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Episode Guide for Buffy Season Five

by Old Master 3.0

5.01 Buffy vs. Dracula
5.02 Real Me
5.03 The Replacement
5.04 Out of My Mind
5.05 No Place Like Home
5.06 Family
5.07 Fool For Love
5.08 Shadow
5.09 Listening to Fear
5.10 Into the Woods
5.11 Triangle
5.12 Checkpoint
5.13 Blood Ties
5.14 Crush
5.15 I Was Made to Love You
5.16 The Body
5.17 Forever
5.18 Intervention
5.19 Tough Love
5.20 Spiral
5.21 Weight of the World
5.22 The Gift

Buffy vs. Dracula (5.01)

Buffy is lying in her bed unable to sleep with Riley beside her, fast asleep! She gets out of bed and, is now running through a cemetery after a vampire who is fleeing for his life. Buffy quickly overpowers and slays the vampire without saying a word and returns home. Back in bed and snuggling up to Riley, she soon falls asleep.

The next day is beautiful and warm, and the gang are hanging out at the beach. Riley and Buffy are throwing a football, and after making a comment that Buffy throws like a girl, (besides the fact she is) he nearly eats the football when she tries to prove otherwise. The others are watching them from their beach towels and Xander feels that relaxing shouldn't involve so much physical exertion, Anya and Tara are quick to agree. Buffy and Riley soon join them, since Buffy "slayed" the football and they're hungry. Xander tries to get the grill started without success when Willow says a brief Latin incantation and it nearly blows up in his face. Unfortunately, rain begins pouring down, and they have to evacuate the beach to escape the storm. Not everybody is as lucky to be inside on a night like this, as a moving truck pulls up alongside an ominous looking castle and two moving guys begin to unload a long wooden crate. But they drop it in the mud and discover that there is dirt inside the crate. They are grumbling about how weird rich people are when the occupant of the crate smashes out of the box, killing the first mover within seconds.

The next day Willow is helping Giles hook up his new scanner. She's excited about trying it out until she realizes that Giles is planning to archive his entire library. She comments that he's been Mr. Project all summer, what with labeling the amulets and indexing the Watchers' diaries. Giles, after swearing Willow to secrecy, explains that they're doing this because he wants the gang to have all the information at their fingertips because he's decided to go back to England. Willow is shocked by this news and tells him he can't leave because he's Buffy's Watcher. "I mean, in a fired way." But it's plain to Giles that Buffy no longer needs him, and though it saddens him, he says he's proud of that fact. He assures her that they'll keep in touch. He's reveals that he's planning on telling Buffy about this soon, and even though it won't be easy, he knows she'll understand. Buffy has just finished having dinner with her mother and bows out of Joyce's offer to go get some ice cream because she has to patrol. Joyce comments that with summer ending, she'll have to get used to being in the house by herself when her only daughter goes back to school. Buffy suggests they make a regular date of this when school starts. Then she leaves for patrol saying it'll be a total drag.

However, we see a very undragged Buffy looking as if she's enjoying herself as she beats on another hapless vampire in the cemetery. Unbeknownst to her, someone else in the cemetery, watching her fight. She soon becomes aware of his presence when his voice rings out. "Very impressive hunt." Buffy sees a pale man with long hair wearing a long black cape approaching her. She tells him it wasn't a hunt, just another day on the job. Gamely, she beckons him on. "Care to step up for some overtime?" The vamp tells her they aren't going to fight, prompting her to ask if he knows what a slayer is. "Do you?" he responds. Slightly taken aback, she asks him who he is. "I apologize, I assumed you knew. I'm Dracula." After a moment, Buffy's disbelieving response is, "Get out!" Elsewhere in the cemetery, Willow asks Xander what he would do if somebody told somebody a secret and that somebody promised not to tell anyone - which she's not going to tell him. He thinks it's about Willow and Tara's not so secret relationship, though he points out that he would be willing to listen if she did have any naughty secrets. She says she doesn't and, disappointed, Xander suggests that they see if Buffy's hanging around.

Buffy is questioning Dracula's claim of who he is, "'Cause I've fought more than a couple of pimply-overweight vamps that called themselves Lestat." He tells her she knows who he is just as he would know without question that she is Buffy Summers, the renowned killer. "Yeah, I prefer the term Slayer," she says, uncomfortable. She becomes even more so when he says her power is rooted in darkness, and she tries to stake him. He eludes her attacks by turning himself into a cloud of misty white smoke. "Okay, that's cheating," she calls out. Xander and Willow approach, and she tells them to get out of here as Dracula materializes behind them. Willow is instantly concerned but Xander starts to mock his clothes and accent until Buffy tells him that he's really Dracula. The Count tells her that now is not the time but that he will see her soon. Turning into a bat, he flies at them, causing them to duck for cover.

Back at Giles' apartment, the trio excitedly recount their run-in with Dracula. Buffy is blown away that he's heard of her. Riley, seemingly jealous, tries to play it off as if Dracula's just another vampire. Willow thinks Dracula was sexy and Anya agrees - turns out she hung out with him a few times back in her demon days. Giles comments that he wished he had been there to witness Dracula's powers and Willow, remembering what Giles told her earlier, lays it on thick trying to make him feel needed. "The whole time I was thinking `Gosh, I wish Giles were here! He'd know what to do!'" Giles figures that the way to defeat Dracula will be to separate the fact from the fiction, so Buffy says they won't go after him until they find out more. Xander and Anya are walking home, and she's telling him about her time with Dracula, which he obviously doesn't want to hear. "I doubt he'd remember me. I was just a silly young thing. Like seven hundred or so." As they walk, a wolf follows them up on the rooftops. Finally, Xander suggests that she hang out at the cemetery flaunting her neck cleavage until Dracula shows up, and she accuses him of being jealous. Anya heads home and Xander is walking by himself when Dracula appears in front of him, startling him. Getting ready to fight, he challenges, "You know what? You're not so big. One round of old-fashion fisticuffs, I bet you'd fold like a bitty baby!" He warns him not to do any "poofing" and is about to fight when Dracula tells him to be silent. Xander obeys. Dracula tells Xander that he will be his emissary, his eyes and ears in the daylight, and if he serves him well, Dracula will make Xander an immortal. The Count vanishes and Xander walks away giggling, happy to obey his new master.

Riley pays Spike a visit, looking for information on Dracula. Spike informs him that he and Drac used to be old rivals, and when Dracula got famous he forgot all about his foes. Spike gripes that when Drac's story got out, everybody knew how to kill vampires, which did more harm than any Slayer. Riley wants to know how to find him, but Spike suggests he just go home "to your superhoney. Have a nice safe snog. You're way out of your depth in this one, boy." Riley reminds him that since Spike has helped Buffy in the past, she has a problem killing him now that he's helpless, but Riley doesn't. Spike would like to see him try it, and Riley gets in his face. "Would you?" Spike seems intimidated, being aware that he can't fight back. As he leaves, Spike tells him he's never going to find Dracula, then after he's gone, mumbles "Not before he gets to her." In her bedroom, Buffy is awakened when a strong wind blows into her room and she finds Dracula standing in front of her bed. "You are magnificent," he tells her. Buffy bets he says that to all the girls before he bites them, but he claims to be truly taken by her. He has searched the world over for her, "for a creature whose darkness rivals my own." He sits down on the bed and looks at the scar Angel left on her neck. "You've been tasted." He tells her that he (Angel) was unworthy of her and he let her go. "But the embrace...his bite...you remember." Buffy tries to deny it but he tells her not to fight and leans in towards her neck. "I can feel your hunger," he says, and he leans in to taste a non-resisting Buffy.

Buffy wakes up the next morning thinking it was all a dream, until she steps in front of her mirror and sees the bite wound on her neck. She hides it by wrapping a scarf around her neck. She meets the others at Giles' apartment, where they compare factoids on Dracula. Xander is full of anxious energy and scoffs at them, "Like any of that's enough to fight the Dark Master." Everybody gives him a strange look. "-bator." Willow informs them that Dracula doesn't like the usual things vamps don't like, but that he also prefers nice clothes, minions, and "long slow bites that last for days," which Buffy is all too familiar with. Thanks to the info he got from Spike, Riley tells them that Dracula likes to live in style and won't be found in the usual dumps. Xander tries to steer them away from this by saying Dracula's probably lying low, but they don't believe this. As they continue, Xander finds a spider crawling nearby and, while nobody is looking, catches it and eats it. Buffy finally says she's going to go out and find him and, concerned, Riley runs after her, stopping her outside. A suspicious Riley orders Buffy to take off the scarf. When she refuses, he accuses her of being under the thrall of the Dark Prince. She continues to deny this until he grabs the scarf from her neck and they all see the wound. Buffy doesn't know why she tried to hide it, saying that there was just this voice telling her to cover it. "What did I tell you? That's thrall," declares Riley. She tells them that it does seem like he has some sort of control over her, and Riley says he shouldn't take this personally - since Drac and Angel are both broody immortals, it makes sense there would be some transference. Buffy reassures Riley that she is his girl and will stay that way. Giles thinks it would be a good idea for her to stay out of sight while they go look for Dracula. Xander volunteers to watch her while Willow and Tara will do a protection spell at Buffy's house to keep the Count from returning. Willow wonders, "How'd he get inside anyway?"

