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Episode Guide for Buffy Season Six

by Old Master 3.0

6.01 Bargaining, Part 1
6.02 Bargaining, Part 2
6.03 Afterlife
6.04 Flooded
6.05 Life Serial
6.06 All the Way
6.07 Once More, With Feeling
6.08 Tabula Rasa
6.09 Smashed
6.10 Wrecked
6.11 Gone
6.12 Doublemeat Palace
6.13 Dead Things
6.14 Older and Far Away
6.15 As You Were
6.16 Hell’s Bells
6.17 Normal Again
6.18 Entropy
6.19 Seeing Red
6.20 Villains
6.21 Two To Go
6.22 The Gift

Bargaining, Part 1 (6.01)

This hunt involves Spike, Tara, Giles, Xander, Willow, and Anya slaying vampires in the cemetery along with a Buffybot. They all leave the cemetery as Buffybot is talking gibberish and trying to understand knock knock jokes. Willow is commenting on Buffybot's programming, and Giles is remarking that they need to keep the pretense of Buffy alive as a slayer, and everyone commenting that Buffybot is still not the same as the real Buffy.

At the Summers' household, Willow and Tara have moved in to take care of Dawn. Buffybot is there to play the role of the older sister and guardian of Dawn. Willow and Tara are talking about Parent Day. Xander enters the house, and eats a sandwich. Willow and Tara explain to Buffybot that she shouldn't answer the phone, should Mr. Summers call and find out that Buffybot is not the real Buffy and take Dawn away. The gang talks about an upcoming Scooby meeting. Spike will be there to take care of Dawn, while they all meet up.

Buffybot goes to Parent Day with Dawn, and they are walking around looking at school projects. Buffybot stops to look at a small version of utopian society, and is confused as to who would live in something so small. Dawn rushes her on. Then they are sitting in a classroom, and Buffybot comments on how she helped with lunch. The other parents in the classroom start discussing the quality of lunch, not noticing Buffybot's offness.

Giles in is the magic shop asking Anya about the books. Anya is getting frustrated, and she thinks Giles is torturing her. They start fighting over a statue, and they are both struggling for it, and trying to slap each other's hands away.

Xander enters and tells them to stop. Anya walks away, and he follows her trying to figure out what is going on. Anya is frustrated because Giles hasn't left yet, and hasn't left the store to her. She is also frustrated because Xander says it's not the right time to announce their engagement. She's tired of waiting. Xander asks her to hold on and begs her to be patient.

Dawn is at home, with Spike watching her, talking about how things went at Parent Day. Dawn tells Spike that he doesn't have to hang out with her. She tells him that she is not the key anymore, and he can go. He refuses to leave her to get hurt, again.

Over across town, a girl is grabbed by a vampire. Buffybot appears to fight the vampire, and tells the girl that she can go. The vampire grabs a bottle and strikes Buffybot on the head, and finds out that the slayer is a robot. She starts malfunctioning and can't see. She keeps running into some containers while the vampire flees. She is programmed to go to Willow when she malfunctions.

Meanwhile, the Scooby Gang is convening. Willow, Tara, Anya, and Xander are all at Xander's apartment. Willow says that now they have everything, and it's time to raise for the ritual. She is referring to raising Buffy. Willow convinces the group that nothing will go wrong. She believes that they can bring Buffy back because she died from mystical energy. They agree to tell no one, including Giles, Spike and Dawn. Willow refuses to leave Buffy in the place where she is now, all alone.

Willow goes back the Summers' house, and the Buffybot is there with Spike. Willow starts to try to fix her. Spike leaves, uncomfortable by the Buffybot. Nighttime comes, and Dawn can't sleep. She gets up and lies down with the Buffybot.

The next morning Giles is training with Buffybot. Giles is trying to make her breathe. Anya comes in and tells Giles to ease up on the training, and leaves. Buffybot knows she is not human. Giles explains that he thinks he failed as a Watcher. She then asks him why he is still there.

At a bar outside of Sunnydale, the vampire that got away is telling the hellions that Slayer is a robot. The Hellions are violent, pointy-eared, nostril-less demons who live on the open road as a motorcycle gang. They end up killing him, and saddling up to make a new home in Sunnydale since there is no Slayer.

In the forest, Willow kills a fawn for its blessed blood. She goes to the magic shop to meet up with the group. They are all nervous about what they have planned to do. Anya finds Giles' goodbye letter. The gang runs to the airport letting him know he couldn't sneak away. They all say their goodbyes to Giles. They watch his plane leave, and discuss how thing will be without him.

Willow, Tara, Anya, and Xander are at Buffy's grave, beginning the raising ritual. Willow is giving their offering, and being tested. She is enduring slashes, leeches, and a snake coming out of her mouth. Meanwhile, here comes the demon gang, on their way to Sunnydale. Spike is with dawn, and he hears the commotion outside as the gang starts vandalizing the town. The hellions find Buffybot and chase her.

Back at the grave, the ritual is interrupted by the hellions as Buffybot runs back to Willow. All is thought to be lost. The gang splits up, and agree to meet at the Magic Shop. In Buffy's coffin, her body is revived and she wakes up in her casket.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: October 2, 2001

Bargaining, Part 2 (6.02)

The group is still fleeing. The hellions have taken Buffybot. Willow and Xander are lost in the woods. Xander tells Willow her that the ritual failed. She realizes that Buffy is really gone. Tara and Anya run back to the shop. Spike and Dawn are trying to figure out their options, and Spike decides they should split to find everyone else.

Buffy finally digs her way out of her grave. She turns around to see her headstone. In shock, she starts walking down the streets of Sunnydale, lost. There is destruction all around. Anya and Tara arrive at the shop. There's no Xander or Willow. They are lost in the woods. Willow is tired, and Xander starts to question her as to what kind of magic she was invoking back at the gravesite. Willow tells Xander to leave it alone, and she is tired. Tara casts a spell that sends out a light that will find Willow and Xander and lead them back to the shop.

Spike kicks a hellion off his motorcycle, and steals it. Dawn hops on, and they ride down the street. Willow and Xander arrive at the shop. None of them know how to fight the demons. They realize they need Buffy, but they failed to bring her back.

The demons are making Sunnydale their home, and they decide to christen their new home by pulling apart Buffybot with several bikes and chains. She is left ravaged with just her upper body intact. The real Buffy walks upon this barbaric display. She runs, as the demons chase her.

The gang is out looking for Spike and Dawn. As Buffy is running from the demons, she encounters the group. Buffy runs from them, and cowers in a corner. Xander realized they raised her from the dead in her coffin, and that she had to dig herself out of her own grave. Everyone is mortified at this realization. The gang tries to comfort Buffy, but then they are interrupted by the demons. The gang tries to convince the demons to leave. They don't listen. Buffy starts getting it together, walks up to the head demon, and lays him out.

