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buffy fanfiction

  1. buffynmarvel

    Bangel relationship

    Hello! :D What are people's thoughts on Buffy and Angel's relationship? I know it's a massive discussion in the fandom, and there's a reason I'm asking. I'm a writer, and I got into fan fiction last year and I absolutely love it :) I'm writing a Slayer / Marvel crossover with an OC Slayer...
  2. RogueSlayer111

    Help Kid!Wesley fanfic (need help finding a fic)

    Hey, I once read this fic where Wesley was turned into a 7-year-old kid in Season 3 of Buffy. Does anyone recognize it? I would really appreciate the help because I really want to read it once more!!! Feel free to move this thread somewhere else if it is not in the right place...I'm new here...
  3. IndianaSolo221

    My Thoughts on Bangel/Spuffy

    Hey! I just wanted to start out with a post discussing how I feel about the Bangel/Spuffy ships, particularly in relation to the fanbase and fanfictions. As a sidenote: I'm pretty sure this is in the right place, but my apologies if it's not! Something I've noticed, particularly in Spuffy...
  4. C

    Buffy and Angelverse Fanfiction

    <div class="blockMessage blockMessage--important blockMessage--iconic u-noJsOnly">JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before...
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