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  1. IMG953605.jpg


    It can happen anywhere
  2. Taake

    Thread for Posting BtVS & Ats Videos pt5

    fromer thread; https://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/thread-for-posting-b-a-related-videos-4.19268/ This is where you can post BtVS and Ats related videos. Bring it on! :)
  3. buffy1990

    Dawn and Ben

    As I was rewatching S5 this time around, I kept noticing the parallels/similarities between Dawn and Ben. They both existed in human form for some sort of purpose revolving around Glory. Dawn for the sake of being protected from Glory, and Ben as her human prison. Both of them being killed...
  4. TARAMaclayLover

    Season 4 overall?

    I enjoy season 4, because two of my favourite characters become more important/appear for the first time in this season, however the villains are just a bit...eh. I prefer Glory, Caleb, or the Mayor, to Adam and the Initiative. I mean, Tara and Anya, they're hilarious and unique additions to the...
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