cheating with Willow.

5)I don’t think they needed to discuss their feelings after Surprise, he was already aware, he didn’t reciprocate, he was with Cordelia she was with Oz, nothing would have been resolved or made it less painful. I do think that him belittling Cordelia in front of everyone and telling her to wear something “trashy-er” as a way to appease Willow was gross. The time that their feelings felt like they got swept under the rug to me was after Lover’s Walk they got caught cheating with each other got dumped and never discussed if they should give a relationship between them an honest try.
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