It turns out that Joyce invited Drac over for coffee. At the time he seemed nice and normal, just "a little pale." Joyce tells the girls that she's not usually like this, it's just hard to date, and they'll understand when they're older. "Sometimes you just feel like giving up on men all together." Willow and Tara exchange a knowing glance. It's almost dark, and while Giles and Riley continue to check out mansions, back at Xander's basement, Anya is making her unhappiness known at being stuck Slayer-sitting. She feels she should be out looking for Dracula with the others since she knows him better, but neither Buffy nor Xander are listening to her and Xander finally locks her in the closet and tells Buffy that it's time for him to take her to the Master. "There's this whole deal where I get be immortal. You cool with that?" Buffy simply tells him to take her to him. Later, at Dracula's castle, he leads her into the dining hall where the Count is awaiting her. He orders Xander to leave them and make sure they're not disturbed. When they're alone, he tells Buffy he knew she would come. "Why? 'Cause I'm under your thrall?" She whips out a stake. "Well, guess again, pal." He tells her to put the stake down and she immediately obeys. Worried now, she slowly starts to back away from him, trying to reason that she did that because she wanted to. "Maybe I should rethink that thrall thing." Striking up a conversation, Riley tells Giles that in the couple of years he's lived in Sunnydale, "you know what I've never noticed before?" Taking a not so wild guess, Giles says "Uh, a castle?" as they start up the hill towards Drac's castle. When they step inside, they split up to begin searching the place, but their entrance is observed by an attractive female vampire lurking in the shadows.

In the dining hall, Dracula continues to enthrall Buffy, telling her she cannot resist because she does not want to. "There is so much I have to teach you. Your history. Your power. What your body is capable of." She tries to deny this, but he knows that she longs to know. "But first . . . a little taste." Buffy warns him that she won't let him. "I didn't mean for me." While Riley is searching, Xander steps out of a door and tells him he won't let him harm his Master. "You want him? You come through me." Riley punches Xander out with little effort, saying simply, "Okey dokey." Meanwhile, Giles finds an unlocked door to a very dark room and steps inside where there is no floor; he falls to the level below. He congratulates himself for at least not getting knocked out for once, and three beautiful female vampires come crawling out of the shadows with naughty intentions in store for him. Giles knows he's in trouble, but he doesn't seem to be trying very hard to escape. Rolling up his sleeve, Dracula slices his wrist with his fingernail, offering it to Buffy. She's concerned that if she drinks his blood she'll become a vampire. He assures her that he has not drunk enough of her blood for her to change, that it could only happen when she's near death, and then only when she pleads for it. She tells him she's not hungry. He argues that her craving goes deeper than that. "You think you know," he says, "what you are. What's to come. You haven't even begun." Buffy finally takes his hand, puts her mouth over the cut and drinks. She's assaulted by images of herself slaying vampires and of the First Slayer. Momentarily, she lifts her head from his blood. "Wow," is all she can say.

Then she hits him hard in the chest and sends him flying on to the dinning table. He gets up, noting she's resisting. Buffy agrees with him. He orders her to come to him. Buffy is no longer responding to his voice. "You know, I really think the thrall has gone out of our relationship. But I want to thank you for opening my eyes a little." Angry, Drac charges her and they start fighting. Buffy seems to be winning until he hits her and sends her flying high through the air. Riley finds the door to the floorless room and nearly falls in. He sees the Three Sisters all over Giles and pulls out a cross, making them scatter. On weak knees, Giles walks over to him, thanking Riley for rescuing him. "There was no... possible escape." When Riley pulls him out, Giles notices he's lost a shoe and says he'll simply go back down for it. But Riley stops him. "No! No! No, sir! No more chick-pit for you." Buffy and Drac are still fighting and seem to be evenly matched until she grabs one of the flaming torches from the wall and threatens him with it. "A guy like you should think about going electric. Seriously." Thinking it's time to start cheating, Drac makes with the "poofing," but Buffy observes his smoke flowing towards the upper level. She grabs her stake and hauls ass to leap up in front of him just as he reforms himself, slamming the stake into his chest. "How do you like my darkness now?" she asks. He falls and turns to dust as he tumbles down the stairs. Riley and Giles rush in, and she assures them she's fine and that Drac's been Eurotrashed. Xander comes running in armed with a big torch, pissed off to the uber. "Where's the creep that turned me into a spider-eating man bitch?!" Upon hearing that Drac's gone, he declares, "I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis. As of this moment, it's over. I'm finished being everybody's butt monkey!" Riley points out that at least he wasn't making time with the Dracubabes like Giles. As they leave, an embarrassed Giles insists he was doing no such thing, that he had everything under complete control.

After they've left, Dracula's smoke begins to swirl and he reforms himself... only to get staked by Buffy a second time. "You think I don't watch your movies? You always come back." He turns to dust again and she just crosses her arms and waits. Dracula's smoke begins to gather again, to which she says, "I'm standing right here!" The smoke scatters. The next day, Buffy meets Giles at his apartment, having come because Giles had something he needed to tell her. Buffy actually has something to talk to him about as well, and he insists that she go first. "You haven't been my Watcher for a while," she starts off. She tells him that she hasn't been training and hasn't really needed to come to him for help. He sadly agrees with this. Then she confesses that ever since they did the spell to call on the First Slayer, she has been going out every night. "Patrolling," he says. "Hunting," she corrects. That's what Dracula called it, and she realizes that he was right, and that he understood her power better than she did - and he saw darkness in it. "I need to know more... about where I come from. About the other Slayers." She thinks that if she can learn to control it she could be stronger, better. She knows it's going to be difficult, and she's scared. "And I can't do it... without you. I need you to be my Watcher again." She then apologizes for rambling on, and asks Giles what it was he wanted to say. "It's nothing," Giles replies happily. At home, Buffy tells her mother she's going to the movies with Riley and heads to her room. She finds a young teenage girl in the room who seems to be unpacking. "What are doing here?" she demands. Then Joyce calls from down the hall. "Buffy? If you're going out, why don't you take your sister?" To which both girls turn around, shocked. "Mom!!!"

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: September 26, 2000

Real Me (5.02)

Buffy trains and works on her strength with the help of Giles and some crystals. She practices a handstand on a block of wood, but falls when her sister, Dawn, knocks over the crystals. Throughout the episode, Dawn writes in her journal, narrating the episode's story and summarizing the history of the series. In the morning, Joyce asks Buffy to take Dawn shopping for school supplies. Buffy and Dawn bicker until Riley shows up with intention of hanging out with his girlfriend. Buffy has to cancel so she can go work with Giles.

Giles and Buffy talk about books and Giles's new car while driving to the magic shop. Willow and Dawn show that they're good friends and on the way to the magic shop, Buffy tells Willow that she's dropping Drama in favor of more slayer training. At the shop, the gang finds the owner dead, killed by vampires. Buffy sends Dawn outside where the young girl encounters a homeless man. He recognizes her and tells her she doesn't belong here.

Tara finds Dawn outside the shop and they talk then thumb wrestle. Inside, the gang realizes that a pack of vampires killed the shop owner. Giles admires the shop and its potential for a future business. It turns out that Harmony's minion vampires raided the magic shop and under Harmony's leadership, they plan to kill the Slayer. Buffy receives a lecture from her mother about allowing Dawn to see a dead body. Dawn needs a babysitter for the night and she was happy to have Xander do the job, until she discovered that Anya would come along too. While patrolling, Riley tries to talk some sense into Buffy. Both Buffy and Dawn resent each other for similar reasons.

Tara and Willow move into their new place and talk about how Dawn is having a hard time as the outsider of the Scooby Gang. Harmony tries to draw Buffy out of her home, but is disappointed to see that she's not home. Xander taunts Harmony and her minions from the safety of the house until Dawn mistakenly invites the vampire inside. After Harmony puts up quite a fight, Xander kicks her out of the house, literally. Xander tells Buffy about Harmony and after the Slayer stops laughing, she gets angry that Dawn invited Harmony inside.

Harmony and her lackeys run into Spike in the graveyard and the two ex-lovers talk about Harmony's plans to kill the Slayer. While Dawn listens outside in the hall, Buffy complains to Riley and Xander about the trouble Dawn has been causing and how she can't always be there to protect her. Dawn runs outside in tears and despite Anya's attempts to bring Dawn inside, Harmony's vampire minions are waiting outside and capture Dawn. Anya is found knocked out on the floor and Buffy runs out to find her sister.

Harmony explains her plan to her minions and she won't let them eat Dawn. Buffy crashes in on Spike's crypt and using her fist for motivation, Buffy finds out where Harmony is. Harmony complains to Dawn about her problems until she finds that her minions are revolting and want to kill her and Dawn. Buffy arrives and eventually kills all of Harmony's minions while Harmony runs away. The Slayer frees her sister and when they get home, they agree not to tell their mother. The next day, Buffy and Giles talk about his plans to take over the magic shop, while Dawn writes in her journal that Buffy still thinks she's a nobody, but she's going to be in for a surprise.