In another part of town, Spike and Dawn come upon the remains of Buffybot, and Buffybot is telling Dawn how she saw herself run away, how she saw the other Buffy ran away. Dawn runs off to find her sister.

The gang fights and conquers the demons. Buffy is done fighting the demons, and runs off again. She spots the tower and goes to it. Dawn does the same. The gang starts looking for Buffy.

Buffy is on the tower, remembering everything that happened before she jumped. She replays the scene in her mind as Dawn goes up to talk to her. The tower is shaky, and starting to crumble. As Buffy stands on the edge, Dawn begs her to walk to her. Buffy asks if she is in hell. Dawn tries to convince her to get away from the edge. Dawn tells Buffy that she needs her, and that she can't be strong. The tower is crumbling, and Dawn's screams trigger Buffy into action. She grabs Dawn, and swings onto a pulley that lowers them down, and then finally drops them onto the cement. Dawn grabs Buffy and hugs her, telling her she's home, while Buffy is still in shock and is still confused about what had happened to her.

Written byDavid Fury ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: October 2, 2001

Afterlife (6.03)

Willow, Tara, Xander, and Anya are looking for Buffy. The Hellions pass them on their way out of town. They are discussing how Buffy must have been brought back from hell. Anya thinks she is broken. Meanwhile, Dawn has taken Buffy back home.

Dawn takes Buffy inside the house. Buffy is still in shock. Buffy goes throughout the house, and up the stairs. Dawn takes Buffy into the bathroom to clean the dirt off her. Buffy walks away as Dawn is trying to button her shirt. Dawn tells Buffy that Giles left.

The front door opens and Spike is yelling at dawn upstairs. Dawn comes down, and Spike sees Buffy, and thinks that she is the Buffybot at first. He asks her what did she do. He notices her hands, and figured she clawed her way out of her coffin. Spike takes Buffy into the living room to take care of her hands. Dawn goes to get bandages.

Willow and the gang come in, and find Buffy. Spike leaves. They start throwing questions at her. Dawn realizes that they did this, that they cast a spell. Dawn tells them to back off. Buffy just wants to go to sleep.

As Xander and Anya are leaving, Spike is waiting outside. Spike is upset because they didn't include him. He questions Willow's intentions, and says that there are always consequences with magic. Spike takes off.

Buffy is in her room. Willow and Tara are getting ready for bed. Willow called Giles, and he is on his way back. Willow is a little worried, because Buffy isn't grateful they brought her back.

Buffy is in her old room, and sees the pictures of all her friends turn into skeletons. She closes her eyes and the pictures are ok.

Willow and Tara are awoken by Buffy yelling at them, and throwing glass at the wall, above their heads. Willow gets up to turn on the light, and there is no one there. There's no glass either. They check on Bufy and she's asleep. They see something moving under the walls, (like a little rat underneath the carpet) and decide to call Xander.

The phone rings while Anya is trying to wake Xander up. It's Willow saying they were just attacked by what they thought was Buffy. Anya gets up, and then walks back into the living room while Xander is on the phone. She is carrying a knife and scratching it across her face. Her eyes are white, and she is sadistically laughing. Xander sees her, and then she drops to the floor. The object scurries away.

The next day Xander and Anya are talking to Willow and Tara. Anya brings up that this object could be a hitchhiker that rode in with Buffy. Their plan is to kill the beast. Buffy walks over, and Anya tells her about the demon. Buffy tells them about the skeletons she saw. Xander says that they will fix it.

At the magic shop, they are investigating demons that can move trans - dimensionally. Buffy says she misses Giles, and leaves to go patrol. Dawn is telling Buffy that she'll be safe. Then Dawn's eyes turn white as she leaves.

Anya brings in coffee. Dawn turns around, possessed, talking about the blood of the lamb. She then breaths fire, and collapses. Xander puts out the fire. Tara checks on Dawn, and she comes too. The object scurried away.

Meanwhile, Spike is in his cave, punching rock. His knuckles start bleeding. He goes up to find that Buffy has come to visit him.

In the shop, Xander is trying to question Tara about Willow 's objectivity in raising Buffy. Then, Willow figures out that the demon is a Tara Genesis. This was a demon that was created when Buffy was brought back. The demon has no shape in their dimension, and does not have a body so it's borrowing their body. Willow says that the demon is linked to their spell and that they can't destroy it. Dawn starts getting upset, and says they can't take Buffy away from her.

Willow then reads that the demon is temporary, and says that it will dissipate and can't live unless it kills Buffy. The demon possesses Xander and says thanks for the tip then scurries away to get Buffy.

Buffy gets home and is attacked by the demon. It can hit her, but she can't affect it. It has no form. Xander is driving to Buffy's with Anya and Dawn, but is not driving fast enough. Willow and Tara are making a spell to make the demon more solid so Buffy can fight it. Xander, Anya, and Dawn run into Buffy's room and she tells them to take Dawn out. The demon becomes solid, and Buffy cuts it's head off while Xander, Anya and Dawn are still there. So it's over.

The next day Dawn is leaving the house and Buffy runs out to give her lunch. Dawn says that all the gang wants is to see Buffy happy. Buffy goes into the magic shop and tells the gang that she was in hell and thank you for bringing her back. Willow hugs her, and Xander joins in.

Buffy goes outside and Spike is in the shade. He is going to leave but can't because its daylight. Buffy tells Spike that she wasn't in Hell. She told him that she was in a place that was warm, and a place where she was loved. She was happy, and then her friends tore her out, and brought her back to this existence, where its hard to get through every moment, and that there's so much violence. She said she couldn't be able to ever know of what she has lost as she walks away. Spike sits in amazement.

Written by Jane Epenson ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: October 9, 2001

Flooded (6.04)

Buffy is walking downstairs in the basement, and is trying to fix a leak. Dawn offers to call a plumber. Buffy ends up busting the pipes, and the whole basement starts flooding. Tara, Willow, Buffy and Dawn are in the kitchen talking. Buffy is staring at water running from faucet, then Willow turns the faucet off. The plumber and Xander come up, and the plumber tells them all that they need a full copper re - pipe job done. Willow and Tara tell Buffy she is broke.

Buffy comes up with the plan of burning the house to the ground and collecting insurance. She is just kidding, but no one laughs. Anya suggests she starts charging for slaying. Dawn starts disagreeing with Anya, and asks Xander to help out. Anya ends up storming out because Xander didn't side with her. She is still upset that Xander has not announced their engagement. Xander tells her he wants things to be just right, and they start to make up but Anya is still upset, and storms off again.

