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Episode Guide for Buffy Season One

by Old Master 3.0

1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth
1.02 The Harvest
1.03 The Witch
1.04 Teacher’s Pet
1.05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
1.06 The Pack
1.07 Angel
1.08 I Robot, You Jane
1.09 The Puppet Show
1.10 Nightmares
1.11 Invisible Girl
1.12 Prophecy Girl

Welcome to the Hellmouth (1.01)

Buffy Summers, a 16-year-old girl moves to Sunnydale, CA from LA with her mom. On the first day of school, Cordelia Chase, the popular girl inducts Buffy into the cool crowd despite Buffy attempts to be friends with three other students, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg and Jesse. At the library to get some textbooks and meets Rupert Giles, the new school librarian and Buffy's new watcher. He presents a book with 'Vampyr' on the cover which scares her off. When a dead body is found on campus, Buffy goes to investigate and finds that the body was killed by vampires.

When she goes to inform Giles about the body, she also tells him she no longer wants to be a Slayer and hoped that she left that life back in LA. He tells her she has no choice in the matter and that her living in Sunnydale was no coincidence since it is where mystical events center. As Buffy leaves Giles follows to try and make her understand what is going on. They leave and Xander pops his head out from behind one of the shelves unsure what to make of their discussion.

At home, Buffy prepares for her night out to the 'Bronze,' Sunnydale's only night club. Her mom thinks that everything is going to work out in Sunnydale and that they will be able to have a happy life there. On her way to the Bronze, Buffy senses she is being followed and heads into a alleyway. A tall, gorgeous guy comes out of the shadows searching for her. She swings down from a handstand she was holding on a bar above him and knocks him to the ground. He claims not to bite and that he just wants to help her. He warns her of the Harvest and tells her about the Hellmouth. Later at the Bronze, Buffy chats with Willow about boys. She tries to inspire Willow to stop waiting and to 'seize the day.' Buffy spots Giles upstairs and goes up to talk to him. He continues to tell her she is the Slayer and has no choice in the matter.

Buffy spots a vampire in the crowd below them and then realizes he's talking to Willow. They guy leaves with Willow as Buffy goes searching for him. She mistakenly attacks Cordelia and then pretty much ruins her chances for popularity. As Buffy leaves, she runs into Xander and asks him where Willow may have gone or else there will be one more dead body tomorrow. The vampire manages to lead Willow into the cemetery where he throws her into a mausoleum. As she tries to escape, Darla arrives with Jesse. Buffy and Xander show up and Buffy kills one of the vampires and then fights with Darla as Xander gets Willow and Jesse out to safety. Luke, a monstrous vampire shows up and fights with Buffy. While they are fighting, Darla escapes to get Jesse, Xander and Willow. Luke throws Buffy into a coffin where he jumps in and leans in to bite.

Written by Joss Whedon ~ directed by Charles Martin Smith

Original Air Date: March 10, 1997

The Harvest (1.02)

Just as Luke is about to make Buffy a meal, he burns his hand on the cross, given to her by Angel. He jumps back and Buffy is able to get out. Xander and Willow are being attacked by vampires and Buffy arrives just in time to save them all but Jesse who has been taken away by Darla. Luke and Darla guide Jesse to the Master where he becomes the bait for a trap for Buffy.

Giles and Buffy tell Xander and Willow all about the life of a slayer and the truths about vampires and demons. Xander is offended when Buffy tells him he can't help save Jesse because that is her job. Willow ends up helping Giles research by doing work on the computer. When Buffy realizes where the Vampires are coming from, Willow gets on the net and searches for information on the sewer systems and underground tunnels. At the mausoleum, Buffy finds the entrance and the mystery guy shows up again warning her not to go down there. He tells her his name is Angel and then directs her where to go.

Xander shows up as Buffy is making her way to the tomb and tells her that he is going to help whether she likes it or not. They find Jesse and they all run off when several vampires come after them. Jesse leads them into a room with no way out and then vamps out. Buffy throws him outside the room and then closes the door. Buffy and Xander escape through the ventilation system and head back to the library. After researching, Giles and Willow found out that the Harvest is a mass feeding for the Master to allow him to break out of his underground tomb.

Meanwhile, Luke has been chosen as the Vessel, the vampire that will feed and provide the strength the master needs to break free. Buffy drops by her house to get supplies but ends up getting grounded by her mom. When Buffy finally sneaks out of the house and they go to the Bronze, it turns out to be too late. Luke and several other vampires have already gotten there and are beginning the Harvest.

