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ANGEL: Character Traits and Personality Quirks

compiled by Old Master 3.0 and nerd4hire

This listing is created and being compiled by Nerd4hire, and is presented here as sort of a companion piece to the ANGEL / ANGELUS Onscreen Timeline Reference Guide. As the title suggests, this is a reference guide to the many little habits and eccentricities inherent in and displayed by the character of ANGEL. It is for fic writer's use.

We urge BB members to please feel free to pm a moderator with any pertinent info that could be added to the list.

All we ask is that any additions submitted for this guide be supported by quoting your source, providing links to your info.



From Guise will be Guise

A thug is masquerading as the swami T'ish Magev, who Lorne has sent Angel to see. Magev is a fake, but he makes some observations that are hard to look past; stuff like how important appearances are to Angel. One might say it's almost vain.

Angel is sitting across from the Magev, who is tying a new hook on his fishing rod.
Magev: "Nice ride."
Angel: "Sorry?"
Magev: "The car. Very slick."
Angel: "Thanks."
Magev: "What kind of mileage do you get with that thing?"
Angel: "I don't know. 12 in the city, maybe."
Magev nods: "Gas hog. Still, probably a chick magnet, right?"
Angel: "What? (Magev looks at him) No."
Magev: "If you say so."
Angel after a moment: "I though we were gonna talk about my problems."
Magev: "That car is your problem, pal. Says everything about you."
Angel: "The car."
Magev: "Yes, the car. You live in L.A. It's all about the car you drive."
Angel: "I really don't think..."
Magev: "Vampire, living in a city known for its sun - driving a convertible. - Why do you hate yourself?"
Angel: "I don't. I mean, I got a deal."
Magev: "You got a deal. - Why not a personalized license plate that says 'irony'?"
Angel: "Top goes up."
Magev: "Appearances. Very important to you."
Angel: "That's not true."
Magev: "Sure it is. So important that you're willing to put your eternal life at risk every time you hop into that thing. Top up or not."
Angel: "It's just a car."
Magev: "Oh. So why all the layers, all the black? You know it's been about 80 degrees in the shade lately."
Angel: "No reason. I-I don't have a body temperature so..."
Magev: "So it's for the look."
Angel: "No. - It's just this way I don't have to worry about matching. - I don't have a reflection so..."
Magev: "Sure you do."
Angel: "I do?"
Magev: "You're reflected in the people around you. The way *they* see you. - What do you think they see?"
Magev: "There are *two* yous."

The two of them are standing in the main room of the cabin.

Angel: "Two mes."
Magev: "The image you work so hard to create and the real you."

After a beat Angel takes off his black leather jacket and drops it on a chair.

Angel: "Well, maybe my persona *is* a little - affected."
Magev: "A little affected? Come on. How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse do you think are gonna be using that hair gel? (Angel runs a hand through his hair)

Others have remarked on Angels affection for Hair Gel

Room w/ A Vu

Also, my suitcase is still out in the hall. (Picks up one of her bags) Your shower is in here, right? You have mousse? Of course you do.

In the Dark

Spike (mocking Angel)
Say no more. Evil's still afoot! And I'm almost out of that Nancy- boy hair-gel that I like so much.

Also can we take this one seriously?


Spike He wears lifts, you know?

These kinds of remarks are usually presented with a humourous tint, from someone with bad intentions, but added up, they seem to be saying something.

Angel Cheap

From Disharmony

Spike That's your problem, mate. [to Angel] You're welcome to that heroic destiny, whether you deserve it or not. Me, I got better things to do than wait around for the 4 bloody horsemen. [walks away]

WESLEY: Spike...

ANGEL: Let him go.

SPIKE: Yeah. Here's the thing. Could use a little walkin'-around money. How 'bout a few hundred?

ANGEL: How 'bout no?

SPIKE: Typical, you cheap sod. Right, then. Settle for some wheels.


Angel and Wesley have taken Cordy out to celebrate her getting a commercial.

I'm touched. But don't worry. I *can't* leave you guys while I'm still the proud owner of the mind-shattering, ever more debilitating visions.

Takes a sip from her wineglass that holds water then goes back to eating.