Written by David Fury ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: October 3, 2000

The Replacement (5.03)

Xander and Anya watch a movie with Buffy and Riley while listening to the background noise of Xander's drunk parents fighting and yelling upstairs. The next day, the gang looks at a prospective apartment for Xander. He doesn't think he can afford it and this upsets Anya. Giles receives a visit from a demon searching for the Slayer. He later identifies the demon as Toth, only survivor of the Tothric Clan.

The gang checks out the city dump in search of the demon and find Spike collecting. The demon hits Xander with light from a rod and knocks him to the ground. He gets to his feet and walks off with the rest of the gang, but then we see that there is another Xander still lying in a pile of trash. The next morning, one Xander awakens at the city dump and then discovers his double upon returning to his house. Spike has put together a Buffy doll from mannequin parts which he uses to practice beating up on.

One of the Xander's is very ambitious and gets a promotion at work, signs a lease for the apartment, and sets up a date with Anya. The unconfident Xander watches as all this happens and finally confronts his double. After the two Xander's see each other, the confident Xander talks to Buffy and she makes this a matter of Slayer business. Soaked by the rain, weak Xander goes to Willow and tries to explain that this double is taking over his life. He tells Willow that the double is doing a better job of living his life but then suddenly realizes that his double is going after Anya and that is one thing he won't allow.

Anya and the Xander double discuss their future and Anya expresses her fears about not living forever. Giles discovers that the rod Toth used split Xander into two real Xander's, one with weak qualities and the other with strong qualities. The weak Xander crashes the date between strong Xander and Anya. Both think that the other is a demon and the weak Xander pulls out a handgun he got from Anya's apartment.

Buffy tells the doubles the truth about their situation and tries to convince them not to kill each other. Toth appears at the apartment then Buffy and Riley fight and kill him. Willow ends the spell on the Xander's and makes them one again. While moving Xander into his new apartment, Xander and Riley talk. Riley confesses that despite how much he loves Buffy, he realizes that she doesn't.

Written by Jane Espenson ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: October 10, 2000

Out Of My Mind (5.04)

At the cemetery, Buffy stalks her vampire prey, killing several new vampires with a little unwanted help from both Riley and Spike. Riley demonstrates quite a bit of enthusiasm and new strength while fighting. As Buffy and Riley leave, Spike swears to taste Buffy's blood, but as he walks off, he falls into an open grave. Buffy and Willow argue over a topic from class and discuss Buffy's busy schedule.

Buffy arrives at the magic shop to train and is pleasantly surprised to see that the backroom has been transformed into an amazing training room. Harmony seeks Spike and his help because she is frightened that Buffy is out to destroy her. The two conspire to kill the Slayer. While Joyce makes breakfast for Dawn, she briefly wonders who Dawn is before collapsing onto the floor.

At the hospital, an intern informs Buffy and Riley that Joyce will be fine but that doctors aren't sure what caused her to collapse. Dawn is playing with a stethoscope and when she listens to Riley's heart, she finds that it is racing much faster than normal. After listening to Riley's heart, a doctor recommends that he stay in the hospital at the high risk of a heart attack. Buffy tries to think of a way to help Riley and finally resolves to go to Riley's place and contact the Initiative via the bugs in his room.

Still part of the government, Graham tries to force Riley to see a doctor, but Riley is stronger than Graham and the other agents and gets away. After speaking with Graham later that day, Buffy takes it upon herself to get Riley to a doctor before he dies. Buffy gives Spike information about the doctor that can help Riley hoping that the vampire could help find Riley and bring him there. Instead, Spike and Harmony go to the doctor and try to force him to remove the chip.

Buffy finds Riley in the Initiative caves, punching into rock because he can't feel any pain. He tells her that he's afraid he won't be enough for her once he lets the doctors operate on him. After convincing Riley to get medical attention, Buffy brings him to the hospital and finds the doctor gone. Just after the doctor finishes sewing up Spike's skull, Buffy arrives with Riley and a fight ensues. As he tries to bite the Slayer, Spike finds that the doctor only pretended to remove the chip from his head.

The doctor is able to operate successfully on Riley. Later, Graham talks with Riley and tells him he no longer has a purpose in Sunnydale. Without the Initiative, he's nothing. Buffy shows up at Spike's crypt, ready to stake him for good. He's willing to let it happen, and just as she's about to stake him, the two embrace and start making out. Spike then awakens, desperate to deny that the dream he just had was real.

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: October 17, 2000

No Place Like Home (5.05)

Months ago, several monks rushed to perform a ritual while a powerful force of some sort threatened their lives. In the present, Buffy stakes a vampire outside an abandoned building, and then gets caught by the night watchman who thinks she's a teen looking for a rave. Buffy makes breakfast for her mom, who is still suffering from headaches that the doctors can't explain. Giles's big opening is less than successful at first, but eventually, the magic shop gets to be so popular, that he can't handle it all on his own.

Buffy presents an orb to Giles that she found while patrolling the night before, but Giles can't explain it right away. While picking up a prescription for her mother, Buffy encounters the night watchman again as he's being strapped down to a gurney. He's less than stable, but he manages to warn Buffy that she will be attacked through her family. A monk works on a blue print in an empty building before The Beast smashes through a large steel door, revealing itself to be a supernatural blond female.

The Beast tries to torture information about the Key out of the monk, but he won't tell her anything. She starts to speak crazily until she puts her fingers to the head of a security guard and seems to suck the life force from him. Buffy assumes that the danger she was warned about is what is causing her mother's headaches. Anya recommends to Buffy that she perform a spell to see any spells that may be affecting her family. Buffy doesn't want Riley to feel unwanted, so she offers to let him help her with the spell. He realizes what she's doing, then they talk and agree to take care of each other.

Buffy performs the ritual in her bedroom then walks around her house to look for anything unusual. Nothing appears weird about her mother, but Buffy sees Dawn's image flashing in and out of pictures around the house. Buffy confronts Dawn about it, and she concludes that Dawn isn't her sister. Buffy threatens Dawn, but Buffy's supposed little sister is truly confused and doesn't understand Buffy's sudden change in attitude.

Giles calls to tell Buffy about the orb, Dagon Sphere, and its purpose of protection from an unnamed evil. Buffy returns to the abandoned building in hopes of finding more information. Buffy encounters Spike lurking outside her home and he makes some lame excuses for his being there. Buffy comes up against the Beast and finds herself unable to fight against the Beast's incredible strength. After taking quite a beating, Buffy is able to escape with the monk. The Beast throws a fit and causes the room around her to collapse on her. Giles offers Anya a job at the magic shop when he realizes that the job is too much for just one.

In his last moments of life, the monk warns Buffy that she must protect the key. He tells her that a collection of energy put into a human form, Dawn's form. They sent her to Slayer to be protected from those looking for it. Before he dies, he tells her that her memories of Dawn were constructed, and that Dawn is innocent human who not only needs the Slayer's protection, she needs her sister's. Buffy apologizes to Dawn, and the two girls are able to relate on at least one subject-their concern for their mother.

Written by Douglas Petrie ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: October 24, 2000

Family (5.06)

Tara tells Willow a story as Willow tries to drift to sleep. Tara wants to stay up and look at spells so she can be useful to the Scooby Gang, but Willow convinces her to sleep. Buffy tells Giles the truth about Dawn and they agree to keep this secret from everyone else. Glory escapes from the rubble of the collapsed building. Buffy has decided to move out of her dorm room because of her mother and Dawn, and the gang helps her pack. As Tara leaves the room, Willow reminds her friends about Tara's upcoming birthday and the party at the Bronze.

In the hospital locker room, a Lei-ach attempts to attack Ben, but Glory grabs him, in need of a favor. Buffy and Xander research Glory, while talking about how little they know about Tara. In a crypt, Buffy and Spike fight viciously with each other, and then Spike wakes from his daydream to find himself closely involved with Harmony. Tara arrives at the Magic Box, shocked to see that her father, brother Donny, and cousin Beth have all come to visit for Tara's twentieth birthday.

Buffy is overly protective of her sister and even stops her from going to a friend's house. Riley thinks something is up with Buffy but since she's not telling him everything, he leaves. Tara's father expresses his distaste for her witchcraft and informs her that she is going home with her family. Glory tells the Lei-ach demon she captured that she needs him and his friends to destroy the Slayer. At the magic shop, Tara casts a spell on the Scooby Gang.

Riley gets drunk at Willie's bar and a vampire named Sandy tries to pick him up, but he's not interested. Harmony tells Spike about the plans for the Lei-ach demons to kill the Slayer and he goes to watch. Tara and Beth talk about Tara not going home with them and Beth realizes that Tara did a spell on her friends to keep them from seeing her demon. At the magic shop, the Lei-ach demons appear, but because of Tara's spell, none of the gang can actually see the demons.