Buffy crashes the party and fights with Luke while Xander, Willow and Giles sneak people out through the back. Xander saves Cordelia from becoming the meal of Jesse and a stake is accidentally shoved into his chest when someone bumps into him. Buffy tricks Luke into thinking the sun has risen by throwing a stand through a window but it is only a lamp. He is distracted for a few seconds, which is enough for Buffy to stake him.

The Master is thwarted....the Harvest has been stopped. As Angel says, "She did it. I'll be damned."

Written by Joss Whedon ~ Directed by John Kretchmer.

Original Air Date: March 10, 1997

The Witch (1.03)

Buffy decides to try-out for cheerleading despite Giles attempts to persuade her otherwise. Willow's friend Amy is trying out as well because her mother was a former cheerleading champion. During the try-outs, a girl's hands catch on fire and Buffy puts them out. No one has any idea what is going on though and cheer continues on. As the results come in, Buffy finds herself as first alternate, Cordelia on the squad and Amy a third alternate.

At Driver's Ed training, Cordelia crashes the car into a fence and then almost gets run over by a truck. Buffy saves her and finds that Cordelia's pupils are gone. In biology class, another member of the cheerleading squad finds herself unable to speak because her mouth is gone. In the library Giles comes to the conclusion that witchcraft is the cause of all these weird occurrences. The gang suspects Amy and decides to test and see if she is a witch. Amy realizes that they are on to her and puts a spell on Buffy that makes her act as if she were seriously drunk the next day.

At cheer practice, Buffy continues to act looped and throws the captain across the gym. She is kicked off the squad and Amy takes her place. As Xander and Willow rescue Buffy from doing any more damage, she faints in their arms. When she awakens, her life is slowly fading away because of the spell. Giles suspects she only has a few hours left and they head over to Amy's house to find a spell to stop her. When they get there, Buffy realizes that Amy's mother, Catherine, is the one who is the witch. She apparently switched bodies with her daughter because she wanted to relive the days of her youth. Giles finds the spell to stop her and they quickly rush back to the science lab where they will have the right materials for the job.

At the basketball game that night, Amy senses that they are trying the spell and hurries to stop them. The spell is completed just as she arrives and the two switch back to their old bodies. Buffy is revived and fights with Catherine. Catherine starts a spell to send Buffy to hell but Buffy knocks down the overhanging mirror from the teacher's and Catherine is affected by the spell. The next day, everyone is back to normal and Amy and Buffy are back to being alternates. Amy tells that she's living with her dad and loving every second of it. As they pass by the trophy case, we see Catherine's eyes moving.

Written by Dana Reston ~ Directed by Stephen Cragg

Original Air Date: March 17, 1997

Teacher's Pet (1.04)

At the Bronze, Buffy meets up with Angel who again warns her of another demon. She notices a scar on his arm and he tells her to watch herself around 'fork guy' or else he'll rip her throat out. He gives her his leather coat and then leaves. The next day in biology class, Dr. Gregory tells Buffy that he wants to prove everyone who doubts her ability to succeed in school wrong.

The next day, Dr. Gregory is missing and a substitute new teacher, Ms. Natalie French is assigned to teach the class. She is gorgeous and practically every guy in school falls head over heels for her. During class, she asks for volunteers to help her make egg sacks like those of the Praying Mantis. Blaine, a school jock gets assigned to help the first day and Xander the next day. Later that night, Buffy goes hunting for 'fork guy' in the park. When she finds him, they fight and then he runs off before she can stake him. As she's heading home, she spots the vampire moving in to attack Ms. French, but he runs away when she turns around and looks at him. Buffy is really confused and has no clue why the vampire would be scared of her.

At school the following day, Buffy arrives late to Biology class. As she peers through the window on the door, Ms. French senses her presence and turns her head completely around to see her. Buffy is freaked and runs off. After Willow joins up with Buffy, the rush to the library to tell Giles about what happened. Buffy tries to convince them of what she saw, but neither believes her at first. Buffy then does some research and finds that Ms. French is actually a giant praying mantis. Giles calls a friend he knew who encountered the same creature and finds that the only way to kill it is to dismember it. Buffy tells Giles to record bat sonar which makes the praying mantis's nervous system go to hell while she heads off to go warn Xander.