Buffy is in the bank trying to get a loan. The loan officer turns her down. Meanwhile, mercenary demons come in and rob the place. Buffy starts fighting them, but they get away. She saves the officer's life, and he refuses to pay her. At the magic box, Willow is outraged that the bank refused to help her, even after she fought the demons. Buffy is hitting her punching bag, and Willow realizes she is really mad, and Willow is happy to see her show emotion. She tries to make Buffy madder but it doesn't work. Anya is trying to talk Xander into announcing the engagement. Tara and Dawn are researching demons. Buffy and Willow come in from the back of the shop. The demons are M'Bashnick. Giles walks into the magic shop, and Buffy goes to him to hug him. Buffy is hugging Giles too tight.

The head M'Bashnick demon is walking the streets. Giles is in the back talking to Buffy. Giles describes his coming back as bewildering. Buffy is trying to make a joke, but Giles doesn't think it's funny. Giles goes back in to let Buffy train by herself. Anya welcomes him and tells him he can't take the shop back. In another part of town, the demon is looking for the head of the slayer as a reward for robbing the bank. The demon was hired by three geek guys to rob the bank, and now the head demon wants his reward.

Buffy is preparing the couch for Giles. She mentions that she is broke. Giles offers to help her work it out. He reaches out to comfort her, and she gets up and walks away. Back to the other part of town, the geeky guys are talking about Buffy, and whether they should give her up or not. They remember their original plan to take over Sunnydale. One of the guys secretly hands the demon Buffy's address to go after her.

Willow comes into the kitchen and Giles asks her to tell him about the spell. He calls her stupid, and starts lecturing her about the forces she conjured for the spell. Giles said that she was lucky to be alive, considering the kinds of magicks she used. Willow threatens Giles, but apologizes. Giles still doesn't know where Buffy came from and isn't sure that she is ok. Buffy is outside, overhearing their conversation. Spike comes up to talk to her, and they both sit down. (Spike and Buffy hitting it off?)

Dawn gets up in the middle of the night, and offers Giles cereal. Someone is trying to get in, and it's the demon. He hits dawn, and hits Giles. Buffy grabs him and starts fighting with him. Buffy is trying not to break anything in the house. Spike tries to help grab the demon and Buffy takes him into the kitchen. She asks Spike to open the basement door, and fights with the demon in the flooded basement. She ends up beating him with a pipe, repeatedly. Spike asks her if she knows her basement was flooded.

The geek squad is glad that they have tons of money, and they fulfilled. At Buffy's house, they are trying to repair the house. Xander declares the coffee table dead. Dawn and Willow decide the lamp is dust, too. Buffy doesn't think she can get through this whole money problem, and Giles convinces her she can. Then the phone rings. Buffy wonders who it is since everyone she knows lives at her house.

Buffy got off the phone and is walking to the door. She tells Giles that Angel called and needs to see her. Giles says she can go tomorrow or after they take care of some bills but Buffy refuses. She tells Giles she has to go now. She thanks him for taking care of Dawn and leaves.

Written by Doug Petrie & Jane Espenson ~ Directed by ~ Doug Petrie

Original Air Date: October 16, 2001

Life Serial (6.05)

Buffy walks into the house with a bucket of chicken after seeing Angel. Giles, Willow and Tara, and Dawn are in the house eating. They ask her about her life plans, and then Willow and Tara tell her that she can go to classes with them at college until registration. Meanwhile, the geek squad decides to bring down the slayer and they want to find her weakness. They build a van that they are going to use that is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Buffy is in class with Willow, and is not following the class discussion. They leave class and Tara meets up with them. Someone passes by her and bumps into her. It’s part of the geek trio, planting her with an inhibitor. The van in the parking lot raises its antenna.

Willow heads off, and Tara hand Buffy a book. Buffy opens it up, and hears this noise. Tara is talking about Willow, when Buffy asks Tara if she heard the noise. Buffy thinks she just spaced out, and walks to the water fountain. She hears the noise again, and Tara is asking her if she is coming to class because they're going to be late. Buffy knows something is happening to her.

The geek squad is watching Buffy and her reactions from their van. Buffy is running to catch up with Tara and the door closes to the class. Tara comes out and finds Buffy, asks her where she's been. Buffy explains to Tara that something is going on. She looks at the clock and the minute hand runs through 20 minutes. She turns around and Tara is gone. She runs outside after Tara, and then all the students start passing her by like flies. She gets thrown and punched and is crawling on the grass to get protection under a table. She figures there is something on her, and finds the inhibitor. The guys are watching her, and they turn on the self - destruct. The inhibitor goes poof. All the students slow down and everything returns to normal. In the van, the two guys are rating the third on the inhibitor caper.

Buffy decides to pursue another avenue in her life and goes with Xander to work with him. As they walk through the construction site, Buffy is discussing the blackout episodes that occurred at college. Giles thinks she is stressed, while she thinks she had evil lint. Xander introduces Buffy to his crew, and they think he's brought Gidget. Xander leaves, and one of the crew tells Buffy to haul some beams. She picks up a beam that weighs about 500 pounds effortlessly. Another guy from the crew tells her to slow down because she'll make them look bad. Once again, the geek crew have followed her to the site. It’s the second guy's turn to try to mess her up. He starts blowing this horn thing. From inside, Buffy hears it. She is getting water when all of a sudden, demons appear. She pushes the foreman out of the way, and fights with the demons. As she kills them, their bodies dissolve.

The geek squad is watching with binoculars, one of them lands on the horn, and Buffy notices the black van. After everything is over, she is trying to defend her actions when Xander arrives. There are no monsters and the crew is saying that she freaked out. The foreman says that she attacked him. Buffy is trying to tell Xander that there were demons. None of the crew remembers the demons, and Buffy leaves. Xander follows her and tells her that someone is messing with her. He tells her to go see Giles.

Buffy is now at the Magic Box, and working for Anya and Giles. Giles is trying to research the time anomaly, and the demon attack for her. Anya is showing her procedures. There is a skeleton that has a camera placed in it, and the geek squad is watching her through this. The third guy is ready for his shot at her. They are performing a ritual inside the van. A customer walks in and Buffy is assigned to give her great customer service. Giles is giving her a speech, and cleaning his glasses, and Anya tells her to go sell something. On her way there, Buffy helps out a guy find a romantic candle. The woman customer is looking for a mummy hand, and sends Buffy to get it. As Buffy grabs the hand, it attacks her and she kills it. She brings it out to the woman, with the dagger through it. The woman says the power of the hand is gone, and no good. Then, time goes back and the woman walks back into the store. Giles starts to give her his speech again. Buffy is confused and tells GIles something is happening to her. Inside the van, the third guy explains to his friends that he placed a spell in which she had to satisfy a customer with a task that needed solving. Buffy walks by the man and hands him the candle. She walks up to the woman and is trying to tell the customer that she doesn't have the mummy hand, but the customer wants the hand. Buffy goes back to get the hand.