The Scooby Gang takes quite a beating from the demons they can't see. Spike shows up and when he realizes that Buffy is about to be killed, he saves her and helps kill the demons. Tara arrives in time to break her spell and allow Buffy to kill the rest of the demons. Tara's father explains that the women in their family are part demon and they need to be controlled. When Tara expresses that she doesn't want to leave, all of her friends stand in the way.

Spike punches Tara and experiences pain, showing that she's not a demon. He concludes that her family only makes the females think that they're demons so that they can be controlled and kept as an obedient woman. The gang parties at the Bronze for Tara's birthday, showering her with gifts like a crystal ball and broomstick. Riley arrives late, but with a present. Willow and Tara slow dance and talk about how happy they are together, then they float off the ground, to dance in the air.

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: November 7, 2000

Fool For Love (5.07)

In a routine patrol at the cemetery, a vampire turns Buffy's stake around on her, and she is stabbed through the stomach. Thanks to Riley's appearance at the cemetery and his medical treatment skills, Buffy is saved. While Dawn helps cover for Buffy at home, Riley goes out the following night with the rest of the gang to sweep the cemetery. Giles and Buffy research to find out how previous slayer's died. Unable to find any useful information, they realize that Spike killed two, and Buffy wants to know how.

At the Bronze, Buffy buys Spike food and beer so he will tell her the stories of how he killed Slayers. In London, 1880, William works on his poetry, but when it is read aloud, it is revealed that he was named "William the Bloody" because of his lack of poetic talent. He talks with a girl, Cecily, whom he loves from afar. She does not care for him, telling him he's beneath her, which leads William to run away. Drusilla tracks him down, and after some persuasion, she makes him a vampire.

Back in the present, Riley locates the vampire that staked Buffy in a crypt with quite a few of his vampire friends. Spike plays pool while continuing his stories of the past. In Yorkshire, 1880, the newly named Spike battles with Angelus after causing trouble for his vampire family. Spike is hardly disturbed by Angelus's threats, as he entirely enjoys the chaos he's caused, not caring about the effect it had on Angelus and his clan.

During the Boxer Rebellion in China, 1900, Spike fought with a Chinese Slayer and after a long battle, he kills her. While Spike and Drusilla revel in the kill of the Slayer and the taste of her blood, Angelus is less than excited. Spike talks proudly about his kill, explaining to Buffy that while a Slayer must reach for her weapon, a vampire is already armed. Riley goes to the crypt alone and after staking the vampire that hurt Buffy, before blowing up the rest with a grenade.

Spike continues his lessons with Buffy and tells the story of how he killed the second Slayer in New York, 1977. On a subway train, Spike and the Slayer battle until finally, he snaps her neck. Spike reveals to Buffy that every Slayer wants to experience death, after causing so much of it. Spike tries kiss her, but she pushes him away, telling him he's beneath her. Furious that Buffy was able to get under his skin and turned him down so brutally, Spike returns to his crypt and arms himself with a riffle. He explains to Harmony that his temporary pain will be well worth the Slayer's death.

In South America, 1998, Spike's obsession and alliance with the Slayer, keeps Drusilla at a distance. Buffy finds her mother packing and finds out that her mother is going into the hospital. Upset about her mother, Buffy sits on her back porch, where Spike finds her. The site of her crying alters his plans to kill her. Instead, he just sits beside her and tries to comfort her.

Written by Douglas Petrie ~ Directed by Nick Marck

Original Air Date: November 14, 2000

Shadow (5.08)

Joyce gets a cat scan at the hospital while Buffy and Dawn wait impatiently for news. Giles and Tara admire the new phone book advertisement for the Magic Box. Xander complains about Riley destroying the vampire crypt alone, and then the entire gang continues their search for information regarding the Beast. A demon named Dreg offers a spell to Glory, groveling before her.

Riley finds the front door to Buffy's house open, and Spike sniffing her clothes. Spike taunts Riley with his knowledge about the Slayer and her mother, and then is thrown out into the sunlight, with his blanket. Riley shows up at the hospital to comfort Buffy, and then sits with Dawn while Buffy talks to Joyce. Joyce confesses to Buffy that they've found something and they need to operate.

At the Magic Box, Tara suggests that maybe the Beast is something that is too old for the books. Glory shows up there and buys several items for a spell, but the gang is oblivious to her true identity. The doctor tells Buffy her mother has a brain tumor and presents her with her mother's options. Ben, the intern gets the doctor away from Buffy, giving her a break from the doctor's constant questions. Anya sorts through receipts and realizes that Giles sold items to Glory that will allow her to perform an ancient transmogrification spell.

Riley takes Dawn to the park where he tries to comfort her about her mother. Dawn tries to make Riley feel good by comparing him to Angel, but unintentionally she makes him feel worse. Buffy talks with the gang about helping her mother then finds out about Glory's plans to transmogrify a monster with a spell. At the Sunnydale Zoo, Glory steals a cobra and performs the spell with Dreg. Buffy arrives to stop her, but instead gets beaten up badly again. The cobra is transformed into a giant cobra monster with arms.

Glory sends the demon on a mission to find the key for her. Riley arrives at the magic shop in search of Buffy, but after Xander confronts him about destroying the vampire crypt. Buffy calls Giles and tells him to take care of Dawn while she stays with her mother. She stays with her mother as the doctor tells her the bad news. Riley returns to Willie's bar to drink away his worries and again encounter the vampire, Sandy. He allows her to bite him, but stakes her.

The cobra demon arrives at the magic shop and goes after Dawn. Dawn screams in fear and the cobra retreats. Giles and Buffy go after the demon and Buffy beats it to death, taking out all her aggressions. Joyce tells Dawn the truth about her health. Riley is there to comfort Buffy, but she needs to stay strong for her family and refuses to cry. Joyce calls for Buffy and Riley is left standing alone in the hallway.

Written by David Fury ~ Directed by Dan Attias

Original Air Date: November 21, 2000

Listening To Fear (5.09)

The Summers women are at the hospital when the doctor informs Joyce she'll have surgery in two days. The rest of the gang does their best to patrol and rid Sunnydale of a few more un-dead residents. Meanwhile, Riley allows a female vampire to feed from him. The next day, Willow brings gifts to Joyce, Buffy, and Dawn. With the brain tumor, Joyce has unusual outbursts. On the way out, a mental patient points out that there is nothing inside Dawn.

Willow and Tara camp out on the roof of a building and watch the stars. A large object crashes down in Sunnydale. The crazy man, who has been released from the hospital, is walking through the forest when a creature attacks him. At the hospital, the creature climbs along the ceiling, undetected. Buffy and Joyce talk the doctor into letting Joyce go home until her operation.

The gang finds the location of the crash and the dead body of the released hospital patient. While everyone else go to find help, Riley calls Graham. He later advises the military officers who answer the call on how to deal with the situation. At the hospital, one patient is attacked by the demon. Buffy's mom continues to act strangely and say things she doesn't mean to say. Dawn is hurt when Joyce calls her a "thing", but Buffy comforts her and tells her to ignore.

The gang finds that a Queller demon has been summoned to kill crazy people. Joyce lays in her bed, talking to the ceiling until we see that she is actually talking to one of the Queller demons. In the kitchen, Buffy washes dishes until she suddenly breaks down into tears. The demon spits its slime onto Joyce and Dawn comes to the rescue. Although Buffy is crying, she eventually hears Dawn's scream and goes after the demon. Buffy finds Spike stealing pictures from her basement, but can't yell at him as the demon attacks again.

Ben gets into his car at the hospital and Dreg is waiting in the backseat. Ben reveals that he summoned the Queller, to clean up Glory's mess. Joyce asks Buffy about Dawn and Buffy tells her the truth about Dawn. Joyce asks Buffy to take care of Dawn in case anything happens in the surgery. While her daughters and the rest of the Scooby Gang watch on, Joyce is wheeled off to surgery.

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: November 28, 2000

Into The Woods (5.10)

At the hospital, the Scooby Gang awaits news from the doctor about Joyce's surgery and they are all relieved when the surgery is a success. Dawn spends the night with Xander and Anya. With the house to themselves, Buffy and Riley spend some a romantic evening together. In the middle of the night, Riley sneaks out through the window. Spike, who has been standing outside the house, secretly follows Riley to an old building.

Buffy spends the day with her mother in the hospital discussing Joyce's wig options and Buffy's relationship with Riley. Spike wakes Buffy from sleep that night to show her what Riley has been doing. Buffy is shocked to find him in the arms of a female vampire, being fed upon. Graham has persuaded his commanding officer to seek Riley's help in destroying demons for the government.

Buffy and the gang go after the nest of vampires only to find the building empty. Buffy sets the building on fire, leaving her friends in the dark about what's truly bothering her. Riley is furious that Spike allowed Buffy to see the truth and after throwing the vampire around a bit, he stakes him. Fortunately for Spike, the stake is plastic. Spike and Riley talk and find that they both love her, but she doesn't return the feeling to either of them.

Buffy releases her aggressions on a punching bag in the training room until Riley shows up determined to talk to her. He tells her he started it because he wanted to know what Buffy felt when she was bitten Riley tells her that the vampires needed him and Buffy didn't. After Buffy tries to convince him that she's given him everything she has, Riley tells her about the offer to return to the government. He is going to leave unless she can give him a reason to stay.

