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Shipping/Pairing Key for Fic Writers

If you 'shippers and Slash writers want to put your pairing in a thread title, here is the definitive Key to the characters of Buffy and Angel.
compiled by The First Evil

Angel = A
Angelus = Aus
Buffy = B
BuffyBot = BBt
Cordelia = C
Oz = Oz
Giles = G
Graham = Gr
Xander = X
Spike = S
Drusilla = Dru
Faith = F
Harmony = Harm
Lilah Morgan = LM
Lindsey = Lin
Wesley = Wes
Doyle = D
Riley = R
Dawn = Da
Willow = W
Tara = T
Gunn = Gunn
Fred = Fr
The Host = TH
Darla = Dar
Kate = K

If you have any questions about this list or think that it could be improved, then PM any ideas and/or names of characters you'd like to see up here to a moderator.
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