The geek squad figures Buffy is onto the game. As Buffy is trying to get the hand, it is dancing around. She cut off the fingers and gave the hand to the customer. Time loops again, and the customer walks in. Time loops by several times, and Buffy tries walking out of the store and comes in through the back. One time, the mummy hand is making fun of Buffy with tongs. Then, Buffy tears the bell off the door. Then, Buffy stomps on Giles glasses. Then, she ends up throwing a candle at the guy. Then, she starts fighting with the woman. Then she is crying. Buffy then tells the customer that the shop can deliver the mummy hand to her. She has satisfied the customer. The geek squad rates the third guy, and then they decide to play with her some more. Buffy walks out of the shop.

Buffy is with Spike taking shots of whiskey. She is telling him that someone is messing with her. Spike tells Buffy she has to ask questions. Spike ends up taking her to a bar. She grabs a bottle of whiskey and is making sour faces. Buffy goes into the back with Spike, where he plays cards with guys who are using kittens for the jackpot. He tells her that the group will give information while they play. The geek squad is on their way to find her for the final jeopardy round. Spike and the group end up fighting. Buffy ends up freeing the kittens, and walks out of the bar. Spike follows her, and she is telling him that he is lame.

The geek squad is fighting over who is the best James Bond. Spike and Buffy are outside the bar, and the van is there. Buffy recognizes the van and inside the squad sees Buffy approaching them. A demon comes out from the side of the van. As the van drives away, the drunk Buffy tires to fight it and falls. Spike helps her up. The demon calls on his portal and throws a smoke bomb, then runs away. The demon runs to the van, and ends the spell. It’s a member of the squad, and he runs into the van. The squad is discussing how they faced the slayer and survived.

At the house, Giles gives Buffy water so she can feel better. Buffy is being hard on herself about letting this demon thing get to her, and Giles suggest she ease up, and it will all be okay. He gives her a check to help her out. Buffy says it’s kinda like having her mom back, and Giles asks if he can be her British uncle. She wants to go show Dawn the check.

Written by David Fury & Jane Espenson ~ Directed by Nick Marck

Original Air Date: October 23, 2001

All The Way (6.06)

The Magic Box is filled with Halloween trick-or-treaters. Anya is rolling around as a Charlie Angel and Xander is a pirate. Giles is working the cash register. Dawn is helping Willow, and Willow is upset because all the witches she sees have hairy warts. Dawn steals a medallion from the store.

Buffy goes to find supplies in the basement, where she meets Spike. He came to find burgweed for his blood to make it hot and spicy. Spike asks Buffy if she feels like patrolling, and she says no. Buffy goes upstairs and helps Giles. An old man is walking down the sidewalk and walks into this house. He goes into the kitchen, and is watching the trick-or-treaters. He says he's got something special for them this year, and pulls out a knife.

The Magic Box is closing, and the gang is resting around the whole shop. Anya is happy about all the money they brought in, and brings up the post Halloween clearance. Willow suggests making a cleaning spell, and Giles hands her a broom. Xander is watching Anya, and decides to announce their engagement. Anya is so excited that she starts throwing money around. Giles is standing by Buffy, and takes off his glasses to clean them. Buffy figures out that he does this so often with the gang so he won't see what they're doing.

The gang throws a pre - marital celebration for the couple. Willow casts a spell that puts decorations up around Buffy's house. Anya thanks Buffy and hugs her. Tara and Giles exchange looks. In the kitchen, Tara is suggesting that Willow should stop using so much magic. Dawn walks into their argument, and apologizes. Willow says they're done, and walks out of the room. Willow and Dawn join Xander and Buffy in the living room, and then Dawn hugs Anya and congratulates her. Dawn starts heading out, and Buffy stops her. Dawn tells her that she is going to stay the night at her friend Janice's house, and begs to go. Buffy lets her.

Dawn is walking down an alley when she hears a noise, and grabs a board. She stumbles onto a couple that is making out, then her friend runs into her. Janice told her mom that she is staying over at Dawn's house. They head to the park where Janice introduces Dawn to Zack, and Justin. This group heads off, and the guys are causing trouble. They run ahead of the girls and Zack jokingly asks Justin if he's in love with Dawn and if he is going to go "all the way" with her. Janice suggests they do something else because she is getting bored. Zack wants to play one more prank.

Giles is having a conversation with Xander about Anya. He thinks that she is wonderful and they will work out great. The teens are in front of Old Man's Cauldenbock's house, and want to smash his pumpkins. Dawn steps up to the challenge and while she is picking up the pumpkin, the old man grabs her. Justin runs to her rescue. The old man invites them inside and the house is filled with toys the old man used to design. He said he was the best until he made one mistake. The old man asks who wants to help daddy get the treats and called Dawn by the name of Sally. Justin goes to help him. Janice wants to go. Zack is playing with a jack in the box toy, and when it pops out it has no head. In the kitchen, the old man is taking out cookies when Justin vamps out and bites him. The girls hear the noise in the kitchen, and Justin comes out telling them to split. They take off, and Zack asks if the girls are just lunchables, or if they should turn them.

At the house, Anya is rambling on about wedding plans. She believes she is the luckiest ex - demon in the world because she found the right person for her. Buffy and Xander walk outside. Xander is thinking this is all a bit much. Buffy heads out to find Spike and patrol. In another part of town, Justin and Dawn are talking. Dawn is trying to impress him by telling him she steals all the time. Janice, Justin, and Dawn are waiting for Zack, while he is attacking someone and steals their wheels.

Buffy is walking through town when she spots an ambulance and a victim that has bite marks from a vampire. At Buffy's house, the phone rings and it's Janice's mom looking for Janice. The girls' plan is discovered. In the living room, Anya, Xander, and Willow are dancing. Tara is sitting on the couch. Giles comes in to turn the radio off and tell everyone that they have to find Dawn. The gang heads out to look for Dawn.

The teens arrive in the woods. Zack and Janice get out, and Janice runs away from him, begging him to find her. Zack vamps out and runs after her. In the car, Justin and Dawn are sitting and talking while listening to the radio. Dawn feels a little uncomfortable, and asks Justin what he expects. They start kissing. At the Bronze, Tara and Willow are looking for Dawn. Willow suggests that she could use a spell that would switch anyone who's not a 15-year-old girl to another dimension just for a second to find her, and Tara stops her. Tara asks her what would Giles say if he knew she was using magic. Willow casts a spell that silences the club. Willow and Tara are arguing. Willow tells Tara she should keep her mouth shut and stop talking to Giles. Tara storms off.

Meanwhile, Dawn starts to touch Justin's face, and opens her eyes to see that he is a vampire. Buffy walks into Spikes mausoleum, and Buffy tells him they have trouble. Spike tells Buffy that Dawn is running about town by herself. Giles is in the cemetery looking for the girls when he hears a scream. He runs to find Zack feeding on Janice and hits Zack away. Giles confronts Zack, they fight, and he throws him into a tree and he turns to dust.