The vampires from the nest surround Buffy as she's leaving the shop. She stakes every single one of them. Xander witnesses this and confronts Buffy, not willing to let her hide from her problems. He shows her the truth that she's been ignoring, and tells her that she has to decide if she's really willing to loose Riley for good. She runs as fast as she can, but Buffy is unable to get to the airport fast enough to stop Riley from leaving. The helicopter takes off with Buffy on the landing pad, calling after Riley.

After his talk with Buffy, Xander realizes that he needs to tell Anya how much he loves her and he does. Still shocked, Buffy returns home while Riley leaves Sunnydale, not looking back.

Written and Directed by Marti Noxon

Original Air Date: December 19, 2000

Triangle (5.11)

Xander and Anya lie in bed together and talk about Buffy's luck, or lack there of, with men. At a convent, Buffy protects a young nun from a vampire then asks questions about the life of a nun. Buffy trains while talking to Giles about his plans to ask the Watcher's Council for help with Glory. While Giles prepares for a trip to England, he leaves the shop in the hands of Anya and Willow, whose bickering worries the Watcher.

Buffy and Dawn talk about how Buffy's recuperating after Riley's departure. Box of chocolates in hand, Spike rehearses a conversation he plans to have with Buffy on the Buffy mannequin, but his temper gets in the way. Anya protests Willow's use of the shop products for magic spells. Willow and Anya argue constantly and since Xander and Tara don't want to be in the middle of the arguments, they both leave.

Willow starts a spell, but Anya begins to argue and accidentally, the spell calls forth a giant troll. The store and much of Sunnydale is seriously damaged as the troll puts his large mallet and great strength to good use. Buffy and Tara talk about their new semester classes and then about the events at the magic shop. Buffy overreacts about possible trouble between Anya and Xander. Anya drives a car for the first time wildly through the streets while Willow searches for a spell to stop the troll.

Xander mopes at the Bronze and Spike is there to make things even more painful. The two later play pool and talk about women trouble. The troll continues his vicious attack on the town and makes his way to the Bronze for ale and babies to eat. While the troll drinks beer straight from a keg, the whole gang gathers at the Bronze.

The troll, Olaf, reveals that he used to date Anya and she turned him into a troll to get the job of a Vengeance demon. Buffy and Spike battle unsuccessfully against Olaf before he uses his hammer to knock down the second floor of the Bronze and injure many innocent people. Buffy helps to care for the victims and when Spike helps one bleeding victim, Buffy refuses to acknowledge this as good.

At the shop, Willow and Anya argue about their capabilities to hurt Xander, but both make it clear to the other that they have no intentions of hurting him. Olaf storms into the shop and while he intends to hurt the girls, Xander arrives before two of the most important women in his life are seriously wounded. The troll beats Xander up badly then tells Xander to choose whether Anya or Willow will die. Xander refuses to choose, but when Olaf decides to kill Xander, Anya offers herself.

Buffy arrives and fights with the troll while Willow works on a spell and Anya distracts Olaf with insults. When Olaf says that Anya and Xander won't last, Buffy gets incredibly angry and beats the troll into unconsciousness. The troll is sent off into an alternate universe. Giles talks to Buffy about the damage to the shop. Joyce joins them and they discuss the non-existent information about Glory and the Key that Giles received from the Council. Dawn overhears part of this discussion and is very concerned.

Written by Jane Espenson ~ Directed by Christopher Hibler

Original Air Date: January 9, 2001

Checkpoint (5.12)

The Scooby Gang gather at Buffy's house to discuss the Council's plans to come to Sunnydale, which Buffy is very upset about. Glory is at her place, panting and in pain until Dreg and another demon bring a mailman for her to drain the sanity from. She gets up, refreshed and the mailman leaves disoriented. The other demon warns her that she has even less time now to use the key, but Glory isn't worried as long as Buffy is the only obstacle.

Quentin Travers and a team of watchers arrive at the shop and critique the merchandise harshly and close the shop down for as long as the council is in town conducting a review. Quentin announces that they have information on Glory, but won't reveal it until Buffy's skills have been tested and she proves she can handle the information. In class, Buffy challenges the professor, but he only makes her feel bad about what she shares. That night, Buffy complains about class to a vampire she's fighting until Spike arrives and stakes the vampire for her. He expects gratification, but he doesn't get it and the two verbally attack each other.

Jinx confronts Ben at the hospital and relays a message from Glory, requesting Ben's assistance in getting Buffy out of the way. Ben sends Glory his own message of refusal by beating up the demon. Quentin informs Buffy and Giles that she must pass the review or he will shut down the shop and deport Giles. Buffy and Giles realize that Buffy has no choice but to do what the Council asks, because they can do everything they've threatened and much more. Buffy worries that she may fail and she'll someone very close to her, Giles or Dawn.

Council members interview the rest of the Scooby Gang, including Spike, for information about the Slayer. With the exception of Spike, they all try not to incriminate Buffy to the council, and explain their importance to her. In the training room, Buffy is blindfolded and tested of her fighting skills against one of the council members, but she doesn't pass the test. Upon returning home, Buffy finds Glory in her house, and becomes very worried when Dawn appears in the room. Glory threatens Buffy's family and it worries Buffy enough to resort to asking Spike to protect her mother and sister at his crypt for a while.

On her way to the shop to meet with the council, several well-armed men wearing masks attack Buffy. Buffy takes them out and discovers from the last conscious one that they are the Knights of Byzantium and are in town to get the Key. Buffy returns to the shop and informs Mr. Travers that she's not going to deal with the review anymore because she holds the power and the council needs her. She demands that Giles receive retroactive pay, her friends stay involved and the council work with her and not against her.

Quentin reluctantly agrees then informs Buffy that Glory isn't a demon. She's a god.

Written by Jane Espenson & Douglas Petrie ~ Directed by Nick Marck

Original Air Date: January 23, 2001

Blood Ties (5.13)

The gang discusses plans for Buffy's birthday and dealing with Glory. Giles reveals that Glory is the god of a demon dimension and in order to stay in human form, she needs to suck energy from humans, leaving them insane. The gang starts asking questions about the Key and Buffy finally breaks down and tells them the truth about Dawn. Several of the Knights of Byzantium chant around a fire before they are interrupted by one of Glory's minions. Glory arrives and destroys all of the knights but one whom she later tortures for information.

At the magic shop, Dawn feels awkward because of the way everyone is treating her and notices when Giles hides a book in a hidden counter drawer. Buffy opens presents from her friends and everyone gets quiet when she receives a framed picture of her and Dawn from her sister. Dawn finally gets upset and confronts everyone about their strange behavior around her, then storms to her room. After sneaking out of the house, Dawn runs into Spike and the two head off to the magic shop to break in and steal a book. By candlelight, Dawn reads from the book she saw Giles with earlier. Based on memories, Dawn realizes she is the key and when Spike reads more from the book, Dawn's suspicions are confirmed.

Dawn returns to the house, bleeding from a self-inflicted knife wound, tearfully questioning what she is. Joyce and Buffy try to talk to Dawn, but everything has changed for her and she's scared, so she demands that they leave her alone. Buffy blames Spike for letting Dawn find out the truth the way she did. He turns the tables on her and blames her for not telling Dawn the truth in the first place. Jinx threatens Ben at the hospital, but Ben reveals that Glory can't hurt him, no matter what he does.

After overhearing Buffy and Joyce talking, Dawn rampages through her room, burns her diaries and runs away. The smoke alarm alerts Buffy and her mom to Dawn's little fire and departure. The whole gang gathers at the shop then split up to search for Dawn. Xander is a little bit excited that a form of energy like Dawn could have a crush on him. Spike does what he can to comfort Buffy and tells her she'll find her sister before it's too late. Dawn passes through the park, reliving past memories then ends up at the hospital.

She searches for answers in the Psych ward then runs into Ben. She confesses to Ben that she's the Key and he freaks out tries to make her leave before Glory can find her, but it's too late. Ben suddenly changes into Glory, but Glory remembers nothing about Ben's conversation with Dawn and the young girl pretends to know nothing. Dawn asks questions about the Key and Glory reveals is that the Key is very old then realizes Dawn knows nothing and is wasting her time.

Buffy shows up to stop Glory from draining the energy from Dawn. With some help from the rest of the gang, Buffy gets in a few good hits and takes a few as well before Willow and Tara perform a spell to teleport Glory somewhere else. The godly one ends up high in the sky and falls straight to earth. Buffy shows Dawn that no matter what, they are sisters that are bound by blood.

Written by Steven S. DeKnight ~ Directed by Michael Gershman

Original Air Date: February 6, 2001

Crush (5.14)

The Bronze re-opens under new management, and Buffy watches on as her friends dance. Spike shows up and tries to carry on a conversation with Buffy, but she's not the slightest bit interested. Willow reveals that she is suffering from headaches and nosebleeds as a result of her teleportation spell. Buffy spots Ben and offers her thanks to him for looking after Dawn. A train pulls into Sunnydale, but the porter goes on board to find all the passengers dead before he too is attacked.

