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The Decorum of Constructive Criticism

by Old Master 3.0

Welcome to The Watcher's Diaries forum.

I would like to share a word or two about the decorum and diplomacy of critiquing other's works.

The Buffy Boards are here to provide a space to post your thoughts, artwork, and stories....and to provide an open forum to discuss said posts. These boards are not a professional writing publication, nor do they claim to be....as most members simply like to share whatever level of talent they have with others.

If you post your work here, prepare yourself to be critiqued as well as appreciated.

It's always nice to have a lot of posts telling you how good your work is, but not everyone likes the same thing. Everyone needs to be able to withstand a little constructive criticism. In the long run, it can only help you. If someone tells you they would have set up the story differently or used a different style of punctuation, you have two choices: get upset and never post again, which would be bad"¦.or deal with it and either agree or don't. It's your work, do what you will, but be open to suggestion.

On the other hand, when critiquing the work of others keep in mind that there is a CONSTRUCTIVE way to do it, as well as a negative way.

The people who post here are not professionals and are simply expressing themselves for FUN. It's an internet forum kids, not the New York Times Book Review.

Keep critiques simple, and at least try to limit them to one point.

If you find yourself picking out the same thing from the same writer over and over, then maybe that's just their particular style of writing.

Remember that some folks really enjoy sharing their work with others and what you might think is a necessary critique could be a crushing blow to someone's sense of sharing, or even their self esteem. And really, it isn't going to change their style anyway.

Free speech will not be limited for the sake of camaraderie, but continued nit-picking, as well as unnecessary roughness in your opinions, is frowned upon here.

If you wish to be known as a member who always criticizes the work of others, that is of course your right, although that sort of thing does tend to backfire.

In the end, if someone posts something you don't like, you do have the ultimate weapon the internet has to give, the ability to completely ignore.

The same principle of the BB's "be respectful of all members" rule applies here as it does all other sections of the Buffy Boards...so keep that in mind when formulating your thoughts.

While free speech will not be infringed upon (within reason), useless posts of back-and-forth argument that have nothing else to provide to the story thread will be reviewed and possibly closed.

Thank you all for your time...and please keep on writing. The amateur aspect of your work is what the Watcher's Diaries is all about.
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