Meanwhile, Xander goes over to Ms. French's house to work on the egg sacks. Instead, he is drugged and locked up in a cage in the basement. When he wakes up, Blaine is locked up next to him and they are watching the she-mantis prepare egg sacks. Blaine informs Xander that he's already seen her take this guy, lay her eggs, mate with him and bite off the head of her mate. Xander is chosen to go first and tries to make an escape. He fails and is dragged back and tied up.

Buffy, Willow and Giles reach the house of Ms. French, which they got the address from school records, and finds that the she-mantis used a retired teacher's records to get into the school. Buffy goes down into the sewers to find the fork vampire and he leads them to the she-mantis's house. Buffy then stakes him. Buffy crashes through the window of the basement and saves Xander and Blaine. Giles plays the bat sonar and Buffy chops the mantis to pieces. After all is done, Willow just happens to mention the fact that the mantis only chooses virgins.

Later at the Bronze, Angel shows up to congratulate Buffy on slaying the vampire. She offers his jacket back but he tells her, "Keep it. It looks better on you." The next day in biology, there is a new, strict teacher who takes the place of Dr. Gregory. Buffy picks up Dr. Gregory's glasses and puts them away in the closet. We then see a sack of hatching eggs under one of the shelves.

Written by David Greenwalt ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: March 25, 1997

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (1.05)

After Buffy slays vampire and Giles critics her technique, he discovers a ring left behind by the vampire that was slayed. The next day, at the library, they research the markings on it and discover its significance to The Order of Aurelius. Then, Owen, a shy but cute student comes into the library looking for a book by Emily Dickinson. In the cafeteria, Buffy gossips with Willow about Owen and her encounter with him in the library. While trying to avoid the topic of the green stuff on their lunch trays, Buffy opts to go sit next to Owen, who's all by himself. Cordelia also gets this great idea and ends up knocking Buffy and her tray to the ground.

Cordy asks him if he'd like to come to the Bronze with her. However, Owen blows off Cordelia and asks Buffy if she'd like to come with him. She accepts but the problem of a prophecy is getting in the way of Buffy's social life. So, Buffy is stuck waiting in the graveyard with Giles that night waiting for the Anointed to rise. The Anointed is one who would rise from the ashes of five to lead the Slayer into Hell.

After Giles and Buffy wait for what seems like forever, and nothing happens, Giles lets her leave to go meet up with Owen. But, when she gets there, she finds that Cordelia has taken advantage of her absence and is dancing, very closely with Owen on the dance floor. Buffy is discouraged and leaves. Meanwhile, a shuttle bus holding five people crashes into a vampire in the middle of the road. As the driver gets out to check on the vampire, not knowing its true identity, he steps into their trap. All are killed by the vampires.

The next day, Owen finds Buffy and asks her out. Xander watches on, upset by this. As Buffy is about to leave for the Bronze, Giles shows up with a newspaper, and the heading of five people who died. He insists that they go check it out, but she refuses and ends up going on her date with Owen. Giles goes to the funeral home alone and is met by a couple of vampires. He keeps them off with a cross, he runs into the funeral home and barricades himself inside. Willow and Xander find him and he gives them instructions to go get help while he tries to stay alive.

The two go off to find Buffy and get help. At the Bronze, Angel shows up, wondering why she's not with her friends and why she isn't doing something about the threat of the Anointed. Finally Xander and Willow find her and subtly tell her that there is trouble at the Funeral Home. Owen wants to go, but she tells him to stay. But, Owen follows them anyway and Buffy's unable to shake him at the Funeral Home. She puts her friends in charge of watching him and hides the three of them in an Observatory, hoping they'll be safe. Meanwhile, Buffy finds Giles, hiding on top of a corpse in a storage case in another room and is trying to explain the situation to him.

After barricading the door shut, the three discover the strange man from the bus is also in the room, as a vampire. They promptly remove all the furniture from the doorway, as the vampire has now broken down the only thing-a glass window-between him and the three. Running out, they find Buffy and she tells them to get out, while she tries to take care of the so-called Anointed. When she gets to the storage room where Giles is, for a weapon, she finds the vampire has followed her. He knocks Giles out and throws him at the incinerator. The fire is lit as Giles hits the button and crashes to the ground, unconscious.

Buffy fights with the vampire and is caught. But just then, Owen comes in and tackles him, setting Buffy free. The vampire slams Owen's head against a metal door of a storage case and lets him fall to the ground, supposedly dead. Buffy is furious that the vampire killed her date and fights with all her Slayer strength. She finishes him off by throwing him onto a slab and pushing him into the incinerator. It turns out that Owen wasn't really dead, just hit hard on the head. Buffy offers to walk him home, but he refuses and Willow and Xander make sure that he gets there safely.