Buffy returns home and Giles suggests that Dawn be treated normally. Harmony tries to get Spike in the mood and suggests a game where she pretends to be Buffy. Buffy reads about the train murders, but concludes that it's vampire and not Glory. Dawn arrives at Spike's crypt to talk with him. Buffy searches for Dawn and finds her with Spike, listening to one of his scary stories. Dawn reveals her crush on Spike, but really shocks her sister when she tells of Spike's crush on Buffy.

Buffy and Xander investigate the train and Buffy confesses the possibility of Spike loving her. Buffy finds her mother and sister talking in the kitchen with Spike. He takes her to a warehouse where he believes the vamps from the train are. Buffy confronts Spike about his feelings, but when he confesses his love, she rejects him brutally. Returning to the crypt, Spike is shocked to find his sire and long-time love, Drusilla.

Drusilla tells him of the events in Los Angeles and tries to convince him to return with her. She's already aware of the chip in his head and tries to convince him he can be evil, even with the chip. Harmony arrives and yells at Drusilla for hurting Spike. He then throws her out of the way, announcing that he's back. Joyce and Willow talk to Buffy about the problem with Spike and tell her she has to make it clear to Spike that there is nothing.

Spike and Drusilla dance at the Bronze before Dru spots a couple on the catwalk for them to feed on. She snaps the neck of the girl, offering her to Spike before taking the guy for herself. Spike hesitates, but soon vamps and bites. Buffy discovers the extension of Spike's lair underground and a shrine dedicated to herself. As she returns to the surface, Buffy finds Spike and Drusilla waiting for her. Drusilla shocks Buffy with a cattle prod, but then Spike takes the prod and uses it on Dru.

Buffy awakens to find herself chained up in the underground space below Spike's crypt, Drusilla tied to a pole across from her. Spike professes his love and offers to kill Drusilla to convince Buffy of his love. Buffy rejects Spike again and he goes into a rage about women being so difficult. Harmony arrives and shoots Spike with a crossbow bolt. While Harmony and Spike fight, Drusilla breaks free and goes after Buffy while the Slayer is still chained up. Spike saves Buffy and Drusilla leaves, disappointed that Spike can't be helped by anyone.

Harmony leaves Spike, telling him it's completely over between the two of them. Buffy walks home with Spike following her, but Buffy tells him to stay away from her. He tries to follow her into her house, but the invisible barrier prevents his entry and Buffy shuts the door.

Written by David Fury ~ Directed by Dan Attias

Original Air Date: February 13, 2001

I Was Made To Love You (5.15)

Buffy rants about her problems with Spike to Giles while pounding away at Xander who is wearing a sumo-sized bodysuit. Xander consoles the Slayer about her love life, blaming the Hellmouth for her not being able to find a decent guy. A young woman arrives in Sunnydale by car, searching for her true love. Joyce nervously prepares for a date with a man named Brian with the help of her daughters.

Anya and Tara discuss the Internet and Anya's knowledge of online stock trading and websites. April approaches them, asking if they know where Warren is but when the girls can't help her, April moves onto another person and asks the same question. Buffy and Xander dance at a University party while Anya, Tara and Willow watch on. After dancing, Buffy locates Ben at the party and casually catches his attention. They chat briefly but awkwardly and Buffy asks Ben to dance.

Anya admires the Chex mix with Xander when April arrives at the party, still searching for Warren. Warren just so happens to be at the party and escapes with his date before April discovers him. April questions the people at the party, offering that Warren is her boyfriend and he lost her. Spike approaches Buffy while she's waiting but she tells him off before Ben returns. Ben offers Buffy his number for a possible coffee date and isn't scared off when Buffy warns him of her bad history.

After seeing Buffy with Ben, Spike is inspired to hit on April, but his suggestive comments only anger her and leads her to throw the vampire through a window. Buffy tries to talk to April, but April throws her aside and leaves. Later, at Xander's apartment, the gang unanimously agrees that April is a robot, but concludes she isn't a threat. Buffy returns home and Giles suggests he not watch Dawn alone anymore because he can't take much more exposure to the habits of a young teenager. Joyce returns from her date in an extremely good mood, shocking her daughter with the joke that she left her bra in Brian's car.

April goes door to door searching for Warren's residence. Willow finds Warren Mears on her computer and the house where he could be living. The gang talks about Warren and how he made April to fill a void in his life. Buffy finally gets the guts to call Ben, but the phone rings at Glory's place. She morphs into Ben to answer the phone and a date is made for coffee.

Warren rushes to get packed and move away with his current girlfriend, Katrina, but she doesn't understand why. Buffy shows up at Warren's in search of answers relating to April while Katrina finally walks out upset about being kept in the dark. Spike shows up at the magic shop but meets incredible hostility from the gang, including Dawn. Warren reveals to Buffy that he made April to love him, but she became boring after a while and he left her, letting her batteries run down.

Katrina encounters April at a park and April uses force to make Katrina admit that Warren is her not her boyfriend. Warren finally tells April that he can't love her then April turns on Buffy and the two fight. Buffy damages April's electrical work and she is finally stopped. After talking with April in her final moments, Buffy realizes that she doesn't need a man in her life. Buffy leaves a message for Ben on his answering machine, canceling the date, but Glory listens to the message, not Ben.

Spike confronts Warren about making a robot for him, one based completely on Buffy. Warren refuses, but Spike won't take no for an answer. Buffy calls out to her mother, then finds her lying on the living room couch. Worried by her mother's awkward appearance, Buffy calls out to her, but Joyce doesn't move, doesn't answer.

Written by Jane Espenson ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: February 20, 2001

The Body (5.16)

The episode begins with a flashback sequence of Christmas, 2000, brings the entire Scooby Gang together for dinner at the Summers home. In the kitchen, Buffy and Joyce both reach for a pie that has fallen to the floor.

Flash to the present. Joyce's unresponsive body on the couch leads the frightened Slayer to do everything she can to revive her, finally calling 911 and attempting CPR. The operator instructs Buffy to wait for the paramedics, and then Buffy makes a call to Giles. The paramedics arrive and try to revive Joyce with CPR. Buffy imagines that her mother is miraculously brought back, but suddenly reality hits and the paramedics call Joyce's time of death.

After informing her that the coroner has been contacted, the paramedics leave, and Buffy throws up on the floor. Buffy covers up the mess, and then Giles arrives, worried by Buffy's phone call. He discovers Joyce on the floor but Buffy tells him it's too late and the two embrace. The coroner takes Joyce's body away.

At school, Dawn talks with a friend in the bathroom after being called a freak and other rumors started by another student, Kirsty. They return to art class where the class is sketching a nude statue and Dawn talks about Kristy and a cute boy with her friend. Buffy arrives and after a few moments with Dawn's teacher, she tells Dawn that they need to talk. Dawn reacts hysterically to the news that her mother is dead, not wanting to believe the truth of the situation.

Joyce's body is stripped of clothing at the hospital morgue by an examiner. At her dorm, Willow stresses over what to wear to the hospital, and finally breaks down into tears. Tara comforts her, kissing her repeatedly to calm Willow. Xander and Anya arrive to pick up Willow and Tara. Willow and Xander are dealing by crying while Tara tries to remain strong and Anya is confused by the whole situation. The group discusses their plans and their thoughts on how Joyce died. Xander overreacts and Willow calms him by offering to physically fight to help him get his aggressions out. Anya asks inappropriate questions about Joyce and Willow snaps. Anya is hurt by the death like everyone else, but she doesn't understand death or how expressing emotions will fix anything. Xander punches a wall to let out some of his anger and after his hand is cleaned up, the gang goes to the hospital to help Buffy.

Everyone meets at the morgue, hugging each other in support. A doctor informs Buffy, Dawn and Giles that Joyce most likely died from an aneurysm. He tells them all that it was probably sudden and painless and there was nothing that anyone could have done. Giles volunteers to take care of all the paperwork and arrangements for Joyce, which Buffy graciously thanks him for. Anya awkwardly expresses that she wished Joyce hadn't died, but Buffy understands what she meant. Buffy and Tara are left alone and Tara offers her support because she too lost her mother.

Not wanting to believe her mother is dead, Dawn sneaks into the morgue to see her mother. When she hesitates to lift the sheet covering the body, another body behind her suddenly moves and a vampire rises off a table. Dawn's disappearance is noticed and Buffy finally finds her being attacked by a vampire in the morgue. Buffy fights with and beheads the vampire. The sight of Joyce's body shocks Dawn and when Buffy tells her that their mother is gone from the body, Dawn innocently asks, "Where'd she go?"

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: February 27, 2001

Forever (5.17)

Buffy selects a casket for her mother with Giles and Dawn. Dawn expresses her concern about Buffy's choice, worried that their mother may not appreciate the choice. Later, the gang gathers for dinner at the Summers's residence and discusses plans for the funeral, excluding Dawn from any decision making. Briefly, they discuss how Buffy's father has remained out of reach, then Dawn suggests that she stay with Willow after the funeral is over.

