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Episode Guide for Angel Season One

by Old Master 3.0

1.01 City Of...
1.02 Lonely Hearts
1.03 In the Dark
1.04 I Fall to Pieces
1.05 Rm w/a Vu
1.06 Sense & Sensitivity
1.07 Bachelor Party
1.08 I Will Remember You
1.09 Hero
1.10 Parting Gifts
1.11 Somnambulist
1.12 Expecting
1.13 She
1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin
1.15 The Prodigal
1.16 The Ring
1.17 Eternity
1.18 Five By Five
1.19 Sanctuary
1.20 War Zone
1.21 Blind Date
1.22 To Shanshu in L.A.

City Of... (1.01)

Angel sits at a bar, supposedly drunk, telling the guy next to him the story of the love of his life. A couple of guys leave the bar with some girls and Angel quickly sobers and follows them out. Keeping up the drunken act until a fight starts, he stops the guys, who happen to be vampires from snacking on the two girls and then leaves. Angel makes his way to his new home, an underground apartment of sorts that lies beneath an office. With no windows, sewer access through the floor and an elevator that allows him to come and go from the surface without being noticed, it's the perfect home for a man of his kind.

Waiting for him is a half-demon, half-human named Doyle who turns into a spiny demon whenever he sneezes. Doyle introduces himself, recaps the story of Angel's life, and then tells him about how he was sent by "The Powers That Be." Accompanied by a powerful migraine headache, Doyle receives messages in his mind regarding people that need Angel's help. He tells Angel about all the lost souls and people in need that Angel could really help and then presents a piece of paper with the name and workplace of a woman on it. Encouraging Angel to work on his people skills, he sends him off on his way to find this woman, Tina and help her.

Angel finds Tina working at a coffee shop, and attempts to communicate with her. After a few false tries, he offers to talk and she says she'll meet him after work. When she shows up, she pulls out mace and threatens Angel with it. She assumes he was someone sent by man named Russell and he wasn't. She apologizes and they talk for a bit, then Angel drives her to a party. While Tina tries to get money the party's hostess, Margo owes her, Angel encounters an agent who wants to book him as an actor and then to his surprise runs into Cordelia Chase. She proudly speaks about her beach home and amazing acting career then leaves Angel so she can talk to people that actually are somebody. Angel spots Tina as a man grabs her named Stacy but she manages to break away and asks Angel if they can leave. As they're exiting the elevators to the parking garage, Tina is grabbed and taken off to talk with Russell while Angel is held back in the elevator. Angel eventually breaks free, stops the other car and rescues Tina from her captors.

In her small apartment, Cordelia hangs up her one dress while listening to the messages left by her talent agency that reveal that her career is not as good as she said. Back at Angel's place, he makes tea for the two of them and offers her a place to stay until she gets things sorted out. She tells him about Russell and what he's capable of. Later that night, Angel heads to the public library to use their computers and search for information about a girl named Denise that Tina told him was a victim of Russell's. Angel returns to his place through he sewers and wakes Tina from a horrible nightmare. After seeing a note on the table with her name and place of employment listed on it, Tina panics and runs out, thinking Angel really was working for Russell. As he tries to stop her, the sun burns his hand and he reveals himself to be a vampire.

Tina runs back to her place, and packs her stuff, only to find that Russell is also in her room. She pulls a gun on him and after promising her to grant her wish to go home, he reveals he is a vampire and kills her. Angel finds her dead in her apartment and then heads back to his place with Doyle to track down her killer. After some researching, Angel finds Stacey and interrogates him for information regarding where this Russell Winters can be found. Margo calls Cordelia and informs her that Russell wants to meet with her and he'll send a limousine at eight to pick her up.

She arrives at Russell's impressive mansion and basically spills the story of her life. Her family lost everything because her parents didn't pay their taxes and she moved to LA in hopes of a acting career. Noticing that his place has no mirrors and dark curtains, Cordelia comes to the conclusion that Russell's a vampire and that she's alone with him. With Doyle waiting in the driveway of Russell's mansion, Angel sneaks his way inside and saves Cordelia. Two of Russell's guards attack and shoots Angel several times before he jumps off the second floor with Cordelia in his arms and makes a run for it. After getting back to Angel's place, Doyle extracts the bullets and Cordelia helps clean the wounds.

The next day, Angel appears uninvited at a meeting Russell Winters is having with his lawyers. Not threatened by the lawyers or Russell's supposed ability to do whatever he wants in LA, Angel asks Russell if he can fly, then proceeds to kick Russell and his chair through a nearby window and into the sunlight. Back at home, Angel picks up the phone and calls Buffy but after she answers, he hangs up. Up in their office, a desperate Cordelia wants to help Angel and Doyle fight demons and Angel agrees to let her help.

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: October 5, 1999

Lonely Hearts (1.02)

At the office, Doyle asks Angel to put in a good word with Cordelia for him, since he's very much interested. Cordelia arrives with the calling cards she had made for Angel's soul saving services, which have a little angel on them, that no one can recognize as such. Doyle gets one of his visions which just shows a bar, no one particular and they go out and see if they can find someone in need of help.

At the bar, a woman named Sharon runs into a man, Kevin, and both lonely and desperate they find a common interest. They later leave the bar together. Cordelia passes Angel's calling cards around, offering their help until Doyle stops her. Angel meets a woman named Kate and both have a hard time communicating with each other although they seem to have quite a bit in common. A guy thinks Cordelia is offering services of a different kind with the cards she was passing around and Doyle tries to stand up for her. A bar fight breaks out, and Angel comes to the rescue. The two guys are kicked out, and a woman impressed by Angel's heroic actions introduces herself to him. Angel talks to her to see if she's in need of help, but Kate sees them, and leaves.

The next morning, after a night together, Sharon gets dressed. Blood everywhere, Kevin is revealed to be dead. At the office, they do some research, looking for any incidents at the club D'Oblique. Their search turns up a badly mutilated and eviscerated body that was found. While Doyle and Cordelia search for more, Angel goes back to the club to see if he can find the killer. On his way in, he runs into Kate who tells him to go to Hell after he tries and warns her about the danger inside the club. Angel talks to the bartender and finds out that Kevin disappeared after going home with Sharon. After a few more questions are asked, Angel tracks down Sharon and goes to her place to try and prevent the next murder.

Angel arrives at the apartment just in time to see that Sharon is dead and the looser guy she went home with is alive and has the demon of a Burrower in him. The two fight, but the guy gets away just as Kate arrives and finds Angel. She pulls a gun on him, revealing she's a detective with the LAPD, and tries to arrest him. When Angel sees that she won't be convinced that he's not the killer, he knocks her down and dives out the window. Doyle, Cordelia and Angel set up a meeting at Cordelia's less-than-clean apartment. Angel tells them to search for information on Burrowers--demons that move from body to body searching for the perfect one to live in. Meanwhile, Kate illegally searches Angel's place and the demon transfers bodies again into a woman.

Cordelia and Doyle are asleep when Angel returns in the early morning. They have found a name for their burrower, Talamere, and that it doesn't have too many weaknesses other than a dislike of fire. Angel calls Kate and asks for five minutes to explain himself, to prove that he isn't the killer. At the club, Kate asks the bartender to notify her when Angel arrives and a few minutes later, the bartender tells her he thinks Angel is out back. When they get to the back room, the bartender knocks her out. Angel arrives just in time to keep the burrower from transferring to Kate's body, and then fights with the bartender. Eventually, Angel and Kate are tossed down into the basement and locked in.

While the bartender looks for the next available body, having little luck with his blood soaked shirt and peeling skin, Kate and Angel search for a way out of the basement. They finally get out, and after some searching, Angel finds the bartender with a girl out in an alley. Again, he fights with the bartender while the girl runs away and then throws him into a nearby barrel. The fire that was in the barrel ignites the bartender and then Kate arrives just in time to shoot him once, and keep him from attacking Angel again. Later, after everything is taken care of, Angel and Kate talk. She tells him about searching his apartment and he tells her he'll be around.

At the office one night, Angel reluctantly offers for the three of them to go out and do something, but instead, Cordelia and Doyle leave him to sit in the dark alone, by himself.

Written by David Fury ~ Directed by James Contner

Original Air Date: October 12, 1999

In The Dark (1.03)

A woman, Rachel, walks quickly through an alleyway, trying to elude someone, but instead ends up walking right into her pursuer. The guy is revealed to be someone she was seeing but who used and abused her. He threatens her, then pulls out a gun, but Angel shows up and knocks the guy, Lenny, unconscious. While the two talk, Spike observes them from the rooftop of the building across from them and provides his own hilarious voiceover of their conversation, based on their movements. At the office, Cordelia prints up their first invoice for Rachel, but Doyle warns her that it may never get paid. Oz shows up in LA, and Cordelia is a bit too excited to see him. Doyle is slightly jealous about her excitement.

