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  1. LemonBanana

    Buffy-best LOL moments 😂

    Let’s spread some joy and laughter! What are the FUNNIEST Buffy moments you can think of!?! Post as many as you want and feel free to post GIFs galore... okay, just don’t go too crazy! Some of my favourite moments are Spuffy moments, but there are MANY funny moments here are some of mine...
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    If not Sunnydale, where would Buffy live?

    Hi all, Just a fun conversation to speculate where Buffy would live (USA or not) if she wasn't in Sunnydale anymore. Imagine if she had moved for college or after Chosen (but not like in the comics). Let's discuss!
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    The Good, the Bad and the Hilarious - Episodes

    Hi all, So the game is simple, choose 3 BTVS or ATS episodes that fills theses bills: one good episode, one bad and one hilarious. Here I will start: Good: Becoming part 2 - because duh it's the best! Bad: She - which is probably the worst episode in all the verse IMO. Hilarious: Band...
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    Two funny buffy episodes, that should be watched one after another.

    Hey all, I'm inspired by @joseph for this thread. You know what to do! Halloween and Band Candy - for some Ethan mischief
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Funniest episode of Buffy & Angel

    Hi all, So I have seen a thread like this in the Sunnydale cemetery and I was curious to read your answers. So what do you think were the funniest episodes of Buffy and Angel? For Buffy for me it's either Band Candy or Tabula Rasa For Angel it's Spin the bottle and Smile time What about you?
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