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william the bloody

  1. 08c58267f7f0764ea8c9cc826908705e.gif


    Poetic license much? ;)
  2. buffy-the-vampire-slayer-reunion-13.jpg


    ain't that love?
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Your opinion on William?

    Hi all, I was wondering what you guys though of William before he became Spike? I absolutely adore him but I am curious on what the fandom thinks of him. Please do tell :)
  4. Teddie Westside

    Souless vs with soul

    You're introduced to Angel at the beginning of Buffy Take his human past (Liam) His vampire past (Angelous) Then his vampire with a soul time on Buffy (Good Mopey Angel) Then on Angel (Bad Angel) [I mean when he got all epipanied off] Okay then there's Spike Abused poet (William)...
  5. William The Bloody!

    William The Bloody!

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