They go down and see Angel and Oz gives him the ring. Doyle is incredibly happy, but Angel doesn't feel the same way. While everyone else goes out, Angel hides the ring under a brick in the sewers. The next morning, Doyle wakes up with a monster hangover. Angel is practicing Tai Chi when he gets a call from Rachel saying that Lenny has been released based on a technicality. Before he can get into his car, Spike hits Angel with a large piece of wood. The two fight both verbally and physically, and then Spike takes off.

Angel tells Cordelia to go stay with Doyle until things are taken care of with Spike. Cordelia feels uncomfortable in Doyle's messy apartment while he makes calls to see if anyone's heard about Spike. Meanwhile, Angel talks to Rachel at her apartment and tries to encourage her to get away from Vernon and get help. Doyle contacts Angel and informs him of a Manny the Pig who has info on Spike. Angel goes on a spree of beating guys up until he finally finds one who knows where Spike is. Interrupting Spike's feeding, Angel chases him down an alley and right into a trap. Someone else swings a chain around Angel's neck, successfully capturing him.

After Cordelia has informed Doyle of how horrible Spike is, the two begin to worry when Angel doesn't check in. He is chained up in a large warehouse where Spike plans for him to be tortured by Marcus until he gives up the location of the ring. Spike is impatient to see Angel in serious pain and Marcus doesn't disappoint as he starts stabbing burning hot pokers through Angel. Spike goes out for a while, and searches Angel's place for the ring. During his search, he gets caught by Cordelia and Doyle and then tells them if they want Angel to live, they have to bring him the ring.

While all this is going on, Angel is still being tortured by Marcus and even attempts to kill him with a discarded stake on the floor. Spike unfortunately arrives and prevents this from happening. He then tells Angel about Buffy and how quickly she's moved on to another guy. Cordelia and Doyle search for the ring all through the house and finally go down to the sewers. When Cordelia turns her back, Doyle uses his demon senses to find the ring under a brick. They then meet up with Spike and ask to see Angel before they reveal where the ring is.

After they see Angel, Doyle pulls out the ring and throws it into the sunlight. As Spike reaches for it, Oz drives his van through the wall of the warehouse, and then holds Spike at bay with crossbows until Cordy and Doyle can get Angel to safety. After they get away, Spike finds that Marcus has taken off with the ring and he promptly decides he's not working with any more partners. Angel orders Oz to turn the van around and go back to where Marcus is headed. While Marcus is distracted for a second, Angel jumps out of the van and runs for the edge of the pier, bursting into flames as he does. The water prevents Angel from being killed by sunlight and then after he and Marcus fight under the pier and Marcus is killed, he takes the ring.

The ring on, Angel steps out into the sunlight for the first time in over 200 years. He walks along the beach enjoying the sunlight while Oz, Doyle and Cordelia look on. That night, Angel watches the sun set from the top of their building. He tells Doyle that he's not going to keep the ring because the world needs someone to defend them from the night, and he doesn't want the daylight to blind him of what really lurks out there at night. After the sun sets completely, Angel takes the ring off, and smashes it with a brick.

Written by Douglas Petrie ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: October 19, 1999

I Fall To Pieces (1.04)

At the office, Cordelia and Doyle discuss their need for actual income from their business and after he tries some of their very old coffee, Cordelia decides to assert herself and tell Angel he needs to start asking their clients for money. Doyle gets a vision about a woman named Melissa. At the office where she works, Melissa and another co-worker wish a happy birthday to a woman named Penny. Flowers are delivered to Melissa from a man named Ronald along with a message that disturbs her enough to send her into the bathroom to take tranquilizer pills. Angel confronts Melissa as she's on her way to her car, and despite her lack of interest, she does take his card.

At the ATM, Ronald approaches Melissa and tells her he changed her bank pin number, and starts talking to her like they're in a lasting relationship. He scares her enough that she calls Angel Investigations and then comes in to talk with them. Melissa informs them that Dr. Ronald Miltser has been stalking her for nearly seven months and even when he's not around, she can feel him watching her. At her home that night, Melissa gets undressed and then we see that Ronald is watching her by means of his eye that is levitating in her room. Ronald is sitting in his office.

Angel goes to Kate at the LAPD to ask her a favor. She looks up info for him, but says that Ronald's lawyers, Wolfram and Hart prevented anything from happening to Ronald. She tells Angel that it's not enough that he fights this stalker, Melissa has to get over him before he leaves her alone for good. While Doyle follows Melissa around at work, Angel breaks into Ronald's office and searches through his things. When he gets caught, he pretends he's in need of Ronald's services and tells him that his wife needs emergency surgery that he his is willing to pay anything for. Cordelia interviews another doctor and manages to find out that Dr. Miltser, a doctor with an incredible talent for attaching and detaching body parts, but kept very quiet about the advances he made in his studies.

At the office, Angel searches for information about the author of a book he stole from Dr. Miltser's office, and then arranges to meet with the doctor. They do meet, and the doctor basically tells Angel that Ronald was able to master a combination of many psychological and physical talents. While Melissa sleeps, Ronald's hands--just his hands--crawl through her apartment and under the covers of her bed. A cop, sent by Kate to watch Melissa's apartment building drives up and confronts Ronald who is watching her from outside, but he reveals that he has no hands. Later, the cop hears Melissa scream, breaks into the building and searches her room. At first he doesn't find anything, and then Ronald's hands attack him and strangle him to death.

Melissa runs out and encounters Angel while Ronald watches secretly from behind the bushes. Kate and the police arrive on the scene and she talks to Angel about the stalker. Doyle confesses that this literally scares him. Melissa stays at Angel's place, where Doyle covers every hole with tape. Angel and Cordelia go upstairs to talk, and while Angel searches for a place to get steel boxes to put pieces of Ronald in, Cordelia gets a call from Ronald on the special line. Ronald asks for Angel to meet with him with 100,000 for his supposed wife's operation. When Angel shows up, Ronald knows Angel has been lying and shots him with a small dart that is designed to slow the hart down. Angel convulses and drops to the ground.

At the apartment Cordelia and Doyle look after Melissa who is asleep, thanks to Doyle's special mixture of whiskey and tea. Despite the tape all over Angel's place, the hands start to break in through a vent and the sewer. With one eye watching from above, one hand attacks Cordelia from behind, and the other pulls Doyle down into the sewers. Melissa wakes up as Ronald makes his way into Angel's apartment and she talks back to him, telling him that she's done being scared of him. Angel shows up obviously not killed by the dart, but Ronald's mouth and hand are thrown at Angel, as well as a scalpel that is imbedded into Angel's shoulder. None of them prevent Angel from getting back up and beheading the doctor.

The next day, Melissa drops by the office to give them a plant, and after Angel unwillingly asks her for money, she gladly hands over a check.

Written by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt ~ Directed by Vern Gillum

Original Air Date: October 26, 1999

Rm w/a Vu (1.05)

At the office, Cordelia is too distracted complaining to Doyle about not getting a role in a commercial to answer the phone. It turns out it is Aura who's called, and then Cordelia leaves early. At Doyle's request, Angel talks a bit about what Cordelia used to be like back in High School. At her incredibly rundown apartment, Cordelia finds lights that don't work, brown water comes from the faucet, and then finally the multitude of roaches makes her call Doyle for help. On his way to answer the phone, Doyle runs into a little trouble, as a demon collecting money from him either wants the money, or Doyle's life. Fortunately, Doyle is able to get away with a wounded hand. Cordelia however, goes straight to Angel's place, interrupting his shower and moving herself in.

The next morning, Doyle goes down to Angel's place and finds Cordelia there. The exchange of words between her and Angel about peanut butter on the bed leads him to the wrong conclusions, but Angel quickly explains. Doyle asks some questions, and finds out that Cordelia gave out his address to the demon collecting from him. Having noticed the bruise on Doyle's hand, Angel tricks him into thinking someone was there to collect money. Doyle tells him what's going on and they make a deal: Angel will take care of the demon if Doyle finds Cordelia an apartment.

Doyle and Cordelia go hunting for an apartment, and after many failed attempts, Doyle calls someone he knows and they find a beautiful apartment at a cheap price. Of course, later that night, Cordelia discovers that the reason it's cheap, beautiful, and available is because it's haunted. Angel meets up with the demon collecting money from Doyle at Doyle's apartment. Using a little violent persuasion, he tells the demon he'll get the money, but then they leave Doyle alone. Doyle's not happy that he has to pay, but he is grateful he gets to live.