The next day, Owen approaches Buffy wanting to go on another adventure. When she realizes he only wants to date her for her slaying, she turns him down, unwillingly. After he walks away, Buffy finds Giles and he tells her about how he was told he'd be a Watcher. Apparently he wasn't too keen on the idea and had much better plans in life. Thinking that they ruined the Master's fun by killing the Anointed Buffy and Giles are satisfied. What they don't know is that the anointed one did rise, and they didn't kill him.

In the Master's lair, the Master welcomes a young boy...the Anointed One.

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali ~ Directed by David Semel

Original Air Date: March 31, 1997

The Pack (1.06)

At the Sunnydale Zoo, Buffy walks sulkily around while Xander and Willow amuse themselves by watching the zebras mate. Four students, Rhonda, Heidi, Kyle and Tor find much pleasure in causing trouble and picking on other students including Buffy and another student, Lance. While teasing Lance, Principal Flutie walks up on the group, threatening them, but Lance sticks up for them and the award him with the honor of escorting them into the restricted Hyena exhibit. Xander spots them and offers to go in and save the day. After he leaves, Buffy and Willow decide that they should follow, just in case. But they are stopped by a zookeeper who tells them that the area is restricted because the hyenas just came in from Africa and they are quarantined.

In the Hyena cage, the four bullies push Lance dangerously close to the hyenas. Xander arrives just in time to stop them and get caught by the hyena's glares. The eyes of all four bullies, including Xander, glow brightly and they all start laughing. Later, at the Bronze, Xander begins to show signs of change when he rudely eats Buffy's food and then, after the pack of bullies come in, and start teasing an overweight boy, he joins in on it. At school, the change progresses even further when he drops geometry as well as his friendship with Willow. Buffy doesn't know what's wrong with him, and worst of all, Giles doesn't want to believe her.

Xander and the rest of the pack, go on a hunt for food. They find their meal in Herbert, the school mascot who is a pig. Later, when they find him eaten, Giles decides that there is something wrong with Xander and the other four. They all research and find out that with the help of a specific ceremony, the sprits of the hyenas -- a special African breed -- were lifted into the five. Buffy goes out in search for Xander and the pack, hoping to stop them from hurting anyone else. She starts her inspection in Herbert's room where she finds the cage, torn to pieces and Herbert's remains on the floor.

In the room, she encounters Xander whom she later fights with until he pins her up against the soda machine and attempts sexual assault. Buffy brings him, unconscious back to the library after hitting him with a desk and locks him up. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack are sent to the Principal's office. After Principal Flutie tries to lecture them, they attack him and eat him. (Thankfully this isn't shown.) After Giles returns from a meeting where he is informed of Principal Flutie's death, he and Buffy take off to get more information from the zoo keeper while Willow stays with Xander. When he awakens, he tries to lure the keys away from her, but she's smart enough not to let him.

At the zoo, they work together to try the trans-possession of the students in hopes of removing the hyena's sprits and putting them back into the hyenas. When they discover that the pack will come looking for its lost member before feeding, Buffy rushes back to the school to save Willow. However, the pack has already gotten there and breaks Xander out of the cage while Willow runs away. She is cornered in a classroom by Xander but Buffy and Giles arrive in time for them to save her.

When the pack goes off looking for another meal, they prey on a family of three that are getting into their car and leaving somewhere. They attack the car and Buffy comes to break up their party. In the meantime, Giles discovers the truth behind what happened. The zookeeper, was trying to transport the hyena sprits into himself, but failed. Giles is knocked unconscious and dragged into the back room. When Willow hears Buffy getting closer, she runs in to warn Giles and the zookeeper. Instead, she is taken hostage and held at knifepoint while the zookeeper transfers the spirits into his own body.

Just as he's about to bite Willow, Xander jumps at him, knocking Willow away to a safe distance. Buffy fights him and ends up dropping him into the hyena cage. The next day, Xander apologizes for anything he may have done while a hyena and hopes that Buffy will forget about his attack on Buffy when he pretends to not remember anything. After the girls leave, Giles tells Xander that he doesn't know of any memory loss being factored in. Xander asks him to keep that their little secret.