Dawn is running from Justin while he's still all vamped. He is about to bite her when Giles shows up. Justin grabs Dawn by her neck, and then vampires surround Giles. Spike joins the group, and Buffy shows up. Buffy is asking Dawn if she was parking, with a guy she just met, who was a vampire. Dawn is telling Buffy that she was with a vampire too. They are arguing when another vampire asks if they are going to fight now. Dawn runs from Justin. Spike, Buffy, and Giles take the vampires out. Justin catches up with Dawn, and she tells him that she thought he really liked her right before she stakes him.

Back at the house, Anya and Xander depart. Spike heads out too. Willow goes upstairs after Tara, who gives her the brush - off. Giles comes out with an ice bag on his face, and Buffy tells him to talk to Dawn, and to not to be too hard on her. Upstairs, Willow and Tara are still fighting. Willow casts a forget spell that makes Tara forget the fight right before they go to bed. Tara is not mad anymore.

Written by Steven S. DeKnight ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: October 30, 2001

Once More, With Feeling (6.07)

This episode is a musical and mostly song and dance. The opening episode montage and credits were all done to resemble the old movie musical style.

The ladies of the Summers house wake and go about their daily activities to prepare for a new day. Usual behavior continues at the magic shop with wedding planning, training and research. Patrolling leads to Buffy slaying a demon and rescuing a man all while singing about "Going Through the Motions." The next day, when Buffy questions the gang about singing the night before, their similar experience lead into another song where all of the gang sing their theories about the cause of their strange musical behavior.

Buffy begins another song that describes the ability of the Slayer and the Scooby Gang to withstand anything as long as they're with each other. When the singing stops, the gang question whether they're the only ones affected, but a look outside confirms that all of Sunnydale, at the very least, is affected. Dawn returns from school to talk about her equally musical day. Willow and Tara rush off to research but really take some private time, leaving behind the gang and a pendant that Dawn secretly takes. In the park, Tara and Willow are playful with each other as Tara sings about her love to Willow. The singing continues as the two dance their way home to their bedroom where Willow makes Tara literally float off the bed.

At the magic shop, Willow and Tara's non-researching activities are brought up by Xander. Meanwhile, out in an alley somewhere, a man is tap dancing frantically until he begins to smoke and eventually burst into flames as a result. A demon, Sweet, watches and enjoys the sight. The next morning, Xander and Anya lie in bed planning breakfast. This leads into a song and dance number of the two explaining their complaints about each other and worries about their upcoming marriage. Later, while walking with Giles, the two complain to Giles about the truth that resulted from their duet.

Buffy pays Spike a visit at his crypt, where he's getting himself drunk. She wants information, but he has nothing to offer her...but a song. Spike shares his interpretation of her feelings for him, knowing she's using him and wanting her to let him go. They move out into the cemetery, where Spike rudely interrupts a funeral, dancing and singing on the coffin. Buffy pulls him away from hurting the funeral attendees and they fall into the open grave which startles and confuses Buffy, so she runs away.

Tara finds Dawn and tries to explain the strange behavior of the town in a non-frightening way. Dawn mentions Willow and Tara's fighting which leads to Tara realizing that she's forgotten and the dried flower she found earlier on the bed may have been involved. Alone, Dawn puts on the pendant she found earlier at the shop and as she sings, she's kidnapped by a group of demons. She's taken to Sweet who's taken over the deserted Bronze and claims her as his new wife. After learning that the Slayer is Dawn's sister, Sweet demands her presence so he can see her burn.

Buffy trains with Giles and talks about dealing with Dawn which Giles responds to in song. He sings how she's not prepared for the world and how he's holding her back by trying to be a father figure to her, but Buffy didn't listen to a word he sang. Tara arrives at the magic shop in search of information about the spell she suspects Willow did. A duet between her and Giles begins as they both sing about planning to leave the people who hurt and use them: Willow and Buffy.

Spike presents one of Sweet's minions to the gang at the shop, which informs Buffy and friends that Dawn is in trouble and she needs to go to her. When Giles says Buffy needs to go alone, Spike gets upset and eventually claims that he hopes both girls burn. Buffy sings as she goes to find Sweet and her sister while Spike sings along from a safe distance and soon Sweet joins in on the song as well. Buffy and Sweet sing about walking through fire and Buffy's pull towards it as Spike sings about his confusing feelings for Buffy.

The whole Scooby gang join in and it's one big musical extravaganza. Spike and Tara sing about love, Buffy and Sweet sing about their upcoming encounter and Dawn's rescue, and Giles and Willow sing about plans to defeat the demon. Buffy offers a deal to Sweet to exchange her life for Dawn's and this, yet again, leads into a song and dance number. Buffy sings while taking out minion after minion then is backed up by Anya and Tara for more. She goes on to tell the truth about being in Heaven and taken from that which stuns everyone and brings Willow to tears. With her friends standing by, horrified by what she just revealed, Buffy begins to dance uncontrollably and smoke.

Spike jumps in and stops her before she bursts into flames, giving telling her the brutal truth about life. That musical number ended, Sweet still refuses to leave with Dawn, but Dawn knows she didn't summon him, even though she found the pendant. Xander reveals himself to be the one who summoned Sweet, all because he wanted the tension gone and the truth out before the wedding. Fortunately for Xander, Sweet ignores the fact that Xander should be leaving as his "bride," and leaves with a song.

With the truth out and Sweet gone, the gang sings "Where do we go from here?" Spike leaves, but Buffy follows, and the two sing to each other. More singing can be heard in the background as the two draw close and kiss intensely.

The End.

Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

Original Air Date: November 6, 2001

Tabula Rasa (6.08)

Buffy patrols and runs into Spike, who is wanting to talk about their kiss. A demon loan shark confronts Spike about his kitten debt, but Buffy steps in and takes care of the thugs looking to beat the debt out of Spike. Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara talk about their removing Buffy from Heaven and their feelings in the aftermath of the truth. Willow suggests fixing the mess with a spell and Tara goes off on her about her excessive and damaging use of magic. At the threat of losing Tara, Willow agrees to go a week without magic to prove her love.

Giles informs Buffy that he is leaving and Buffy takes the news very badly. He knows she is too dependent on him and he must leave if she's ever going to survive on her own, he has to leave. Without her magic, Willow is late getting ready to leave the house so Tara and Dawn leave without her. She then uses magic to get dressed quickly and starts another spell by the fireplace that will make Tara and Buffy forget the damages of the spells Willow used on them.

The whole gang, including Spike--who is on the run from the loan shark--gather at the Magic Shop during the day. Giles confesses that he is leaving and Buffy tearfully reveals how she's feeling deserted by everyone. Willow has a crystal in her pocket that was used with her forgetting spell and it glows brightly in her hand before the whole gang falls unconscious. They wake up later that evening with absolutely no knowledge of who they are or where they are. Spike suspects he's Giles's father and Anya assumes she's married to Giles. Everyone figures out their names from their ID's and necklaces except Buffy, who names herself Joan and Spike, who gets his name Randy from the inside of his stolen coat.