Desperate to keep the apartment, Cordelia pretends not to be affected by all the moving objects and blowing wind that the ghost is trying to use to make her leave. Angel and Doyle stop by to check out her new place, and after discovering the place is haunted, and that the ghost obviously wants Cordelia out, they make her leave with them. At the office, they research to see who the ghost might be and how to get rid of them. They believe it's Maude Pearson, who used to own the building and also lived in one of the apartments. Doyle leaves to get the supplies they need to get rid of the ghost while Angel pays a visit to Kate to see if any police records could be of help.

Cordelia gets a call from Angel telling her to meet him at the apartment. However, when Angel calls Doyle, and they hear the conversation saved on the answering machine, it's revealed that it wasn't Angel on the phone. At the apartment, Cordelia finds that the ghost of Maude Pearson was just playing tricks, and that she thinks Cordelia is the girl who wanted to marry her son and take him away from his mother. Doyle and Angel arrive to perform the spell and find Cordelia an emotional mess because of what the ghost said to her. Wind blowing, objects flying, and Cordelia is too preoccupied with crying and feeling sorry for herself to help complete the spell, they try to leave. Instead, they are greeted by the Caliph demon and two friends, all armed with guns.

While the demons are occupied with fighting against Doyle and Angel, Cordelia is pulled back into the bedroom where Maude's ghost attacks her verbally. Suddenly, something inside Cordelia snaps, and she's back to her old self, telling the ghost off. Meanwhile, as the wind and flying objects stop, Angel kills the last demon. Cordelia comes out of the bedroom, and suddenly her eyes turn an icy blue color, and she grabs a lamp. With all her strength, she knocks down a brick wall with the metal stand of the lamp, revealing a skeleton behind the wall. Flashing back, we see that Maude Pearson didn't want her son Dennis to run away with a girl, so she tied him up, and then sealed him up behind the wall, leaving him to die.

Angel talks to Doyle about the way he lives, and Doyle says it'll get better, it'll just take some time. Cordelia loves her new apartment and raves about it to Aura on the phone. She does have to share the apartment though, with the much less-scary ghost of Dennis Pearson.

Written by David Greenwalt and Jane Espenson ~ Directed by Scott McGinnis

Original Air Date: November 2, 1999

Sense and Sensitivity (1.06)

Kate chases after and apprehends a suspect. She interrogates him, asking him the whereabouts of a certain "Little Tony". He won't talk and then she loses it. In the sewers, Angel tries to defend himself against a giant demon with lots of tentacles. Doyle brings an enchanted sword to slay it and then leaves the clean-up work to Doyle and Cordelia. Kate shows up at the office and asks Angel for help in finding Little Tony. With Doyle and Cordelia researching, Angel is able to find Little Tony at the docks.

Kate talks to her father, also a police officer about his upcoming retirement and then is interrupted by a call from Angel telling her where she can find Little Tony. Angel discovers that Kate may not get there in time and dresses up as a tourist and distracting them until backup can arrive. His cover is quickly blown, but help arrives in time to apprehend Little Tony. Little Tony's lawyer, from Wolfram and Hart is fully prepared to take care of things and proves to be incredibly difficult for the officers to deal with. While celebrating the capture of Little Tony, Kate finds out that the entire precinct has been ordered to take sensitivity training, and none of them want to be there.

A "talking stick" is passed around allowing the officers to talk freely and share their feelings. Angel and Doyle talk to a guy and find that plans have been made to kill Kate. Angel goes to warn her, and she invites him to her dad's retirement party. Kate's behavior is changed, as she's acting much more sensitive than normal. The lawyer talks to the Sensitivity trainer who promises dramatic changes. At the party, Kate gives a speech about her Dad, and honestly explains that after her mother's death, her Dad forgot how to be anything but an officer. All the officers start sharing their feelings and talking about emotions. While the officers let it out with words and their fists, Angel gets Kate out of there and back to the office.

Cordelia and Doyle watch an incredibly sensitive Kate while Angel goes to find the guy responsible for the change in behavior--the sensitivity trainer, Allen. Threatening with a gun, Kate gets away from Cordelia and Doyle and goes looking for her Dad. Allen tries to talk to Angel then Angel vamps out and starts asking the questions. One of the officers lets all the inmates out. The station is a mess of overly emotional officers, and now has convicted criminals armed with weapons on the loose inside. Angel, Cordelia and Doyle all arrive at the station at the same time, an instead of offering a plan of attack, Angel grabs them both in a hug.

Angel explains that the talking stick is cursed. He touched it when attacking Allen and trying to get information. After Angel refuses to help, Doyle tries to get inside of the station, but an officer inside says that they're closed. Instead, they break through a window. As the other officers leave, Little Tony comes out and points a gun at Kate. Angel arrives and tries to talk their way through it, but instead has to resort to violence. He and Kate then hug. The next day, the station is cleaned up, while Angel and Kate exchange a few words. As Angel watches from the shadows, Kate's father approaches and says that as far as he's concerned, everything that happened the night before, didn't.

Written by Tim Minear ~ Directed by James Contner

Original Air Date: November 9, 1999

The Bachelor Party(1.07)

Doyle tries to get Angel to go out, but Angel would rather read a book. Cordelia's rich date gets the third degree from Doyle and Angel, before she drags him out the door. After finding a picture of Buffy in the book Angel was reading, Doyle gets a vision of a guy who is going to be eaten by vampires, and they go off to save him. Cordelia's date turns out to be an incredible bore, but Angel and Doyle's evening is much more eventful as they kill off the vampires and rescue the guy from being killed.

One of the surviving vampires follows Doyle back to the office just as Cordelia's date is dropping her off early. The vampire attacks her, and after Cordelia's date runs off in fear, Doyle saves her and kills the vampire. Cordelia comes to the conclusion that Doyle might have some potential and goes to invite him out, but she doesn't get the chance to completely ask. Doyle's estranged wife, Harry returns, wanting a divorce so she can marry another man. Doyle tells Angel that after they got married, Doyle found out about the demon genes he inherited from his father.

At Doyle's request, Angel follows Harry's future husband and spots him make an exchange for money and then enters a restaurant. At the restaurant, Angel spies Richard as he turns into a demon then heads back to Harry. Angel breaks through a window and attacks Richard, before Harry stops him. She knows about and is okay with Richard being a demon, she even studies demons now. Richard's whole family is from the same demon clan, a nice clan that owns a chain of restaurants. Harry reveals that she freaked at first about Doyle being a demon, but then she accepted it, and it was him that had the problem with it.

Doyle finally convinces himself that it wasn't the demon that broke him apart from Harry and signs the divorce papers. Richard invites Doyle to his bachelor party, while Harry invites Cordelia to her wedding shower. Richard's family works on the party's events, which includes the eating of the first husband's brains. Doyle brings Angel along to the bachelor party. Richard asks about Doyle's marriage to Harry while at the wedding shower, Harry tells Cordelia about what a great guy Doyle used to be. She reveals that Doyle was a third grade teacher, and worked at a soup kitchen. After following some of Richard's family upstairs and stumbling upon one of their demonic rituals, Angel calls Cordelia to see if Harry can translate some of their chants.

Not expecting his appearance, and not needing any witnesses, Richard's family members beat up Angel and throw him out of a window. After Doyle gives his blessing to the wedding, he is locked into a box with just his head exposed. They numb his head and then inform him that they're going to cut it open and Richard will eat his brains to ensure that his marriage to Harry will be successful. Harry deciphers the text and she and Cordelia leave to save Doyle. Angel wakes up and then interrupts the demon family before they can harm Doyle. A huge fight breaks out, and Doyle finally turns to his demon for strength. Harry stops the fight and then Richard presents her with a choice. If the ritual isn't preformed, they can't get married, and she hands over her ring and leaves.

At the office, Doyle mopes around and Cordelia attempts to cheer him up. It helps a little, and then Doyle gets a vision, and this time, he sees Buffy.

Written by Tracey Stern ~ Directed by David Straiton

Original Air Date: November 16, 1999

I Will Remember You (1.08)

This is a crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4 episode: "Pangs"

Cordelia and Doyle watch Angel, and look for signs of depression after he returns from seeing Buffy in Sunnydale. He pulls out a stake, and they assume it's to kill himself with, when it's really just to level his desk. Then, while they talk about what happened in Sunnydale, Buffy shows up and she's not happy that Angel didn't let her know he was in town. Cordelia introduces Doyle and then they leave.

Buffy is mad, but Angel tries to explain that he didn't want to hurt her. As she's about to leave, a demon attacks and they both fight. Angel stabs the demon and gets some of the demon's blood on him. They go to hunt the demon in the sewers and argue over who will kill it. They talk about their relationship, and how hard it is for both of them, and end up arguing again. While Buffy goes above ground to look for the demon, Angel finds it still in the sewers. The demon cuts Angel's hand and when Angel stabs it again, the demon's blood mixes with his own. Suddenly, the vampire within him is lifted and Angel is human again.

