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Oft-Asked Questions Concerning Buffy/Angel

You know how you might want to post a thread asking a question, but you wonder has this particular question ever been raised before? Some questions have been asked more than others. Here are links to threads which provide answers to those questions. This is a work in progress, so hopefully, eventually, all frequently asked questions concerning Buffy/Angel can be addressed.

compiled by nerd4hire

None of this is meant to imply you shouldn't consider posting on a subject if you have a new spin on an old idea. This list is just meant as an informational guideline.

Buffy: Oft Asked Questions

1. What is Faith's last name?

2. How do Vampires feel pain?

3. Who does Buffy really love Spike or Angel (Jeff Bell explanation)

4. How does the Slayer line work?

5. Is it the real Joyce in Conversations with dead people? A. Espenson Answers.

B. Joss Answers.

6. What does Five by Five mean?

7. What is the soul in the Buffyverse?

8. What characters, or actors tranferred over to Angel?

9. Is another Slayer called after Buffy dies in The Gift

10. What happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico?

11. Why can vampires have their brains altered?

12. Who is Spike's sire?

13. Did Mutant Enemy rip off the idea for Normal Again from Charmed? (Short answer - No)

14. What is the name of the First Slayer?

15. Storylines that could have been

16. Why are the later Turok Han so much easier to kill than than the first Uber Vamp

17. How many times did Buffy die?

18. Is Faith bi-sexual?

Angel: Oft Asked Questions:

1. What would have happened in Angel Season 6? (Jeff Bell explanaition)

2. Why didn't SMG make an appearance in the Angel Finale?

3. What are the Powers That Be

4. What is the Soul in the Angelverse?

5. How to access quotes quickly from transcripts


1. Where do I start with the comics? Where do I get them? Which ones are canon?
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