A couple of vampires outside the shop scare the entire gang and they hide in fear. Looking for Spike to repay his debt, the vampires attack the shop. Joan discovers she's a superhero when she stakes one of the vampires and saves Randy. Anya and Giles stay at the shop while Joan and Randy run outside to fight off the vampires. Randy unknowingly assumes his vampire visage to fight off the vampire thugs, which sends Joan running away in fear.

The rest of the Scoobies retreat to the sewers but they encounter vampires down there too. Anya turns to a random page in a book and reads the incantation there, which causes a bunny to appear and frighten her. Joan attacks Randy when he catches up with her and informs him that he's a vampire. He's confused by it, but assumes that he's a good vampire--a vampire with a soul--because he doesn't want to bite her. The loan shark and his minions attack the two and a fight ensues.

Anya continues to try random spells, which makes many more bunnies, a dark green cloud to form inside the shop, and a big beast to appear. Giles and Anya fight while hiding behind the counter and Giles reveals that he found a one-way plane ticket in his pocket for London. When all the magic is reversed, Anya begs him not to leave her and they kiss. Xander fights with the vampire chasing them in the sewers and finally stakes it. Xander accidentally steps on the crystal that fell from Willow's pocket and breaks the spell on them all.

Tara and the others realize that Willow used magic, despite her promise. With the spell worn off, Buffy is stunned enough to take a few painful hits while Spike finishes off the rest of the vampires and promises to make up his debt to the intimidated loan shark. Tara packs all of her things into boxes while Willow cries in the bathroom then, with a cold reaction from Dawn, she leaves. Regretfully, Giles takes his plane back to England. Spike finds Buffy at the Bronze, but she turns away from him and he leaves. She doesn't let him get far though as they kiss passionately beneath the stairs of the Bronze.

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner ~ Directed by David Grossman

Original Air Date: November 13, 2001

Smashed (6.09)

Buffy saves a woman from being mugged and although Spike tries to help, he cannot touch the human muggers. They talk about their occasional habit of making out and Buffy is adamant that there will not be a repeat of that, and leaves. Spike accuses her of teasing him, but he is confident she'll return when she figures out he's the only one out there for her. Still depressed over the loss of Tara, Willow is inspired to try and return Amy the rat back to her human form and uses her magic to bring the girl back.

Jonathan, Andrew and Warren break into a museum and steal a large diamond. They use a Freeze Ray to encase the security guard (and by accident, Jonathan's arm) in ice and escape. Willow fills Amy in on everything that's been going on while she has been a rat for so long. Buffy arrives and discovers Amy's return and also hears about the security guard that was frozen at the museum. Spike is waiting for Buffy outside the museum when she gets there to investigate the scene and they banter and fight. Spike hits Buffy and he's shocked when the chip doesn't go off, but pretends it does anyway and she leaves with a final insult.

Excited about the opportunity to hurt humans again, Spike tries to attack a woman on the streets, but his chip stops him. Tara and Dawn spend some time together and Tara tries to explain the necessity for her leaving. Dawn doesn't blame her and subtly mentions that Willow has been not so obsessive with magic lately. The Scooby gang meets at the magic shop for updates on the frozen security guard and research. Just when it looks like Willow has returned to a bit of her computer roots, she uses magic to operate her computer and this disturbs her friends. They mention her breakup with Tara, but Willow brushes it off and returns to Amy at the house.

Spike goes to the threesome of geeky villains and demands that they examine his chip to see what's causing him so much trouble. When the chip appears to be in perfect working order, Spike concludes that Buffy is the problem. Amy wants to get out of the house and persuades Willow to join her for some actual fun. Tara brings Dawn home and although she wants to leave to avoid Willow's return, Dawn convinces her to stay.

Willow continues to tell Amy of all the latest news of Sunnydale while they play pool using magic. A couple of guys want to dance with the girls and Amy tries to encourage Willow by putting a spell on a nearby woman, but Willow doesn't like the idea. Later, when the two guys find Amy and Willow chatting, they make a rude comment to Willow that results in the guys locked in cages, dancing in their underwear. At the magic shop, the gang is fed up with trying to find the demon responsible for freezing the security guard and talk about Willow using too much magic, instead. Spike calls and cryptically tells Buffy to meet him at the cemetery.

She runs into Spike on the streets later that night and he taunts her into hitting him. Given the motivation, he hits her back and happily informs her that he felt nothing and she came back from hell not completely human. The fight continues inside of an old abandoned building as Buffy continues to deny the possibility and Spike reassures her it's true. Meanwhile, Willow and Amy go crazy with magic at the Bronze until they get bored and decide to find somewhere else to have fun.

Buffy and Spike continue their fight, throwing punches and verbal attacks at each other all the while weakening the building by knocking into the walls and support beams. Just as the fight reaches an intense peak, Buffy switches the game and kisses Spike. Their fighting takes on another form as they kiss viciously and very obviously have sex, ignoring the fact that the building is collapsing around them. Even when they fall through the floor of one level and land on the one below, they don't stop.

Written by Drew Z. Greenberg ~ Directed by Turi Meyer

Original Air Date: November 20, 2001

Wrecked (6.10)

Buffy awakens in the house with Spike, both are naked and the house has fallen down around them. Buffy gets up and tells him no more. Spike refuses to let her go, and tells her that she will crave him. She threatens to kill him if he tells anyone.

At the house, Tara is making pancakes for Dawn. Willow walks in with Amy. Willow introduces them and then Amy starts rambling about all the magic they did. Tara ends up leaving. Buffy walks in and Dawn asks her if she is ok. Buffy says she had an all night long fight, and that there's no danger for anyone else to worry about. Willow and Amy pulled an all-nighter too, and Amy goes home. Buffy goes upstairs to get rest. Willow goes upstairs and tries to shut the curtains with magic but she can't. She gets up to close them.

At the magic shop. Xander is still trying to find the monster who stole the diamond. Anya is looking through books too, but Xander finds that she is looking at bridesmaid's magazines. Buffy is there too. They bring up Willow again, and mention how Willow has made a new playmate to do magic with, and Buffy defends Willow. Amy and Willow are walking down the streets, and their powers are drained. Amy suggests they go see someone, who can help them do spells that last for days. They go to a dark alley and find a hot spot. Amy and Willow disappear inside to see Rack. Rack knows that Amy was a rat. His hands are giving off flames, and he touches Willow after he explains she's got to give a little to get a little.

Amy is spinning in circles and Willow is on the ceiling. They are both in Rack's inner office. As Willow looks down, she sees a forest, and sees a monster. She yells, falls down and passes out. Next, she is taken to different places and then wakes up. She is in her room. She takes a shower, and is weeping in it. She takes something of Tara's and puffs it up so it appears that someone is in it. This puff person holds her.