Written by Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkmeyer ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Original Air Date: April 7, 1997

Angel (1.07)

Colin, the Anointed One is throwing rocks into a pool of blood in the Master's Lair. Darla comes in and tries to explain to the Master that she can kill the Slayer. The Master is very angry that Buffy continues to kill his family and decides to send The Three after her. At the Bronze, the pre-fumigation party is going on. Buffy is sulking while Willow tries to strike up a conversation. Finally, they start to talk about guys and how they both have a thing for the unattainable.

While the girls chat, Xander is dancing away on the dance floor. He tries to dance with a girl, Annie, but her boyfriend is there. As he backs away to avoid any permanent physical damage from Annie's boyfriend, he steps on Cordelia's shoes. After a quick chat with her, he heads back over to Buffy and Willow and notices Buffy's mellow behavior. She finally decides to leave but as she does, she feels as if someone is following her.

On the streets of Sunnydale, Buffy senses someone following her and just as she pulls a stake out to kill her accoster, a vampire jumps down in front of her from the trees and two others attack her as well. They drag her into an alleyway but she starts to fight them off. As the catch her again and one leans in for the feed, Angel shows up and pulls him off of her. They fight for and Angel ends up getting slashed in the ribs by a rod iron bar.

Angel and Buffy escape to her house and she invites Angel in. They keep the vamps out because they can't come in unless they're invited. They go into the kitchen where Buffy gets some bandages to clean up his cut. She notices a tattoo on his back and while cleaning up his wound, she asks him about why he's always around. He explains that maybe he likes her and that's why he's following her around. Buffy hears the door open and rushes to the door to intercept her mother from meeting Angel and to protect her from The Three who could still be outside.

As Buffy tries to hide Angel, he comes out looking presentable with his shirt and jacket back on. Buffy and Angel pull off a very good cover and they are able to convince Mrs. Summers to go to bed. Buffy holds the door open to say goodnight, loud enough for her mom to hear but then closes it to reveal Angel standing behind it. They go up to her room where Buffy insists Angel stay for the night just in case the Three are still hanging around.

The next day at school, Xander wigs when Buffy tells him about Angel staying in her room for the night. Willow asks questions, wanting to know every little detail. Buffy informs them both and tries to keep Xander calm. Giles presents Buffy with a book containing a picture of the three as well as information about them. He says that Buffy must be causing the Master much trouble for him to send the Three. He tells her that they must start training with weapons to prepare for his attack.

In the Master's Lair, the Three offer their lives in penance. The Master explains to Colin that even though they are family and vampires take that relationship very seriously, the Three still failed and their lives shall be taken. Despite how much joy it brings to him. Darla has the honor of killing them. Back in the library, Buffy finds a crossbow and is eager to start shooting something. Giles insists they start with the quarterstaff and gradually work up to the crossbow. But, after a quick fight in which Buffy ends up knocking Giles to the ground with the staff, he decides she is ready for the staff.

That night, Buffy brings Angel a bag of food, which she snuck away from the table. When Angel mentions that he did a little "reading" during the day while Buffy was at school, she thinks that he read her diary, which was sitting out on her desk. After going over a slew of things mentioned in the diary to try to cover up its contents pertaining to him, Angel reveals that he didn't read her diary and that her Mother was the one who took it out of the drawer. Buffy, having realized all that she just said tries to come up with a clever way to get out of the current situation. Angel tells her he can't be around her because when he is, all he wants to do is kiss her. They kiss but as the kiss intensifies, Angel can't control the demon inside of him and reveals his alter-self. He's a vampire. Buffy screams and Angel flies out of the window and slides down the roof.

The next day at school, Buffy tells Giles and friends about Angel being a vampire. She hopes that Giles knows of a way that a vampire could be good but he offers no good news. As Xander encourages her to do her duty as the slayer and slay Angel, she says that she won't because she loves him. Later that night, Buffy and Willow try to study in the library but find it impossible since Buffy's mind is elsewhere. Willow tries to get off the topic of History by talking about Xander. They decide that they'll study for a bit longer before Buffy heads home to mope.

Angel arrives back at his apartment and as he turns the light on, senses someone else's presence in the room. Darla comes out of the shadows and reminds Angel of the evil things he did in the past with her. While going over the human like things Angel does, Darla opens on of the windows, exposing Angel to sunlight to prove her point. Then while Angel attempts to convince her that he's not evil like he used to be, she checks out his fridge supply of pig's blood.

