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  1. BuffyNvrForgets

    Can We All Take a Moment to Appreciate Summer Glau (River)???

    I recently forced my sister to watch all of Firefly. She had some odd notions about the Whedonverse I just had to correct (including the opinion that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the only good thing Whendon had ever been affilitated with, having never seen any Whedonverse property aside from that...
  2. RachM

    The Appeal of The Idiot Hero - A Closer Look At Paul Ballard

    -Major spoilers for both seasons of Dollhouse ahead- Paul Ballard is a character who cops a lot of unwarranted flak, both from the fandom and In-Universe. He is often dismissed as insignificant, useless, overly-obsessive and just downright stupid. His pursuit of the Dollhouse and by extension...
  3. Buffy Summers

    Whedonverse Podcast Recommendations

    Post any Dollhouse/Firefly/SHIELD/Whedon etc. podcasts you'd like to recommend here. I'll add any suggested to the podcast links we have here: https://buffy-boards.com/resources/ :)
  4. PaulParmar1

    Dollhouse First Time

    This is my first time watching Dollhouse and I'm honestly super excited for the series! I just finished the pilot and let me say what an interesting concept! I love that it doesn't look like it's ever been done before & I love that it took me a bit of work to figure out what was going on but it...
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