Dawn is trying to cook peanut butter quesadillas They talk about the night before and Willow apologized for not coming home. Dawn can take care of herself. Willow offers to go see a movie with dawn, and offers to buy her dinner. Dawn thanks her and will remember to never invent peanut butter quesadillas. They leave a note for Buffy. Buffy comes home to find Amy in Willow's room. Amy is taking herbs and stuff from Willow. Amy tells Buffy about Rack's and Willow's dependence on him and magic. Buffy demands where Willow and Dawn are. She is shaking Amy so much that Amy gets sick.

Willow and Dawn are walking to the movies after their dinner. Willow asks how things went with Tara. Dawn asks if they are going the right way to the movies, and Willow tells her she has to make a stop. She takes Dawn to Rack's place, and Dawn is waiting. In Rack's office, he is zapping Willow and she is in a bubble. She is flying through space. and sees the monster again. She starts screaming.

Buffy is at Spike's place, asking for his help to find Dawn. She mentions Rack, and he tells her that Rack deals with dangerous magic. At Rack's place, Dawn has been there two hours. Willow comes out, and her eyes are black. Dawn is mad because they missed the movie. As they are walking away, Dawn wants to just go home. Willow is acting intoxicated. The monster is following them. As Buffy and Spike are looking for the missing two, they start arguing about the night before and their kiss, again.

As Willow and Dawn are walking, Dawn tells Willow that she is going home. The monster comes up to them, and tells Willow that she summoned him. He scratches Dawn's face, and the girls start running. Willow opens a car and starts a car with magic, and the monster is following them. Willow is still acting goofy, and drives into a cement pole. Dawn gets out of the car to hide from the monster. Buffy and Spike hear yelling. The monster throws Dawn when Buffy and Spike appear.

The demon is destroyed by Willow, and her eyes are black again. Dawn is crying and hurt. Buffy and Spike start taking her away, and Willow jumps in front of her apologizing. Dawn slaps Willow, and she is on the ground weeping for forgiveness, and begging for help. At home, Willow is in bed and Dawn is going to be okay. Willow is telling Buffy that the magic got out of control, even before Tara left. She thinks she needs magic to be special. Willow announces that she is done with magic. Buffy agrees with Willow that it is over, while she is thinking about things with her and Spike, and how they are over. Later on, Willow is going through withdrawal, and Buffy is in her room with garlic all around her.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: November 27, 2001

Gone (6.11)

At Buffy's house, her and Dawn are getting rid of all magic things in Willow's room and throughout the house. Dawn has her arm in a cast. Buffy explains to Dawn that they need to remove temptation from the house, and she comes upon a lighter. She flashes back to her and Spike and chucks the lighter in the box to be thrown away.

Meanwhile, the geek squad is using the crystal they stole for a laser gun. Warren makes a chair invisible and Jonathon sits in it. Warren makes the chair visible again.

Back at the house, Buffy is in the kitchen and Willow is making breakfast. Dawn comes down and is giving Buffy attitude, though Willow deserves it. Buffy tells Willow Dawn is mad because Buffy let bad things happen to her. Then Spike enters the house. He starts coming onto Buffy and she tells him to stop. Xander walks in and Buffy leaves Spike in the kitchen alone. A social worker shows up at the door, and thinks Spike, who is in the living room, is Buffy's boyfriend and thinks he sleeps there because he has his blanket (it keeps him from bursting into flames in sunlight). She hears Willow and thinks that Buffy is living with another woman. She also looks in the box of stuff they are throwing away, and mistakes magic weed for illegal weed. As Buffy stumbles to explain everything the social worker is misinterpreting, the social worker says that she doesn't believe that Dawn is in a stable environment and will recommend probation. She adds that if things don't improve, she will strip Buffy of her sister's guardianship.

Spike walks in from the kitchen to get his lighter from Buffy and leaves. Buffy goes up to her room and starts cutting her hair. Then she goes to hair salon to look different.

The geek squad is up to something and they see the slayer. The geeks are fighting over the gun and end up turning several things on the street invisible, including Buffy. At the magic shop, Xander and Anya are making seating arrangements for their wedding. The door opens and closes. Xander hears Buffy but can't see her. Buffy tells them she is invisible girl. Buffy is walking around with eyeballs and skeleton heads so they can see where she is. Xander is trying to figure out what happened to her when Buffy takes off.

Willow is at the house, and trying not to use magic. Xander shows up and thinks Willow made Buffy invisible, but Willow knows nothing about it. Willow is offended and takes off too. The geek squad is freaking out about what they did. Buffy is at the park and takes a hat off a girl, claiming she is a fashion ghost and the girl will thank her later for getting rid of her ugly hat. She also hops in a citation vehicle and speeds off. She decides to play games with the social worker. As the social worker is trying to explain her odd behavior to her boss, he suggests she take the day off.

Xander finds Willow where Buffy disappeared. Willow explains that other things were turned invisible, and finds tire marks. Xander walks into invisible fire hydrant and Willow uses spray paint to find pylon (orange traffic cone). Willow will find the van that has been stalking Buffy.

Buffy sneaks into Spike's crypt and she rips his shirt apart and then.... Anya and Xander are researching and touch the pylon. It feels like pudding. Xander assumes the same thing will happen to Buffy if they don't reverse what happened to her. The geek squad realizes they will end up killing the slayer, and they decide to get the ray gun working to turn Buffy back. Xander walks into Spikes crypt, and Spike is in bed, pretending to exercise. Xander leaves and Spike and Buffy get into an argument. He tells her that if he can't have all of her, he didn't want any of her.

Willow is at DMV looking up stuff and almost uses magic. Buffy is walking down the street, and kicking a coke can, venting. She goes in the house, and is getting pizza when Dawn sneaks in. Buffy starts telling Dawn she is invisible, and Dawn freaks out. Buffy check messages, and Xander left one telling her she will dissolve if they don't fix her.

Meanwhile, Willow is walking up to a house with a black van, and goes into the basement. She sees the plan for their invisible ray gun. The geeks squads grab her and they are invisible. She is their hostage.

Buffy is leaving when the phone rings. She answers it. It’s one of the geeks telling her they have Willow and to meet them. Buffy goes into arcade and sees Willow. Willow tells them that there are three of them and they move into more secluded area. Willow also informs her these are her van guys. They aim the gun at her, then Willow tells her that they have the gun at the wrong setting...one of the geeks knocks Willow out. These four invisible people start fighting and the arcade clears out. Willow grabs the gun as Buffy is still kicking their ass. She aims the gun and starts shooting. Buffy recognizes Warren and Jonathon. Buffy meets Andrew, who summoned monkeys that attacked the high school in the old days. They declare they are Buffy's arch nemesis. Jonathon throws a flare and they try to run out of a locked door. As a security guard approaches them, they finally open the door and run through it. Willow and Buffy sit outside on the curb talking. Willow admits that is was a struggle for her not to do magic and likes Buffy's new hairdo. Buffy admits that she liked her freedom and was scared when she knew she was fading away. She confesses that she doesn't want to die.