Angel returns to the office and Doyle figures out that he's human. Angel stands in the sunlight and discovers his incredible desire for food. Doyle tells him about the demon that caused this, and Angel demands to speak to The Powers That Be. With some help from Doyle, Angel gets access and the Oracles confirm that he is human and that it's not temporary. By the beach, where Buffy is walking, Angel approaches her and kisses her. The two of them later talk about Angel being human and their relationship. Angel wants to wait before they do anything just so they don't make any mistakes. Unable to control themselves though, Buffy and Angel end up having sex on the kitchen table and then up in bed eating food.

Doyle and Cordelia drown their sorrows at a bar, and Cordelia complains that that they're out of a job now. Doyle gets a vision that more demons will be made. Buffy is content with her life, and for the first time, feels like a normal girl. After informing Angel about the threat of even more demons, a newly human Angel refuses to wake up Buffy and goes out to fight them alone. The Maura demon has the ability of restoration and needs large amounts of salt to live. Without any super-human strengths though, Angel is beaten up badly by the demon. Buffy wakes up and finally manages to get Cordelia to tell her where Angel is.

After Angel and the Maura demon fall down into an underground salt chamber, Buffy is able to find them and join in on the fight. Angel spots the jewel on the demon's forehead and remembers that destroying its "thousand eyes" can kill it. Angel tells Buffy how to kill it and she does. Angel returns to ask the Oracles a question and is told that as long as he is human, Buffy will die. He asks for his immortality back. It can happen only if the day is erased and only Angel holds the memories of what happened.

Angel goes back to Buffy and tells her he asked to be a vampire again. She's upset, but Angel says it's the only way it can be. Looking at the clock, they have only one minute before the day is erased. They both weep, and kiss one more time. In a flash, things roll back to the moment when Buffy first showed up in Angel's office. When the demon attacks, Angel kills it immediately, knowing to smash the jewel on its forehead. Buffy is impressed, and then she leaves.

Written by David Greenwalt and Jeannie Renshaw ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: November 23, 1999

Hero (1.09)

Cordelia proposes the idea of a commercial to advertise their services, but Angel isn't interested. She then tries to get Doyle to act in the commercial. Doyle nervously works his way through saying his lines. After one failed attempt, Doyle goes to talk to Angel and finds that he's still upset over Buffy. Angel tells Doyle about the day that was erased to everyone but himself and then says that he's worried about the End of Days that is going to take place soon.

Doyle talks to Cordelia about secrets and then he has a vision about a bunch of demons. Outside that night, two demons run away and hide as a large army of unknown creatures walks the streets. Angel and Doyle check out the place that Doyle saw in his vision and find a large group of demons hidden under the floor. Doyle tells Angel about a time many years ago when another demon comes to Doyle for help. Doyle has his first vision then, and when he goes to the place he sees in his vision, he finds a bunch of Bracken demons like himself, dead. He reveals that the Scourge is a virtually invincible group of purebred demons out to kill any half-breeds.

Cordelia arrives to help them transfer the demons out of the country so they can hide from the Scourge. Angel uses his threatening ways to make sure the demons will be taken by boat and nothing will stop them from getting to their destination. A young Lister demon, Reef runs away just before they are to leave and Doyle goes to find him. Doyle manages to convince him to go back and as they're reaching the building the Scourge comes down the street. Doyle and Reef hide as the Scourge look everywhere, breaking windows and setting fire to cars in the process. Doyle runs out to distract them and ends up meeting up with Angel. When confronting the leader of the Scourge, Angel pretends to snap Doyle's neck and then asks to join them.

Reef finds Doyle and sees that he's alive. Doyle just snaps his neck back in place and reveals that he's stronger in demon form. After getting everyone onto the ship safely, Cordelia makes them wait for Reef, Doyle and Angel to arrive. While talking to one of the Lister demons, Cordelia discovers that Doyle is half-demon. Meanwhile, Angel stands among the demons, listening to their plan to eliminate anything with human blood. Using a large light that will do just that--kill anything with human blood, they demonstrate its power on a human man.

When Doyle finally arrives, Cordelia tells him they were worried, and then slaps him for not telling her he was half-demon. He starts to ask her out to dinner, but Angel shows up, closely followed by the Scourge. Angel tries to fight them all alone, and when he starts to fight their leader, the fight gets taken inside of the ship. Meanwhile, the other Scourge demons are lowering the light into the ship. Angel kills their leader, but the Lister demons are trapped inside and the light is going to detonate and kill them all. The only way to stop it is by disconnecting the cable, but that also means death for whoever does it.

Doyle won't let Angel do it, and he knocks him off the platform and to the ground. Doyle kisses Cordelia, and a small purple haze travels from him to her. He then switches to his demon form and jumps out onto the light. The light burns him as he struggles to break the cable, but he finally does and then the light destroys him.

Some time later, Angel and Cordelia sit in the office in solemn silence as they watch the videotaped Doyle nervously flubbing his lines for the commercial.

Written by Howard Gordon and Tim Minear ~ Directed by Tucker Gates

Original Air Date: November 30, 1999

Parting Gifts (1.10)

Angel goes to the Oracles to ask for Doyle back, but they cannot help him.

A demon runs from someone on a motorcycle.

Cordelia is still in pain about Doyle. She leaves Angel alone for an audition. The demon that was running from the motorcycle goes to Angel for help, but Angel is reluctant to help the demon named Barney. Barney is an empath demon, having the ability to read people's emotions. Cordelia breaks down into tears at her audition and then when she tries the scene again, she suddenly gets a vision.

The man on the motorcycle continues to track the demon he's after. Cordelia returns from her audition and goes right to Angel and kisses him. Realizing that Doyle gave her the visions when he kissed her, she's kissing everyone she can to try and get rid of it. He leaves Cordelia to watch Barney and try and remember what she saw in her vision. He goes to check out Barney's apartment and runs into the motorcycle man. After pulling a crossbow on Angel, the man reveals himself to be Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. Angel talks to Wesley and finds that he was fired from the Watcher's Council and is now a rogue demon hunter.

Barney tries to talk to Cordelia and she tells him about Doyle. Without realizing who he is, Cordelia kisses Wesley but is disappointed that the visions are still with her. After researching the demon, and finding that Wesley was hunting a Kungai demon, Angel goes off alone to find it. After bargaining for in information, Angel finds the Kungai demon, but he is dying because the horn on his forehead was ripped off. Cordelia tells Barney about the visions and he tells her she received a great gift from Doyle. While Cordelia makes coffee, Barney makes a call and reveals that he took the horn from the Kungai demon, and is now interested in Cordelia's powers.

Wesley shows up and helps Angel by attempting to translate the Kungai language. He can't seem to translate enough of it though before the demon dies. Barney suddenly starts to pick on Cordelia's weak emotions, and makes her feel bad. Cordelia is tied up, and pretends to get a vision so that she has the opportunity to escape. Angel and Wesley return to the apartment and find Cordelia gone. Angel finds a drawing she drew from her vision, and recognizes it as a statue.

With Angel's research and Wesley remembering more of the Kungai language, the two go off to a hotel where the statue was sent for auction and hope to find Cordelia. Cordy however, wakes up in a room and overhears the plans for her eyes to be sold for their ability to see the future. When put up for sale, the bidding starts low, but Cordelia tries to stall by encouraging buyers to pay more. A lawyer from Wolfram and Hart finally offers the winning bid, and asks for the eyes to be extracted. Angel and Wesley arrive just in time and while Angel fights, Wesley sets Cordelia free.

Wesley and Barney get into a fight and Cordelia picks up the Kungai horn that was for sale and stabs Barney with it. At Angel's apartment later, Wesley packs up his things while Angel fixes breakfast. He makes a big deal about leaving until Angel offers him breakfast as well.

Written by David Fury and Jeannine Renshaw ~ Directed by James Contner

Original Air Date: December 14, 1999

Somnambulist (1.11)

A girl is running away when she runs right into the vampire that was chasing her. He drains her and then is revealed to be Angel. Angel wakes up in his bed, the dream he just woke from, too real for him. Kate enters a crime scene where the girl Angel killed in his dream is really dead and has a cross carved into her cheek.

Cordelia practices lines on an empty chair, but is interrupted by Wesley when he appears at the office. He wants to compare notes with them about demons, when he really doesn't have anything himself. While looking at the newspaper, the front page catches Wesley's attention and leaves quickly, just as Angel gets up, looking even deader than usual. After asking Kate to check a license plate number, Angel sees photos from crime scene, and recognizes the sight of the cross carved into the victims faces. Kate briefs other officers on the situation, trying to prepare them for what this killer is capable of and how to catch him.