Darla, having been eves dropping on the girls in the library, goes to Buffy's house where she pretends to be a friend of Buffy's and convinces Mrs. Summers to invite her into the house. She turns Joyce into a snack just as Angel comes over to Buffy's house. As he bursts in and tries to stop Darla, she throws Joyce at him and encourages him to eat. She flees the scene just as Buffy comes home and finds her mom in Angel's arms. Angel is kicked out and Buffy calls an ambulance.

At the hospital Buffy tries to comfort her mother and then goes out on a mission to kill Angel, despite her love for him. Buffy, armed with a crossbow, finds Angel at the Bronze. They talk and Angel tells her that he's cursed with a soul after feeding off a gypsy girl. For the past hundred years, he hadn't fed off a living human being. She offers her neck, but he refuses. Instead, Darla comes out of the shadows armed with two guns. She fires and sends Angel falling. Then she and Buffy exchange attacks until Angel stakes her with one of the bolts from the crossbow.

Days later, at the Bronze, Buffy is hanging with her friends, talking about Angel until Willow mentions that he's across the room watching her. The two meet and talk which leads into a supposed "good-bye" kiss, but they both know that's a big lie. Buffy walks away and we see that the cross Buffy wore around her neck burned into Angel's chest when they kissed.

Story by David Greenwalt ~ Directed by Scott Brazil

Original Air Date: April 14, 1997

I Robot, You Jane (1.08)

In Cartona Italy, 1418 a demon called Moloch the Corrupter is controlling the mind of a young man before him and then he snaps his neck. Meanwhile, a group of monks are performing a spell to trap Moloch in a large book. As the spell takes effect and Moloch is slowly sucked into the book, words appear on the pages. The book is closed, placed and a box, and the box is sealed.

Back in the present, Buffy opens the box and pulls out the book. Ms. Calendar, the school computer science teacher is helping Giles scan books into the computers along with some of her students Fritz and Dave. Moloch's book is placed in Willow's pile. Everyone leaves but Willow stays late to scan a few more books. One of which happens to be the book containing Moloch, which if the pages are read he will be set free. When she turns away from the screen, "Where am I?" appears on the computer screen.

Later that week, Buffy notices Willow's strange behavior. She says that she met a guy named Malcolm on the Internet. Buffy is a bit worried that Willow is so worked up over some guy she met on the net who could be just about anyone. She goes to Dave for help but he tells her to leave Willow alone. Buffy takes his weird behavior as a hint to find out what he's up to. She follows him to a computer research building, which supposedly has been shut down for a long time. However, the place was crawling with people working. Plans are made for Buffy and Xander to go and find out more about this place.

In the computer lab, Willow is talking to Malcolm on the computer but quickly ends their conversation when he mentions Buffy's expulsion. Willow never informed him of this and she is scared that he knows. When Buffy arrives at the lab searching for Willow, Dave tells her that Willow is waiting in the Girls' locker room for her. Fritz is in the locker room rigging up a trap for Buffy to be electrocuted by setting live wires in a shower stall. He turns on the water just as Buffy arrives and then leaves. Dave arrives to warn Buffy but the water hits the wires and sends her flying across the room before she can get away. Dave hurries back to the computer lab where he tells Moloch that he won't do his dirty work anymore but Moloch responds with a suicide note for him. Fritz is in the room as well, ready to kill Dave.

When Buffy heads back to the lab to talk to Dave, she finds his body hanging from the ceiling with his suicide note. Back at the library, Giles figures out what is going on while Buffy makes the connection that Moloch is Malcolm. She and Xander rush to save Willow but they are too late. Fritz arrived earlier, knocked her out, and took her away to the research facility. Moloch now has a robotic form, which was made by his followers. He kills Fritz and then prepares to kill Willow when she refuses to join him. A sudden jolt stops him from killing Willow and Buffy and Xander finally break through just in time. They start fighting and Willow manages to escape from Moloch.

Meanwhile at the library, Giles has asked Ms. Calendar for help with stopping Moloch. She reveals her knowledge of all the mystical stuff around Sunnydale and Giles tells her of Buffy being the slayer. Ms. Calendar then gets on the computer to form an energy circle so they can perform the ritual to stop him. The spell works except instead of sending him back to the book, it traps him in his robot body. Moloch is infuriated at this and attacks Buffy. Willow saves her by hitting him with a fire extinguisher. He knocks her aside and then Buffy manages to trick him into hitting an electrical box. He short-circuits and then blows up.