I feel a little guilty.

Don't. - I mean, nineteen dollars for a - sashimi couscous appetizer is money well spent. How was it anyway? Pretty good? I mean, it ought to be pretty...

It's delicious but that's not what I feel guilty about.

Oh. [Sees Wesley looking at him] I 'm not cheap, I-I'm just old. [Slipping into a slight Irish accent] I-I remember when a few bob got you a good meal, a bottle *and* a tavern wench. You were saying?

From Dead End

Hyperion, day. Inside the lobby Angel accepts a box from a delivery guy, handing him some money.

Thanks. Keep the change.

Delivery guy on his way out:
Wow. A whole dollar just for me. I'm the luckiest delivery man ever.

Angel has problems with modern high tech communication

Angel gets a cell phone in She

In this episode, Angel recieves his infamous cell phone from Cordelia, that is always joked about in the series of his inability to work it. Later, it is his inability to use the voicemal that becomes the joke. ~ From TVTome

Angel likes singing, it just doesn't like him

From Guise Will be Guise

Gunn: "Wait. Are you saying... Is he gonna sing? Oh God, is Angel gonna sing?"

Host: "You don't have to sing. A break for you, a break for me, and a break for Mr. Manilow." The host pulls out a notepad and scribbles something on it. Angel: "Okay. Uh. If you're sure."

From Dead End

(Angel hears a good singer and gets jealous)

The Host is smiling, watching a guy up on the stage playing guitar and singing. It's Lindsey.
Lindsey: "Pretty girl on every corner. Sunshine turns the sky to gold. Warm, warm, it's always warm here. And I can't take the cold."
Cordy and the others come walking in.
Cordy: "You should pick something short."
Angel: "I was thinking about Stairway to Heaven."
Wesley: "Don't even joke about that."
Cordy: "Oh, my god, look who's..."
Angel: "Lindsey?"
Lindsey on stage: "This whole world shines so brightly."
Host comes over to them: "Isn't he fabulous?"
Angel: "He comes here?"
Host: "He used to come all the time before some caballero chopped off his strumming hand. - Looks like he's got a new one."
Lindsey: "Pretty as a picture, she's..."
Cordy: "Wow. He's good."
Gunn: "Lawyer's got some pipes."
Lindsey: "Settles me with love and laughter."
Angel: "You think he's good."
Cordy never taking her eyes off Lindsey: "Shh."
Lindsey: "and I can't feel a thing."
Gunn nods to the music as Angel looks up at the ceiling.
Lindsey: "The sky's gonna open. People gonna pray and crawl."

Several demons are watching Lindsey up on the stage, smiling, tapping their hands to the music.

Lindsey: "It's gonna rain down fire..."
Angel: "What is that? Rock? Country? Ballad? Pick a style, pal."
Wesley: "Shh."
Host: "Angel cakes. Don't make me ask you to leave."
Lindsey: "The sky is gonna open, people gonna pray and sing. Oh, I can't feel..."

He ends the song with a chord and the audience starts to applaud and cheer. Cordy is clapping as well, eyes still fixed on Lindsey.

Angel looks form Cordy to Gunn, who's nodding his head.

Cordy: "We can't sing after that."
Host: "You won't have to."

Cordy looks over at Angel as the host meets Lindsey halfway from the stage carrying two drinks.

Host: "Golly, pilgrim. Sure is good to have you back in the saddle. (Hands Lindsey one of the drinks) Your favorite. T&T, the imported."
Lindsey takes the drink but only smells it.
Lindsey: "Look, I got a crazy man's hand here who wants to kill - someone, maybe me, I don't know. What do you see?"
Host leading him over towards where the A-team is standing: "Well, you know what they say: the hand is quicker than the eye. You'll get that later."
Lindsey: "Look. I need help."
Angel: "I'll say. You might want to start with his singing." Laughs.
Cordy slaps the back of her hand against Angel's chest and steps up to Lindsey.
Cordy: "Hi. You probably don't remember me. Cordelia. I know you're evil - and everything, but that was just so amazing."
Gunn: "That was kind of tight."
Wesley: "Terrific, really."
Angel: "Is everyone drunk?"