After realizing the murders resemble a streak of killings Angelus committed in the late 1700's, Wesley returns to the office to kill Angel. Cordelia is not convinced until Angel, who had been listening to the conversation confirms Wesley's information. Angel reveals that he's been having dreams of these killings happening, but he doesn't remember actually killing these people for real. Cordelia and Wesley chain Angel to his bed to ensure that he isn't committing these crimes. Angel dreams about his past, where he chases after a woman and kills her after carving a cross into her cheek. The front page shows that there was another killing, and despite the fact that Angel was chained to the bed all night, he says that he did commit the murders.

It turns out that a vampire named Penn that Angelus made 200 years ago and trained, is the one committing the murders. Worried about how they're going to stop this vampire, Angel visits Kate and they talk privately. He gives Kate a drawing of the man who is doing the killings and tells her exactly who the next victim will be. A young boy solicits people to buy him beer and he is lured into an alleyway by Penn. The boy is bitten, but police cars surround him and he is forced to fly through a boarded up window of an abandoned building.

Having stolen a police radio, Angel and Wesley arrive at the scene around the same time as Kate and many other officers. Inside the building, Penn approaches Kate and she fires at him. The bullets don't harm him much, and he sends her flying across the room. Angel drops down from the ceiling and beats up on his childe. After they fight, Penn gets away and Kate is shocked to see Angel's true face. Angel talks to Kate and despite all that she's seen, she is not willing to admit that vampires are real.

Angel's childe shows up at the office, and gets information out of Cordelia before she realizes who he is. Angel walks into the room, but a beam of sunlight separates him from Penn. After Penn leaves, everyone does research of their own kind to learn how to defeat their enemy. Angel goes to Kate, and after she's studied up on vampires, she refuses to let him in, and tells him off. After some searching, Angel and Wesley find his lair and pictures that hint that he will kill children at a school next. At the station while Kate briefing other officers, Penn shows up and attacks. He kidnaps Kate and drags her down into the sewers.

Not fooled by Penn's attempt to distract him, Angel finds them in the sewers and fights with Penn. The two fight until Penn manages to grab Angel and hold him. With a large piece of wood, Kate stabs Angel in the stomach, but angles the wood so that she stabs Penn in the heart. Later, on the roof of their building, Cordelia tells Angel to stop obsessing about the demon inside him. She knows he's good now, and he's fighting for the right team and if he ever does become evil, she'll stake him in a heartbeat.

Written by Tim Minear ~ Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Original Air Date: January 18, 2000

Expecting (1.12)

Cordelia gets ready to go out for the night, and then Wesley arrives, looking to help them fight evil. Cordelia's friends show up to take her out to meet a famous photographer named Wilson, whom she's been seeing. Suddenly, Cordelia gets a vision and Angel and Wesley distract her friends, Serena and Emily. Giving Angel the necessary information, about the evil that he's supposed to fight, Cordelia leaves for her date. Angel and Wesley locate and slay the demon that was just hatching from its egg.

At the club, Cordelia and Wilson talk, and seem to get along very well. Wilson takes her home, but after a brief kiss, she invites him to stay. Phantom Dennis makes it difficult for Cordy as he messes with the lights and her choice of music. Wilson doesn't seem to mind though, as Cordelia and him end up spending the night together. When Cordelia wakes the next morning to an empty bed, she finds herself incredibly pregnant.

After not being able to reach her on the phone for several hours, Angel and Wesley break into Cordelia's apartment. They are both shocked at her appearance, but Angel calmly handles the situation. In tears, Cordelia tells Angel everything that happened the night before and Angel promises to figure things out. After discovering that Wilson can't be reached, he instructs Wesley to take Cordelia to the doctor while he goes looking for Wilson.

Angel gets information that sends him to Serena, the friend who set Cordelia up with Wilson in the first place. Angel discovers that Serena is also a victim, and just as pregnant as Cordelia. At the doctor's office, it is eventually determined that Cordelia is eight and a half months pregnant with seven demon babies. Wesley makes Cordelia comfortable, and she gets upset when she realizes he's scared of what's inside of her. She can hear the babies trying to communicate with her, but can't understand anything they're saying.

Angel tries to track down Wilson and his buddies, who have been impregnating women all over town. They walk in on Cordelia drinking Angel's stash of blood from the refrigerator and are both disgusted by it. Angel beats the information out of Wilson, until his friends show up. Wesley discovers what kind of demon is growing inside of her, but Cordelia knocks him out, defending the lives of her demon children. She is communicating telepathically with the demon.

Angel finds out that a demon is using these human men to impregnate women and spread his kind. He beats up the guys and finds out where the demon is located. Cordelia gathers with several other pregnant women at a building where the demon resides. Angel calls Wesley and they determine that if the demon is killed, the babies will be killed as well, without harming the mothers. They then set up their plan of attack on this incredibly large demon that will not be easy to kill.

The women dress in white gowns and go into a large pool to deliver their children. Angel throws a large tank of liquid nitrogen at the demon and Wesley shoots a bullet into it. The demon is killed as well as the babies. Only two days later, Cordelia returns to work. Angel and Wesley are both incredibly happy to see her and do a poor job of hiding it. She reveals how much she trusts Angel and Wesley.

Written by Howard Gordon ~ Directed by David Semel

Original Air Date: January 25, 2000

She (1.13)

Cordelia throws a party at her place, with Angel and Wesley both in attendance. A woman tries to get Angel to dance, but he flashes to a disturbing mental image of himself and the unflatteringly wacky dancing he is capable of doing, prompting Angel to decline her offer....

Angel mopes at the party, and finds his only friend is phantom Dennis. A man at the Ice Factory hears voices from a large box and opens it.

The next morning, Cordelia informs Angel that he wasn't any fun at the party. Wesley is at a loss for money, so Angel offers him a job at Angel Investigations. Cordelia has a vision of a man being burned from the inside, which sends Angel and Wesley go to the scene at the Ice Factory. Angel finds the remains of the man and the empty crate filled with ice. He finds a demon named Tae, who is from another dimension. He was sent to bring back the demon that has escaped from his realm.

Angel goes searching for information on Peter Wilkers, the man that was burned by searching through his office. In the midst of his search however, Angel is attacked by a female demon that kills with the power of fire. She knocks Angel out of the way with a powerful blow and then leaves when she gets a call on her cell phone. Angel calls Cordelia on a bad cell phone connection while he chases after the she demon. Angel follows her through an art gallery and begins to talk about the art to a group of people to avoid the security guards looking for him.

Meanwhile, Wesley discovers information on this demon species. Angel goes to a back room and encounters the female demon, Jheira. Another female demon enters this universe through a portal, but Tae and other males of the species arrive and attack them. They take the new girl and bring her to a building. With a special tool, the "un-make" her. At Angel's place, Jheira tells Angel about her kind. The personalities of the women are taken away--they are un-made--when they reach a certain age so that they can better serve the men. She tells him about the fire beneath her skin and how ice is the only way to cool that fire.

After discovering that the demons are herbivores and eat their weight in food, Cordelia and Wesley go looking for compost. They find the demons and overhear a conversation about their plans to capture Jheira, who is a princess in their world and bring her back. Jheira goes to the other women that are being kept safe on beds of ice. She talks with a human male who is helping her take care of the other women from her world. They try to make arrangements for the females to be moved to another, safer location.

After Cordelia and Wesley tell Angel about what they heard, they head to the location where Jheira and the other women are. Angel has the address from a paper he stole from Wilkers's office. While Cordelia and Wesley get the other girls out, Angel helps Jheira fight. When the other women are safe, Wesley and Cordelia return to the fight. They get held hostage and Jheira is willing to let them die in exchange for the survival and freedom of her own kind. With the other girls in boxes of ice on the back of a truck, Jheira tries to drive them away, but is attacked by two of the male demons. Before they can un-make her, Angel stops them and Jheira gets away.

The next day, Wesley apologizes for being taken as a hostage. Jheira shows up and she talks with Angel. The other women are safe, away from the city. The tension thick between them, Jheira leaves to continue what she does. Angel promises that he'll do what he has to if she takes her mission to save the innocent too far.

Written by David Greenwalt and Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Greenwalt

Original Air Date: February 8, 2000

I've Got You Under My Skin (1.14)

Wesley shows Angel a knife that Wesley later discovers is for killing demons that are already extinct. Cordelia has a bad attempt at making brownies and when she and Wesley begin to argue over her cooking, Angel tries to break it up and accidentally calls Wesley, "Doyle." At their new home, Seth and Paige Anderson put their kids to bed, but they place padlocks on the doors, locking their son and daughter in. Cordelia talks with Angel about Doyle's death. Angel admits that he misses Doyle. Cordelia gets one of her visions that sends Angel and Wesley to the Anderson house.

The young Anderson boy, Ryan, is nearly hit by a car when he walks out into the street that night, but is saved by Angel. Ryan's parents come outside and when Paige notices that Angel is cut, she invites him inside so she can tend to the wound. Seth is very rude and eager for Angel to leave while Paige invites Angel to dinner the next night. Cordelia check's the family's background and finds that they're constantly on the move. Complaints of disturbances, and Wesley's discovery of plakticine outside the house indicates that someone in the house is possessed by a demon.

