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  1. telperion66

    The expansion of Drusilla's character on Angel

    Just getting through another rewatch of Angel, season two. I'm noticing how great Juliet Landau's performances are as Drusilla compared to her stint on Buffy with Spike as her playmate. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Buffy, season two and her part in it, but watching her again on Angel...
  2. telperion66

    Chemistry and atmospherics in season 2

    This is the season I've probably watched the most on re-watch, and, I think I finally understand why. Going back to this season, the chemistry between the cast of characters and the overall atmosphere generated by the narrative serve to supply us with a vibe and tone that portrays the show at...
  3. telperion66

    How the characters on Angel reached their peak chemistry in season 3

    In season three of Angel, in my opinion, we see the characters interacting at the height of the chemistry that we ever got to see on the show. This chemistry surpasses anything I personally ever saw in the Buffyverse, in terms of the depth that it afforded in the overall presentation. By...
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