Spike brings flowers to the Summers home but runs into Willow and Xander on his way. Xander gives the vampire a hard time, but Spike makes it clear that the flowers are a sincere gesture as he actually liked Joyce. A small group of people including the entire Scooby Gang gathers at a cemetery during the day for Joyce's funeral. Dawn leaves with Tara and Willow as the rest of the crowd also move away. Hours later, after the sun has set, Buffy still stands at the grave and Angel appears beside her. Dawn is still having a difficult time accepting the loss of her mother, so she asks Willow and Tara to help her perform a spell that will bring Joyce back. Willow and Tara are shocked and refuse, explaining that it is wrong to mess with matters of life and death with witchcraft.

In bed, Anya explains to Xander how special it is to be able to have children and how sex has become much more than it used to be. Buffy and Angel talk about the loss of Joyce and Angel does his best to comfort Buffy when she talks about the events as they played out and how it will all affect her future. Buffy asks him to stay with her forever and the two kiss sweetly, but pull away, knowing nothing more can happen. He stays with her for the remaining moments before the sun rises. Ben encounters Jynx and stresses the fact that he will not help Glory and he is tired of her games. He makes a comment that leads Jynx to conclude that the Key is human and worried about Glory, he stabs the minion with a knife.

The next morning, Dawn is sulking, still upset that her friends won't help her, but as Willow and Tara are leaving for breakfast, Willow magically moves a book on the bookshelf to make it noticeable. Alone, Dawn notices the book titled, "History of Witchcraft" standing out amongst the others. Later, at the magic shop, Dawn searches through books, sneaking up to the second level when Giles tells her that's where he keeps the most dangerous books. She leaves unnoticed with several items. While collecting dirt at Joyce's grave site that night, Dawn is caught by Spike who shocks her by offering to help and demanding that Buffy never find out.

Meanwhile, Glory fumes about Ben after Jynx returns to her wounded. She quickly cheers up when he informs her that the Key is human. Spike takes Dawn to a man named Doc for help in resurrecting Dawn's mother. He provides them with all the supplies and information he has, tells them of the other materials he does not have and advises Dawn that the results could not be what she wants. He mentions the necessity for a picture of Joyce which he says will break the spell if it is torn. Spike and Dawn leave to find a Ghora demon and steal one of its eggs for the spell. He plays interference with the demon while Dawn gets the egg, even getting wounded in the process.

Tara realizes that a witchcraft book is missing from the shelf and after concluding that Dawn took it, she and Willow decide to call Buffy. Buffy hears about Dawn's spell just as she is finishing it upstairs in her room. Buffy confronts her and the two girls yell at each other and cry about their different ways of dealing with their mother's death. A shadow of a figure passes by the front window followed by a knocking on the door. Buffy goes to open the door, but Dawn tears up the picture first. The sisters hug and collapse to the floor, crying.

Written and Directed by Marti Noxon

Original Air Date: April 17, 2001

Intervention (5.18)

At the Summers's home after dinner, Buffy and Giles discuss with Buffy how she's feeling and she goes on to say how she's worried about her ability to love and be the Slayer. She excessively expresses her love to both Giles and Dawn, worried that something may happen and they may never know how much she loves them. Giles suggests he and Buffy go away for a couple of days to a sacred location, which Dawn encourages Buffy to do, if it will help her. Spike receives his Buffybot from Warren, complete with all the extras he ordered. Warren wants to leave immediately, but it takes a kiss from the robot for Spike to be convinced she's what he wants.

Glory complains to her minions about not having the Key and sends them out to watch over the Slayer and see who is new and special in her life now. Giles and Buffy arrive in the desert for their "retreat." Giles performs a ritual that will create a guide for Buffy. A mountain lion appears and directs Buffy along a path and into an open desert setting which reminds her of her dream from "Restless." Spike and his Buffybot pretend to fight, which inevitably leads to sex. The sex becomes a major theme of their relationship as Buffybot is always looking to please Spike, and Spike enjoys having Buffy with him, robot or not.

Xander, Anya, Tara, and Dawn gather at Xander's place where Tara places a protection spell on the room. Dawn secretly takes Anya's earrings from a table. One of Glory's minions watches from outside one of the windows. Another minion watches Willow as she heads to Xander's after tutoring a student. At the crypt, the Buffybot dresses before heading out to patrol and slay vampires.

In the desert at night, Giles awaits Buffy's return while Buffy fends off the impending sleep. Buffybot runs into Xander and Anya in a graveyard and her programming allows her to fool the two into thinking she's the real thing. Spike arrives and desperately tries to convince Xander and Anya that he's just helping Buffy with a big group of vampires. A few vampires do show up and are all slain by the four. Spike and the Buffybot end up on the ground, having sex again, but this time Xander and Anya see and hear it.

Later, Xander goes to confront Spike and Buffy at the crypt, but Spike sends the Buffybot underground first. After a brief discussion, Glory's minions enter, knocking Xander unconscious and taking Spike. Buffy wakes to a large fire and to find the First Slayer on the opposite side of the fire. The first Slayer advises Buffy that love is center of Slayers and that it will bring Buffy her Gift. The First Slayer later answers that death is her gift before leaving.

Worried that Spike has left her, the Buffybot leaves Xander unconscious at the crypt and goes to his place for help. Willow talks to the Buffybot about her supposed sexual relationship with Spike. Willow discovers that Glory's minions took Spike and worries that he will tell Glory about the Key. Upon receiving Spike, Glory is upset that he is not the Key but chooses to torture him in hopes that he knows where the Key is.

At the Summers's house, the gang gathers weapons and while the Buffybot goes upstairs to change, the real Buffy enters, confusing everyone again. Both Buffy's end up in the same room at the same time and the gang straightens out all of the confusion. Everyone heads for Glory's place, which Buffy knows the general location of. Meanwhile, Spike is getting brutally tortured by Glory who is not amused by his jokes and insistence upon not telling her what she wants to know. Spike is able to break free and escape through the elevator. As he reaches the bottom, the Scooby Gang is waiting there and they fight and defeat Glory's minions.

At the Magic Shop, the gang talks about the fight while Willow works on the chip from inside the Buffybot. Xander and Giles reveal that they returned Spike to the crypt, actually feeling sorry for him for his condition. Spike rests in his crypt, his face a mess. The Buffybot enters, worried about Spike and curious as to why he didn't tell Glory what she wanted. Spike reveals that he couldn't hurt the real Buffy like that, which leads to a kiss between the two. Spike pulls back, realizing that it isn't his robot. The real Buffy tells him that the robot is gone, and she'll never forget what he did for her and Dawn.

Written by Jane Espenson ~ Directed by Michael Gershman

Original Air Date: April 24, 2001

Tough Love (5.19)

Buffy drops out of college, notifying one of her professors about the decision and regretting the need to make the decision. Ben finds himself fired from his job at the hospital because Glory has been monopolizing the human form they share. Glory takes a bath while she demands that her blindfolded minions tell her everything they know about the Key. Dawn and Buffy are called into Dawn's principal's office where Dawn's poor grades are discussed. At the magic shop, Anya talks about patriotism and how money ties into that.

Buffy seeks Giles's advice about being Dawn's mother figure then takes her sister home, attempting an authoritative role with Dawn. Glory's minions provide her with enough information to conclude who the Key is and Glory leads the way to gather it. Tara and Willow discuss their relationship and Willow's powers as a witch, but the discussion ends up angering Willow when Tara expresses her fear that Willow may eventually decide that being a lesbian is not what she wants.

Buffy talks with Dawn about how Dawn's situation needs to improve in school or Buffy could possibly loose guardianship of Dawn. Depressed over her first major fight with Willow, Tara goes to a cultural fair, but finds herself sitting next to Glory on a park bench. Giles finds one of Glory's minions at the shop and questions him about Glory's plans. Willow goes after Tara who is Glory's grasps but can't get to Tara before it's too late. Glory finds that Tara isn't the Key, but when Tara won't tell who is, she drains Tara's mind of sanity.

At the hospital, doctors look after Tara while Willow plans her vengeance against the evil god, Glory. Buffy arranges for Dawn to be kept safe by Spike in some underground caves while she takes care of the issues involving Tara. Dawn worries that she is evil and feels guilty, but Spike tries to convince her otherwise. Buffy thinks she's talked Willow out of any attempts to go after Glory, but Spike and Dawn later convince her that one can't be talked out of something like that. Willow rages, going to the magic shop to gather dangerous magic supplies in preparation for her attack on Glory.

At Glory's place, Willow makes an unexpected, but grand appearance, casting spells wildly, all in attempts to attack and destroy Glory. Unfortunately, the god is far more powerful than the witch, and Willow is almost seriously wounded, but Buffy is there to stop it. Buffy and Glory battle ferociously, until one of Willow's force fields allows Willow and Buffy to escape. The next day, Willow, Tara, Buffy and Dawn eat while discussing the responsibilities that Willow and Buffy have now. Glory suddenly appears as one of the walls surrounding them is violently destroyed. Glory smiles evilly as a crazy Tara points and reveals that Dawn is the Key.