Angel brings brownies to dinner that night, which contain eucalyptus power. After everyone takes a bite, the powder reveals that an Ethros demon is possessing Ryan. After talking with the parents, Angel brings Ryan to his place where they keep him surrounded by a circle of binding powder. The powder will keep everyone safe from the demon while they gather materials for the exorcism. Angel and Wesley go to church, but find that the priest they need to perform the ritual had been killed by another demon six months ago.

Angel doesn't want Wesley to try and perform the exorcism, but Angel can't hold a cross and they have no choice but to let Wesley perform it. As Wesley reads about the Ethros demon and exercising it from the boy's body, he discovers that the demon immediately looks for a new host and that usually kills the new host. Paige can't keep away from her son and runs to him. The demon shuts the door on everyone else and the boy strangles Paige.

Wesley chants in Latin, holding a cross to the possessed boy and Paige is set free. Cordelia goes to find an Ethros box that will hold the demon when it is exorcised. Wesley tries to work with the boy, but the demon reads his mind and uses it to distract Wesley. In a moment of anger, Wesley crosses the circle of binding powder and he is stabbed in the neck with a cross. When the boy starts to talk about Doyle, Angel gets fed up and charges into the room to perform the exorcism.

Cordelia finally shows up, but with a Shoreshack box and not an Ethros box. When the demon is exorcised from the boy, it breaks the box in half and is free. The Ethros demon is on the loose, and they go searching sea caves in order to find the demon before it possesses another body. Angel and Wesley talk to the Ethros demon, and discover that the boy is actually so much more evil than the demon. The Ethros demon was so frightened of the soulless boy that he was trying to kill him and get out of the boy's body.

Ryan steals matches from his father, blocks his parent's door shut and then spreads gasoline all through his sister's room while she sleeps. Dropping the match, he sets the bedroom ablaze. Angel breaks through the window and rescues the girl while Wesley gets the family outside. Kate comes with the police and they take the boy away.

Story by: David Greenwalt and Jeannine Renshaw/Teleplay by: Jeannie Renshaw & Directed by Robert David Price

Original Air Date: February 15, 2000

Prodigal (1.15)

In Galway, Ireland 1753, a human Angel--then named Liam--hits on a servant girl. His father arrives, explaining how ashamed he is of his son and hits him. In present time, Angel fights with and kills a demon. Kate shows up at the scene of a hostage situation in a subway only to find that the suspect is gone and Angel got to him first. Kate's father, Trevor Lockley, arrives at the scene as well after hearing about the incident on a police scanner. Back in Angel's past, Darla watches as a drunk Liam fights with several men.

Wesley looks up information on the demon and believes it to be a Kwaini demon. This demon however, is not a violent demon, and they're not sure why it would have attacked the people on the train. Angel tries to talk to Kate about this, but she wants to forget the whole thing and move on. Wesley and Cordelia locate the demon's body and are going to perform a test on it. Angel follows a deliveryman who was on the train to the apartment of Kate's father. Mr. Lockley gives the man a package.

Angel questions Kate's father and tries to get information from him, but Trevor tells him nothing and shuts the door in Angel's face. Again in Angel's past, Liam says goodbye to his family and fights with his father before walking out of the house forever. After quite a bit of partying, it's again seen how Darla makes Angel a vampire. Kate goes out to lunch with her father and they talk a lot about Angel. Wesley dissects organs from the demon and determines that it is in fact a Kwaini demon. He also finds that the demon was on a special kind of drug and attacked the train because someone one board possibly had more of the drug.

Cordelia returns after following the deliveryman and has pictures of him at a place called Kel's Exotic Auto. Mr. Lockley speaks with a couple of men in suits about the job he has been doing for them. He is paid for his cooperation and silence. A large demon speaks to the men in suits, telling them to kill Angel and Mr. Lockley. In a flashback to the 18th century, Liam's family mourns at his funeral. That night, after the burial Angel rises and is greeted by Darla. She watches as he morphs and kills his first human. It's later seen that the new vampire Angel visits his home and kills the members of his family.

In the present, Cordelia and Wesley work on the new security system while Kate arrives with information on the train's passengers for Angel. Hoping he can prevent something bad from happening, Angel leaves to warn Trevor about the danger he's involved in. Cordelia and Wesley are attacked by a couple of Kwaini demons, but Angel returns in time to save them. The security system they recently got turns out to be more annoying and troublesome than helpful. Angel quickly leaves for Trevor Lockley's place in hopes of saving him.

The men in suits visit Trevor Lockley to make sure he hasn't said anything to his daughter. Angel arrives but before he can be invited inside, the men in suits reveal themselves as vampires and kill Trevor. Angel kills one of them, while the other escapes. Kate then arrives, finding her father dead and tells Angel to leave. Covering himself with weapons, Angel gets ready to go out and kill all those involved in Mr. Lockley's death.

Arriving at Kel's Exotic Auto, Kate shoots several of the vampires and stakes the one that killed her father. The demon they are all working for shows up and manages to survive several gunshots. Angel shows up and helps her fight and kill the remaining vampires and finally chops off the head of the lead demon. Kate walks away, saying that Angel doesn't know anything about losing a human father. Back in Angel's past, Darla finds that Angel has killed all of his family. She reminds him that even though his father is dead, his memory will always haunt him. Kate visits her father's grave while Angel watches from the safety of the shadows.

Written by Tim Minear ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: February 22, 2000

The Ring (1.16)

Cordelia checks out a demon database and then argues with Wesley about dating and their histories of it. A badly beaten man named Darin MacNamara comes to the office, needing Angel to find his brother who was kidnapped by demons. Darin tells them that his brother Jack was in debt with his bookie, Ernie Nellins. Angel visits the Ernie, and for some money is sent to an underground location in Beechwood Canyon where Jack supposedly is.

Instead of Jack, Angel is attacked by two Howler demons and then holds one down while he gets information from it. At a club, XXI, where Jack has supposedly been sold to, Angel sneaks in through a window and spies on the activities inside. In a ring surrounded by the rich, two demons fight each other to the death. Angel spots Jack, but when he follows him, he discovers that it was all a trap Darin and Jack set for him. Angel is electrocuted and drops to the ground, unconscious.

Angel wakes up in a cage with a metal wristband and another demon as a roommate. He is informed that he has to kill twenty-one times before he is released and the wristband is removed. If any of the prisoners cross the red lines on the ground, or surrounding the ring, they will disintegrate. Cordelia and Wesley are worried about Angel and Wesley goes after him. While the other captives eat their food and Angel talks with some of the other guys. Cribb, one of the other demons, acts mean, but Angel makes it clear that he's not bothered.

They are informed of the fights for that night, and when one of the demons jumps the barrier and disintegrates Angel takes his place in a fight. In the ring, Angel reluctantly fights. Cordelia and Wesley pose as detectives in order to steal the tickets of another couple. Once inside, they witness their boss fighting and try to assess the situation. After a knife is thrown into the ring and Angel's opponent attacks, Angel is forced to kill him.

On his way back into the back room, Angel tries to convince another demon, Val Trepkos not to kill. The other demon is hardly affected by Angel's plan, but does agree to kill his opponent quickly. Darin leaves one of the metal cuffs on the barrier surrounding the ring, which Cordelia craftily steals. Back at Angel's place, Wesley studies the cuff to see if he can figure out the secret of opening it. Angel reaches across the barrier and grabs Jack. Holding him hostage, he finds little support from the other demons, and when Darin arrives he shoots both his brother and Angel.

Angel is electrocuted again and when he awakes, he is in the office of a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart. In exchange for ignoring that the fight club exists, Angel would get freedom. Not interested in the law firm's offer, Angel willingly returns to the demonic group and finds that he will be the 21st fight of Trepkos. Wesley is unsuccessful in finding a way to open the cuff until Cordelia suggests horsehair, and it works. Angel enters the ring with Trepkos and at first gets beaten badly. Large wooden sticks are thrown into the ring. Trepkos stabs Angel with one of the sticks.

Wesley tries to get Cribb to help him, but Cribb steals the horsehair key capable of opening the wristbands. In the ring, both Angel and Trepkos have the opportunity to kill the other but surprisingly, both don't kill the other. Darin gives orders to kill the two fighters when he sees they're refusing to fight, but the Cribb and the others from the back room charge out and save their fellow demons. Darin enters the ring and the demons place one of the metal bracelets on him. Trepkos throws him across one of the red barriers and he designates. As they all leave, Angel, Wesley, and Cordelia all realize that they just set a bunch of demons free in Los Angeles.