Written by Ashley Gable & Thomas A. Swyden ~ Directed by Stephen Posey

Original Air Date: April 28, 1997

The Puppet Show (1.09)

Giles faces the task of running the annual Sunnydale High Talent Show at the instruction of Principal Snyder. The gang teases Giles about this, until Principal Snyder forces them to be in it, leaving the gang in despair.

Meanwhile, one of the show's entrants, Emily, is found dead with her heart cut out. Since there were no signs of demonic presence the gang suspects a serial killer. Giles learns about the Brotherhood of Seven, a group of demons who must obtain the heart and brain of a youth every seven years to remain in their human form. This causes some unrest in the gang as they scramble to find the killer before another person dies.

Everyone suspects it's Morgan, a genius that seems to be talking with the wooden dummy he is using in the talent show. He is also suffering from headaches, which rises more suspicion. This is until Buffy finds Morgan dead on the floor with his brain ripped out. Buffy then suspects Morgan's dummy Sid, who attacks her.

It turns out the Sid is a demon hunter, like Buffy. He has been imprisoned in a dummy's body and is hunting down the Brotherhood of Seven. He thought Buffy was the demon when he attacked her. They both team up to track down the demon, who is still in need of a brain.

It turns out that Morgan had brain cancer so his brain is useless to the demon. Meanwhile one a student who is being a magician asks Giles to try out his latest trick. He straps Giles into a guillotine, the demonic student is trying to chop of Giles head to he can get a brain.

Buffy comes just in time to save Giles from the demon, whom is killed by Sid. Just at that moment the curtain opens revealing the gang in their present situation. "I don't get it," a confused Principal Snyder comments.

The Closing Credit Skit:

Buffy, Willow, and Xander are acting out their dramatic scene in the talent show. They are horrible at acting and the skit truly bombs when a mortified Willow abruptly runs off the stage. Buffy and Xander quickly fill the gap between them where Willow once stood and continue on as if nothing has happened.

Written by Dean Batali & Rob Des Hotel ~ Directed by Ellen Pressman

Original Air Date: May 5, 1997

Nightmares (1.10)

Buffy dreams of meeting the Master, and as he leans in to bite, her mom wakes her up. They talk about Buffy's plans to spend the weekend with her father. At school, Buffy and Willow talk about Buffy's parent's divorce then go to class where they meet up with Xander and discuss "Active Listening." The teacher asks Wendell, another student to read, but as he opens his book tons of spiders crawl out and onto him. As this happens, a young boy stands at the doorway and watches.

Colin and the Master discuss fears and conquering them and how they both sense changes for the worst above. Buffy is worried that her Dad won't show when her mom drops her off for school. Willow is wigged about the spiders but Xander has faith in Buffy's talents as the Slayer and isn't worried. They find Giles in the library, claiming to have been lost in the stacks. With no luck of finding any information, Giles suggests that they should talk to Wendell about the incident. Wendell is upset about the spiders but it turns out that he doesn't hate spiders, he loves them and they hate him. He says something exactly like what happened in class has happened many times before in his dreams.

Cordy informs Buffy of a History test she didn't know about and because time literally flies by, Buffy doesn't even get to put her name. Buffy spies the young boy at the door again. The boy leaves and follows a girl as she sneaks into the basement for a cigarette break only to be attacked by "ugly man" when she gets down there. Giles and Buffy visit the girl, Laura, and all she can tell them is the thing said, "Lucky 19" before he attacked. They talk to a doctor who shows them the first victim of the same crime. They spilt up to find Buffy in hopes of stopping this before any of her nightmares start to come true.

As Willow and Xander walk into class, everyone stares as Xander is now only wearing his underwear. At the library, Giles discovers he can't read and Buffy finds an article with a picture of the boy she saw at school. He turns out to be the same boy they saw in the hospital in a coma. Buffy's Dad shows up early at school wanting to talk to Buffy. He tells her that he never wanted a daughter like her and that they shouldn't get together on weekends anymore. Again, Buffy sees the young boy across the school yard.

Willow and Xander go to Giles and finally Willow puts the pieces of the puzzle together and finds that everyone's worst nightmares are coming true. Giles thinks it's because Billy has somehow brought the nightmare world he was in, over to reality. Buffy follows Billy into the school gym and talks to him, but their discussion is cut short when "Ugly Man" shows up and beats up on Buffy. Buffy and Billy narrowly escape and end up in the cemetery which is mysterious across the street from Sunnydale High now.