Written Rebecca Rand Kirshner ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: May 1, 2001

Spiral (5.20)

With Glory now possessing knowledge of Dawn's true nature, Buffy and Dawn run for their lives and are fortunate enough to escape thanks to Willow's magic and a large semi-truck slamming into Glory out on the street. The gang gathers together at Xander's, where Buffy resolves that they must get out of town. Ben talks to one of Glory's minions, revealing that he is just a human body to hold Glory's god form. Spike solves the gang's transportation problem by providing a sun-protected RV.

The Knights of Byzantium retrieve their crazy member from the hospital and discover the Key's true form. Giles drives the RV in Spike's place and talks with a motion sick Xander about Buffy's state of mind. Depressed and worried about their future plans, Buffy is comforted by Dawn until the Knights attack them all. A sword through the rough nearly kills Buffy, but Spike stops it with his bare hands. After going to the top of the RV and fending off knights, Buffy thinks she has fought them all off. One knight attacks by surprise, getting in front of the RV and sends a spear flying right into Giles and the RV crashing to its side.

Briefly, everyone tries to regroup at a gas station before more Knights attack. Buffy fends of the attackers as best as possible until a barrier spell from Willow protects them all with one of her spells. A general of the Knights is captured and talks of Glory's plans and what Dawn really is. All those left crazy by Glory suddenly get restless and repeatedly state that it's time. Realizing that Giles's health is in serious danger, Buffy arranges a deal to call on Ben to come and tend to the wounded.

He fixes Giles and Dawn and talks with Buffy. Spike suggests to Xander that they run, but Buffy refuses to let anyone die. She later talks with the General who talks more of Glory and reveals that if Buffy kills Glory's human vessel, she can be destroyed. He also says that the Key, if used, will destroy all separation between dimensions and destroy the universe. Buffy promises Dawn that she'll protect her.

The general suspects Ben is an outsider and tempts him with the idea of killing Dawn. Ben realizes that Glory is about to take over his body, but it's too late, Glory comes forth, kills the General, fights off the Scooby Gang to take Dawn and break through the force field. By the time Willow releases the field, Glory has disposed of all the Knights and disappeared with Dawn. Knowing they have to move fast, everyone heads for Ben's car to chase after Glory. The loss of Dawn to Glory has left the Slayer completely emotionally broken and she can bring herself to do anything when she should be going to save her sister.

Written Steven S. DeKnight ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: May 8, 2001

The Weight Of The World (5.21)

Glory prepares for the ritual to open the portal, talking to her minions and Dawn, who has no choice but to listen as she's tied up and gagged. Spike reports that he can't see Glory anywhere, but the gang has a new problem as Buffy has been reduced to a state of cationic. Spike tries to violently force Buffy back to normal, which only leads to a fight with Xander, and Willow forcing the two guys apart with magic. She takes over, giving orders to everyone, as Buffy is unable to do so. When mentioning Ben and Glory sharing a body, Spike realizes that some sort of Glory magic makes the humans forget that bit of information every time it's revealed to them.

Glory first attempts to comfort a frightened Dawn, but starts to lose her cool as she realizes she's feeling guilt. With Anya looking over Tara, Willow prepares herself for a spell that will allow her into the mind of the Slayer. Things go as planned and Willow finds herself talking to a young Buffy. Willow witnesses Buffy's memory of baby Dawn being brought home by Joyce and Hank.

At the hospital where Giles was getting care, Xander fills him in on Willow's plans. Spike returns after investigating Glory's apartment with little information on her whereabouts. Dawn reveals to Glory that she remembers the transformation from Ben and this really worries Glory as she realizes she and Ben is closer to the surface than before. She asks to have Ben taken out of her body, but it is the punishment she must face for her crime. In Buffy's mind, Willow watches Buffy at the magic shop and then the First Slayer tell Buffy of her future and her "gift."

Glory brags to Dawn about her superiority but Dawn knows there is one person who can beat the god: Buffy. At her house but in present time, Buffy calmly acknowledges that death is her gift, before going to Dawn's room and smothering the young girl with a pillow. Glory finds her body taken over by Ben and after some encouragement from Dawn, Ben takes her and runs. Willow watches as scenes from earlier begin to repeat and she watches baby Dawn be brought home again.

Spike and Xander go to visit Doc for information on Glory but quickly find that he's playing for the other team. With his super speed and long tongue, Doc has the guys at a disadvantage. Spike is able to recover a box Doc threw into the fireplace while Xander stabs the reptilian creature with a sword before they leave. Unfortunately, the sword doesn't kill Doc. Before Buffy can go to kill Dawn again, Willow stops her and asks her why.

A good distance away from Glory's hideout, Dawn breaks away from Ben and hits him with a chain. As she makes her escape though, she's again in the grasp of Glory. Ben and Glory battle for control of the body until Glory manages to convince Ben that he must cooperate with her. As he regains control, he takes hands Dawn over to some of Glory's minions. Buffy reveals to Willow that she gave up in her heart and that she thinks she is the reason Glory has Dawn and Dawn will soon die. Willow tells her that it's not over yet and she can still do something to stop it.

Buffy finally comes out of her state, crying and needing the support of Willow. As they return to the magic shop, Xander tells Buffy that Ben and Glory are one in the same. After reviewing the information Spike stole from Doc, Giles reveals that a bloodletting ceremony will occur to open the portal and there is only one way to stop it. Dawn must be killed.

Written by Douglas Petrie ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: May 15, 2001

The Gift {100th episode!} (5.22)

In an alleyway, a young teen runs from a vampire, but Buffy intervenes. Buffy slays him, leaving the teen questioning how a simple girl could do that. Inside the magic shop, Buffy demands that Giles repeat the process of the ritual as she desperately seeks out another option other than killing Dawn. Giles has a more realistic look at the situation than Buffy and knows killing Dawn is the only option. Buffy's bond with Dawn is too strong for Buffy to be willing to allow Dawn to die.

The gang brainstorm for a way to defeat Glory and Anya suggests using the Dagon Sphere and troll hammer. Then, they realize that Tara's craziness can lead them to Glory. Ben offers a ritual robe to Dawn to wear, but she doesn't want to look at him and demands Glory's presence. Glory throws Dawn around as she reminds her that Buffy hasn't shown up yet to rescue her.

Buffy brutally hits a punching bag then talks with Giles about the upcoming battle and their differing opinions. Buffy tells him that she's not able to sacrifice another person to save the world...she can't do it again. Dawn screams as minions take her up to the top of a giant tower. Xander attempts to calm Anya by having sex in the shop basement when they're supposed to be looking for the Dagon Sphere. They spot the Buffybot down there in their search and then Xander pulls out a ring and proposes to Anya. She freaks out a bit, worried that he's doing it because they're going to die, but he convinces her to accept.

Willow explains her ideas to Buffy about possibly weakening Glory and getting Tara's sanity back by reversing the effects of Glory's brain suck. Willow goes to comfort Tara, but is met with a slap and an angry, senseless reply, which Tara immediately feels guilty for. Buffy brings Spike with her to gather clothes and weapons from her house, and she invites him inside. He tells her he understands she never returned his love, but he accepts that now and appreciates the way she always treated him.

Tara leads the way to Glory as the gang follows slowly behind. Glory catches Tara but Willow shows up, and casts her magic. Glory is debilitated and in need of a brain to suck, so Buffy is there to offer hers. A huge battle ensues as the gang takes on Glory's minions and Buffy battles with Glory. Dawn remains helpless, tied up at the top of the tower.

Willow recovers and goes to Tara, pleased to find that Tara is back to her normal self again. Glory recovers enough strength in order to knock Buffy's head off, but she finds that Buffy is actually the Buffybot. The real Buffy attacks Glory from behind with the troll hammer. Spotting Dawn at the top, Buffy races to the top of the tower, fighting a fierce battle against Glory on the way up. The girls fall down from the tower and the fight continues on the ground.

As Buffy keeps Glory busy, a new complication arises as Doc appears at the top of the tower, armed with a knife. Willow uses telepathic powers to tell Spike to get up to the top of the tower and save Dawn. Willow and Tara use their combined strength to move the minions out of Spike's way. Doc stabs Spike with the knife before throwing him off the top of the tower. Buffy hits Glory repeatedly with the troll hammer, until Glory morphs into Ben and Buffy tells him and Glory to stay away forever. Buffy leaves, but Giles arrives, telling Ben that Buffy couldn't take a human life, but he could. He proceeds to cover Ben's nose and mouth with his hand...smothering him.

Doc places cuts into Dawn's skin until Buffy arrives at the top of the tower and pushes him off to fall to his death. Dawn's blood has already opened the portal and hell begins to open on earth. Dawn is willing to jump in the portal herself, but Buffy finally realizes that Dawn isn't the only one who can stop the dimensional walls from crumbling. With final inspiring words to Dawn, Buffy throws herself into the portal, successfully closing it.

The gang gathers around Buffy's body, which has fallen to the ground and remains, lifeless. Tears fall and hearts break as everyone mourns the loss of the greatest Slayer to ever live. The episode ends with a shot of Buffy's gravestone. The inscription reads: "She Saved The World....A Lot."

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: May 22, 2001
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