Written by Howard Gordon ~ Directed by Nick Marck

Original Air Date: February 29, 2000

Eternity (1.17)

While attending a play with Cordelia as one of the stars, Angel and Wesley find themselves trapped in the audience and subjected to Cordelia's minimal acting talent. As they're leaving the play, they spot a producer and a famous actress, Rebecca Lowell. As Rebecca is crossing the street, Angel rushes to save her from a car that purposely tries to run her over. Oliver, a producer that represents Rebecca, offers to pay Angel, but he doesn't know anything about her and doesn't want a reward.

The papers report on the rescue, but Angel pretends not to care when he is not mentioned. Rebecca shows up at the office the next day, and asks for his help with a stalker fan. Her career is on the rocks, and she'd feel safer if Angel would take care of this case so she can continue her career. Cordelia is upset that Angel refused to take the case, and begs Angel to give it a chance so that she can have a jump-start into the life of fame. After a party, Rebecca's stalker shows up on her property, but Angel breaks through a window and fights the masked stalker.

The man runs away and as Rebecca walks over to Angel, she looks at a mirror and sees that Angel doesn't have a reflection. After getting rid of the cops, and Oliver, Rebecca finds Angel upstairs. She guesses that he's a vampire and instead of being scared, she's intrigued. The next morning, Wesley tells Cordelia that Angel called from Rebecca's, and she jumps to the conclusion that he spent the night and is now Angelus. Cordelia arrives at Rebecca's house to make sure that Angel is still Angel. He tells her that Rebecca knows he's a vampire.

Angel attends a premiere with Rebecca, standing as her bodyguard. Rebecca and Angel escape through an alleyway, where an attacker pulls a gun on them. Angel fights with him and then the cops take him away. Rebecca recognizes the man as a stunt man and realizes that Oliver set up the stalker for publicity. Her career is in danger and she's growing too old for the roles available to her. She realizes that she won't be able to stay young forever, but Angel's immortality suddenly gives her another option.

Based on the fact that the bullets were blanks, Wesley and Angel conclude that it wasn't a real attack. Rebecca and Cordelia go shopping together, and Cordelia helps Rebecca pick out something for Angel. Since he already has seen everything, she brings him champagne. Rebecca confesses to Angel that Oliver set the whole stalker thing up. While sipping champagne, Rebecca accidentally spills some on Angel and he has to go change his shirt. She slips a drug, later revealed to be doximall, into his drink and they toast and drink when he returns.

Cordelia confesses to Wesley that she told Rebecca all about Angel and how one could become a vampire by him. As the drug takes effect, Rebecca tries to convince Angel to make her a vampire. Angel tries to convince her that she doesn't realize what she's asking of him, and in a sudden burst of rage, he even sprays blood into her mouth so she can taste what she's getting into. She confesses that she slipped a happy pill into his drink and it has given him the feeling of "perfect happiness." No longer Angel, Angelus attacks Rebecca and threatens to do quite a bit of damage to her. She escapes through the elevator while Angelus goes outside to cuts the power and phones.

In the office, Angelus confronts Rebecca and his two employees. He first tells Wesley how inadequate he is, then knocks him across the room. Cordelia hears the truth from Angelus on how bad she was in the play. She threatens him with water, trying to convince him that it's holy water. The water temporarily stuns him when it hits him, allowing Wesley to knock him down into the elevator shaft. Angel wakes up, chained to his bed, feeling absolutely horrible about the things he said. Cordelia is very reluctant to forgive him. In the end, she does...but is unwilling to let him out of his bonds.

She turns and leaves, with Angel still chained to the bed.

Written by Tracey Stern ~ Directed by Regis Kimble

Original Air Date: April 4, 2000

Five By Five (1.18)

This is a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 episode: "Who Are You"

A guy runs into several very ugly demons on the street and they chase after him. Angel beheads a couple of the demons and rescues the guy who turns out to be a gangbanger needed to testify in court. Faith, the Slayer, gets off a bus in L.A. then robs a guy of his coat, money, and keys. In Borsa, Romania, 1898, Darla leads a blindfolded Angelus to a young gypsy woman bound on the floor. With Darla watching, he morphs and bites her inner thigh. Angel tries to talk some sense into the gang member he recently saved.

At a club, Faith dances the night away with every guy within reach. A fight breaks out when Faith attaches herself to another girl's boyfriend. She continues her dancing, knocking down anyone that tries to stop her or get in her way. In a courtroom, Wolfram and Hart is just about to close a case, but Angel shows up at the last minute with the guy who is to testify against the demonic law firm's client. A couple of lawyers from Wolfram and Hart confront Faith about taking care of their problem, Angel.

Back in 1898, Darla returns to the house to find her Angelus is no longer the demon she made him. He's been cursed with a soul, and she is ready to kill him because of it. Faith works out a deal with the lawyers, and beating on one of them that dares to challenge her. While they're waiting for lunch with a prospective client, Faith shows up behind Angel and tries to shoot him with a crossbow. Angel catches the bolt and Faith runs off.

After checking with Giles in Sunnydale, Angel plans to go after Faith while Wesley and Cordelia are to lay low. That night, he checks out weapons, when he senses Faith's presence up in the office. She gives him the opportunity to shoot her, but the bullet is a blank. After she explains her plans to destroy him, she shoots him with a real bullet and leaves. Angel poses as a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart and sneaks into the office of Lindsey McDonald. Lindsey later arrives in the office and informs Angel that their high-tech security system has documented Angel's every move on tape.

Cordelia tries to get into her apartment, but Phantom Dennis won't let them in at first because she's with a Wesley. They encounter Faith in the apartment who refuses to listen to reason and hits Cordelia. Wesley punches Faith in return, and Faith ends it by kicking Wesley across the room. In the past, Angel and his new soul try to find a meal on the streets. He knocks out several guys and then drinks from the woman they were with. His soul keeps him from killing her.

Angel finds Cordelia at her apartment, and Wesley gone. Faith has him tied up and is torturing him. Angel and Cordelia try to locate Faith before it's too late. Angel charges into the apartment, stopping Faith from continuing her torture on Wesley. A spectacular fight breaks out between Angel and faith, successfully destroying the nicely decorated apartment. The two go flying out of a window and land on the streets, Faith somehow managing the upper hand on Angel. The rain starts to pour down outside as Wesley breaks loose and goes downstairs armed with a knife.

With Wesley watching on, Faith suddenly breaks down into tears, declaring that she is evil, and deserves to be killed.

Written by Jim Kouf ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: April 25, 2000

Sanctuary (1.19)

Picking up where "Five by Five" left off, Angel and Faith go to his apartment and try to recover from the fight.

Faith briefly has a violently vivid vision of herself charging at Angel with a knife and cutting up his face. Cordelia and Wesley check out each other's wounds and both share the same negative feelings about Faith. Angel comes up for food to feed Faith and argues with Wesley about giving Faith another chance. Cordelia gets Angel to sign several checks, which will fund her vacation so she can be gone for as long as Faith is around.

The police check over the apartment where Faith was staying and the fight occurred. Another officer accuses Kate of being "Scully" from X-Files, but she says she's the "Mulder." Angel tries to talk to Faith but after taking a large knife from her hand. The lawyers at Wolfram and Hart are very upset that Faith is now teaming up with Angel and plan to have her killed. Haunted by visions of her violent past in Sunnydale, Faith tries to leave, but Angel talks her into staying. Wesley plays darts at a bar, and encounters Weatherby, a member of the Watchers’ Council's Special Operations team on the hunt for Faith.

The council members talk with Wesley and give him an opportunity to come back to the Council if he's willing to turn in Faith. They give him a syringe that, if injected will sedate Faith and let them take her back to England. Angel talks with Faith and tells her she has to make amends for her crimes, no matter how hard it is. She accidentally lets it slip that she slept with Buffy's new boyfriend. Faith sees herself on the news and that the police are looking for her. A demon hired by Wolfram and Hart sneaks into Angel's apartment and attacks. Faith kills it with a knife, and then is frightened by the sight of the demon's blood on her hands.

Without warning, Buffy arrives at Angel's place and finds Angel hugging Faith. Buffy is shocked, and is determined to turn Faith into the police. Angel sends Faith upstairs and when Buffy objects, the two come to blows. Upset about their failed attempts to destroy Faith and Angel, Lindsey MacDonald goes to Detective Lockley for her help. Buffy and Angel argue over Faith and then Wesley arrives downstairs with Faith, informing them all about the team hunting for Faith. Wesley trusts Angel and is doing what he can to save Faith from the Council.

The two Slayers escape to the roof and argue about everything that has happened. Buffy is not willing to forgive anymore. While Weatherby keeps Angel and Wesley in the apartment, Collins attacks Buffy and Faith on the roof. Armed, the third member of the team, Smith hovers above the roof in a helicopter. Wesley distracts Weatherby, and later stabs him with the syringe while Angel escapes to the roof. Buffy battles with Collins, and Angel jumps through a roof window and attacks the Smith inside.