Willow's nightmare of having to sing--badly--in front of a large crowd comes true. Xander follows a trail of chocolate bars until he runs into a clown from his sixth birthday party, armed with a large knife. Buffy and Billy meet the Master standing over Buffy's open grave and Buffy is thrown in and buried alive. Willow, Xander and Giles meet up and then run from the clown. Xander turns around, facing his fear, and knocks the clown out.

They see the cemetery across the street and go there, finding Buffy's grave. As Giles puts his hand on the grave, Buffy's hand reaches up and she is pulled out of the dirt, now a vampire. Buffy is forced to maintain control of the demon until they can get to the Hospital and wake Billy. Billy's astral body is there, but he refuses to wake up. Then the Ugly Man arrives and Buffy fights him, knocks him out, and then Billy must unmask him, and face his fear.

Billy wakes up, just in time for his Kiddy league coach to show. His coach caught up with Billy after the game and beat up on him, blaming him for the team's loss. Xander and Giles stop the coach before he can escape and he is taken to jail. Later that day, Buffy's dad shows up to pick her up. Willow asks Xander if he still found Buffy attractive even as a vampire, and he said he did.

Story by Joss Whedon ~ Teleplay by David Greenwalt ~ Directed by Bruce Seth Green.

Original Air Date: May 12, 1997

Invisible Girl (a.k.a "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight") (1.11)

In this episode, Cordelia is campaigning to be crowned May Queen at Sunnydale High's next dance. Mitch, her prospective date for the dance, is clubbed in the locker room with a bat. The bat, however, seemed to move on its own, as if operated by some invisible person. Later, Cordelia's friend Harmony falls down the stairs, as if she tripped over her own feet. Harmony insists she was pushed, but no one saw anyone do it.

Everything points to an invisible person and Buffy finds out that someone has been living in the ceiling of Sunnydale High. The person is Marcie Ross, whom nobody remembers, not even Willow or Xander. But Marcie did go to Sunnydale High and she had a yearbook signed by most of the school. Even Willow and Xander signed it, with the phrase "Have a nice summer!" like everyone else.

Marcie had been turned invisible because everyone perceived her that way. Having been treated the worst by Cordelia and her friends, Marcie decides to take her revenge on her. She had devised a plan to kidnap Cordelia on The May Queen dance night and "give her a face that no one will ever forget."

Buffy manages to stop Marcie before she destroys Cordelia's face- though not before she slashes Cordelia's cheek. Marcie also practically killed Xander, Willow, and Giles by locking the in a room full of gas. Angel however saved them just in time.

While Buffy is untying Cordelia to FBI men come and take Marcie away. They take her to a special school with other people just like her. When Marcie is escorted into the room she receives a book. She opens to Chapter 11: "Assassination and Infiltration".

"Cool!" says Marcie.

Story by Joss Whedon ~ Teleplay by Ashley Gable & Thomas A. Swyden ~ Directed by Reza Badiyi

Original Air Date: May 19, 1997

Prophecy Girl (1.12)

On the eve of the Sunnydale prom, Giles translates a very disturbing prophecy from The Pergamum Codex. It says that the Master will rise up from his dungeon below the earth and the slayer will die. At first Giles tries to ignore it but then several weird happenings occur, pointing to the Master freeing himself.

Giles talks over the prophecy with a distraught Angel. They both are trying to figure out what to do. Just then Buffy comes in and over hears him discussing it with Angel. Buffy tells them she won't do it and that she quits. She doesn't want to die.

The news of two students dying at the hands of vampires in the school makes her realize that she must continue her duties as the Slayer. She goes to the library and finds Giles preparing to fight the Master. She punches him out and leaves to go find him.

The Anointed One leads her to the Master. The Master tells her that she was the key to him freeing himself. He drinks some of her blood and leaves her dead in a pool of water.

A few moments later, Xander and Angel come running in trying to find her. They see her dead in the pool. Xander gives her CPR and revives her. As soon as she is awake they all go to Sunnydale High to stop the Master.

They find that the Hellmouth is opening right underneath the library. While Buffy goes to the rooftop to find the Master, Angel, Xander, Willow, Jenny, and Giles try to fight off a big purple monster that is rising out of the library floor.

Buffy confronts the Master, who is very surprised to see her. They fight and this time the Master loses. He falls through the skylight over the library and impales himself on a sharp wooden stake. Only his bones are left.

At that moment the purple monster disappears back into the depths of hell and the vamps scatter. When Buffy enters the library everyone celebrates. "We saved the world," says Buffy, "I say we party."

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: June 2, 1997
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