Angel orders the helicopter to land and then Kate arrests him when he won't give up Faith's location. Wesley and Buffy go to save Angel at the police station and Buffy won't allow Angel to take the fall for Faith. They are all surprised to see Faith is at the station where she voluntarily confesses to her crimes. Angel and Buffy talk, and Buffy informs Angel about Riley. Angel gets upset and tells her to go home because she can move on and he can't. After talking to Wesley, Angel plans to go after Buffy. Meanwhile, Faith manages to find some sort of peace in a jail cell.

Written by Tim Minear and Joss Whedon ~ Directed by Michael Lange

Original Air Date: May 2, 2000

War Zone (1.20)

A girl named Alanna walks down the street, followed by a group of vampires but when the vampires turn around, Alanna's brother Gunn and many others are there, armed and ready for a fight. Cordelia, Wesley and Angel go to a party where they meet a prospective client and multi-billionaire, David Nabbit. He is being blackmailed for going to a demonic specialty club, Madam Dorion's. A man named Lenny Edwards is holding pictures of him at the club as blackmail.

The vampire gang fights with the young humans on the street with both medieval and modern weapons. Several are killed on both sides and in the end the vampires run off leaving the humans to deal with the wounded. Angel goes to a Madam Dorion's and a demon named Lina helps give Angel information about Lenny Edwards. Gunn receives news about the vampire nest, and that a vampire is nearby.

Angel talks with Lenny and makes it very clear that he will get what he wants. Gunn witnesses this argument from afar, plotting to do away with Angel. David pays Cordelia and Wesley with a very large check, and promises more is on the way when the job is done. The next night, Angel meets with Lenny, who brought the photos and a demon security guard. Angel kills the demon and gets away with the photos. However, he gets staked in the chest by a couple of the human gang members. He is chased and forced to run through a gauntlet of vampire killing weapons. When confronted by Gunn and the others, Angel tries to explain that he is fighting for good.

Cordelia dresses Angel's wounds while they look at the graphic pictures that were being held for blackmail. Angel's still in pain, but goes off to find the nest of vampires before the gang of kids find it. Knox, the leader of the vampire gang talks to his followers, mapping out a plan. Gunn questions Angel and his motivations for supposedly helping them. The vampires throw smoke bombs into the human's hideaway, forcing them to escape to the surface. Covered in heavy clothes and wearing gas masks, the vampires capture several of the teen gang members, including Alanna.

Cordelia and Wesley go searching for information, and try to find the human gang's lair. Angel forces his way in and tries to help Gunn and the others. Gunn refuses the help and locks Angel in a meat locker. Searching for the vampire's lair, Gunn goes first into a building and finds a newly undead Alanna. With her being his sister, Gunn can't bring himself to kill her. Angel tries to punch his way out of the meat locker he was locked in only to have Cordelia and Wesley open the door for him.

As Alanna is about to make her brother a vampire, he stakes her. Then Angel and the two gangs--vampire and human--come together. Angel kills Knox and arranges a truce with the rest of the group. He lets the vampires live if they leave town and never return. Cordelia and Wesley talk about the gang kids and their rough life. Cordelia considers getting involved with David for his money, but ends up talking herself out of it. Angel talks with Gunn and both plan to keep on fighting evil, and Angel tells Gunn he may need his help in the future.

Written by Gary Campbell ~ Directed by David Straiton

Original Air Date: May 9, 2000

Blind Date (1.21)

Angel fights and kills several vampires, then finds a man who has been killed by a blind woman. The woman fights Angel with her incredible strength and the ability to anticipate his every move. Wesley and Cordelia find that this woman, Vanessa Brewer, has a long crime list and is represented by Wolfram and Hart. In her latest case, the jury finds her not guilty of murder. Lindsey talks with Holland, an associate with the firm, who warns Lindsey about his past mistakes and not making any future mistakes. The lawyers make plans to protect Vanessa for her upcoming crimes.

Angel is furious that he can't do anything to put Vanessa away. He feels defeated by Wolfram and Hart and their games. Lindsey McDonald comes to Angel to help him save a group of children that Vanessa is going to kill. Lindsey's own poor childhood motivates him to go to his worst enemy for help. They need to get into Wolfram and Hart to steal some files. Angel recruits Gunn and with Lindsey's help, they work on getting into the underground vault. With a demon guarding the vault, and another demon that senses vampires on the premises, they have their work cut out from them.

Gunn causes a disturbance and brings a vampire into the lobby while Angel sneaks into the vault. With the help of a security card from Lindsey, and powder from Wesley that kills the demon guarding the vault, Angel steals the disks and also grabs a scroll. However, stealing the scroll sets off an alarm and the building is locked down. Mind readers are brought in to find out who was involved. Lee is killed when the mind readers sense that he's been in talks with another firm. Angel tells Wesley that he doesn't know why he took the scroll, just as Cordelia discovers that all the disks are encrypted.

Holland talks to Lindsey about his betrayal, and lets him have some time off to think about things. Cordelia talks with Willow on the phone and the redheaded hacker talks her through decrypting the computer files. They discover that Vanessa purposely took away her sight at age 21, and studied Nanjin in Pajaur, to enhance her other sensing and strengths. She is going after 3 blind children that will pose a threat to Wolfram and Hart in the future when they're older. Lindsey shows up at Angel's office continuing to help them. Vanessa finds the children, kills their caretaker, but Lindsey and Angel show up in time to help the children.

Angel discovers that if he is completely still and quiet, she can't tell where he is, and then he is able to kill her. Wesley discovers the scroll is The Prophecies of Aberjian. He translates some of the text on the scroll, and discovers that some of the text deals with Angel and his place in the world. Lindsey returns to W&H, and discusses his future at the firm with Holland. He offers him a tremendously better job that Lindsey decides to take.

Written by Jeannine Renshaw ~ Directed by Tom Wright

Original Air Date: May 16, 2000

To Shanshu In L.A. (1.22)

Wesley continues to try and decipher the text of The Prophecies of Aberjian. He is unable to understand one word that is crucial to the translation. Looking to hang out, David Nabbit shows up at the office. The lawyers at Wolfram and Hart call forth a warrior of the underworld named Vocah, to perform a Raising. Wesley discovers that the word means 'death' and that means Angel will die. Cordelia has a vision that sends Angel on his way to help a homeless woman fighting a slime demon. Kate arrives on the scene after Angel has defeated it, and she is determined to rid the city of vampires.

Wesley talks with Cordelia about Angel and how he's cut off from life. Despite being evil and unwanted on the side of good, Vocah goes to the Oracles and kills them. Cordelia tries to find a hobby for Angel to keep busy with. Vocah follows her and after touching her hand, she gets a vision. The vision continues--never ending--as Cordelia collapses to the ground in agony. Angel reads up on the scrolls while the cloaked figure makes his way into the apartment.

Angel locks the scroll away, and then leaves after getting a call about Cordelia. At the hospital, Cordelia is suffering endlessly, and there is nothing that the doctors can do to save her. Wesley returns to the apartment just in time to see what was left in place of the scroll. Angel approaches the office building just as it explodes into a fiery blaze. Angel searches through the wreckage and finds that Wesley is still alive but badly hurt. Kate confronts Angel, but with his friends in serious conditions, he's not looking to take any of her harassments.

Angel finds a symbol on Cordelia's hand, and goes to the Oracles for help. He finds them dead, but the spirit of the female Oracle gives him instruction. He needs the scrolls, specifically the words of Anatole that will save Cordelia. Angel asks Gunn to protect his friends in the hospital while he goes to hunt Vocah. Vocah reads from the scrolls while sacrificing five vampires that are chained to a large cage. Angel watches as the Wolfram and Hart lawyers leave to attend the Raising ritual.

Angel crashes the party and goes into a battle with Vocah. Lindsey picks up where Vocah left off and continues the ritual. His chanting kills the five vampires chained to the cage and then Holland orders the cage removed. In the end, Angel kills Vocah, and then faces Lindsey for the scroll. As Lindsey tries to burn the scroll, Angel cuts off Lindsey's arm and takes the scroll.

Wesley reads the world of Anatole and Cordelia is unbound from Vocah's evil doings. After seeing so many visions, Cordelia realizes how many people out there need their help. At her apartment, Cordelia feeds Wesley and Angel, showing them her new, kinder, side. Wesley discovers that the prophecies actually read that Angel will become human once he has fulfilled his duties. The lawyers go check on the cage. As Lilah looks into the box, a shaking and disoriented young woman is revealed to be inside. It is Angel's sire...Darla.

Written & Directed by David Greenwalt

Original Air Date: May 23, 2000
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