Written & Directed by David Fury

Original Air Date: January 8, 2002

Doublemeat Palace (6.12)

Xander, Anya, and Willow are talking about the geek squad. They had cleared out by the time Buffy went to kick their ass. Anya explains that being a vengeance demon, she got compensated appropriately, whereas supervillains do not. Buffy walks into living room with her new uniform and an animal hat.

Buffy is at her new job watching new training video for Doublemeat Palace. She meets Manny the manager. She is meeting the rest of the employees and they are acting blah. Manny offers her a locker that still has stuff in it, and he tells her that she can throw it all out. Manny shows her around. Buffy eats her first Doublemeat Medley. She is working at the front counter and her trainer, Gary, tries to take an order and gets overwhelmed.

Buffy is on her break and eating burger. She is looking in the freezer when Manny tells her she doesn't need to be in there. The gang comes to visit Buffy at her new job. Willow is antsy and Buffy is telling them she thinks something is wrong. Spike comes in to talk to Buffy and tells her she's better than this. Outside, Gary is attacked.

Buffy is working her second day at Doublemeat Palace. Manny tells Buffy that Gary didn't come in and she is being trained to grill. Many then tells Buffy she is working a double shift. At Xander's apt, a vengeance demon shows up and is prepared to turn Xander to bits when Anya tells her friend to lay off and they exchange hello's. She had summoned her friend to invite her to the wedding.

At work, Buffy goes on break and is having sex with Spike in the back alley. At the house, Amy visits Willow. Before Amy leaves, she casts a spell on Willow. Her eyes turn inky black and everything she touches is affected. At work, Buffy is watching the meat being ground. In it, she finds a finger. She confronts Manny because Buffy thinks the place is grinding people and she runs out and tells everybody their food is people. The old lady asks, "What about the cherry pie?"

Manny and other employees grab her and pull her back. Manny tells her she is fired. Anya is talking to her demon friend, and she is questioning her about Xander. Hallie, her friend thinks that Anya is unhappy and Xander criticizes her. Buffy goes to the magic shop and had called emergency meeting. Xander and Dawn are there. Buffy brings back burger to see if it is people and Xander eats it. Willow runs into shop and analyzes the wrapper. Willow is still suffering from Amy's spell. Since it is after closing, Buffy will go back to Doublemeat palace. She is looking around and hears something. She finds a severed foot.

At the shop, Willow is using chemistry to analyze wrapper. Dawn is talking to Xander about how Buffy will not do much with her life, just jobs like this from now on. Anya comes into the shop. Xander asks her if Anya looked like her friend, all veiny, when she was a demon and Anya is offended. Willow finds out that the meat is not human, it is vegetable. Anya is making smart ass comments to Xander.

At Doublemeat Palace, Buffy finds a wig. It belongs to the old lady who orders cherry pies. She comes out and there is a demon snake that comes out of her head and Buffy is paralyzed.

The old lady wants to eat Buffy because she is full of doublemeat burgers. Willow goes to Doublemeat Palace and is telling Buffy the burgers are vegetable. She is also telling Buffy about Amy's spell. Willow is outside and runs in when she hears the noise. The snake thing is chewing on Buffy's arm. Willow severs the snake from lady's head and throws it into the grinder. Amy goes to Buffy's house, and Willow tells her that she can't come in anymore and that she better stay away from her.

At Doublemeat Palace, Buffy comes in to hand in her uniform. She meets the new manager, Lorraine. She heard about the scene Buffy caused. She also tells the manager she knows about the secret for the burgers. She tells Lorraine that she doesn't want to be fired anymore. Lorraine offers Buffy her job back.

Written by Jane Espenson ~ Directed by Nick Marck

Original Air Date: January 29, 2002

Dead Things (6.13)

After a wild round of sex on the bottom floor of Spike's crypt, Buffy and Spike carry on a real conversation about decorating and Buffy's feelings for Spike. She admits to liking him occasionally, but when he questions her trust and displays a pair of handcuffs, Buffy assures him she will never trust him. The supervillains put the finishing touches on a new gadget, a cerebral dampener. The evil tool will allow the three to turn any woman of their choice into their willing sex slave.

Buffy takes a break at her job to talk in private with Tara. While secretly rubbing at her handcuff burned wrists, Buffy admits that Spike is able to hit her, but not other humans. Suspicious that she returned to life "wrong" because of the spell, Buffy asks that Tara research the spell and find out just what is "wrong" with her. Warren browses a bar for attractive women while Andrew and Jonathan are able to watch through a camera in Warren's tie and direct him to various women they would like to have as slaves. Irritated by the suggestions, Warren removes the earpiece and microphone and approaches someone familiar: his ex-girlfriend, Katrina.

Katrina wants nothing to do with Warren, but he persuades her with the use of the Cerebral Dampener and suddenly, Katrina refers to her ex as "Master." Buffy returns home after a long, hard, dirty day a work to find her friends preparing for the wedding by teaching Dawn to waltz. Buffy's upset to find out that Dawn is spending the night at Janice's and decides to go to the Bronze with her friends instead of staying home. The supervillains enjoy champagne server by Katrina in a maid's outfit and admire Warren's selection of women. Warren takes Katrina away for private time and while kissing, Warren asks Katrina to say things to him. Several minutes into their private time, and before Katrina does much more than kissing, the spell wears off.

Katrina lets loose on Warren and his buddies, attacking them and accusing them of rape. As she tries to escape, Warren hits Katrina with the champagne bottle and she falls to the stairs and the supervillains are all shocked to find that Katrina is dead. Warren leads a plan to get rid of the body, but Andrew and Jonathan are not eager to cover up the accidental murder. Buffy and Willow talk about Willow's recovery while watching Xander and Anya dance wildly together. While Willow joins them in dancing, Buffy goes upstairs to watch, feeling as if she doesn't belong. Spike finds her there and raises the issue of her friends' reactions to her involvement with him. Hidden mostly by shadows, Spike initiates sex and tells Buffy to watch her friends on the dance floor below as he reminds her she belongs in the shadows--in his world.

Willow and Xander make their way to the magic shop and encounter Tara who's on her way out of the shop with a book. The former lovers talk about the magic book Tara holds and Willow's success with staying away from magic. That night, Buffy patrols, but finds herself drawn to Spike's crypt. He senses her arrival, but as he opens the door, he finds that she's already bolted.

As she returns to patrolling, Buffy hears a woman screaming and follows the sound. She finds herself in a twisted scenario where her surroundings shift between the attack of several demons, the crying woman and Spike finding Buffy in the woods. In the end, Buffy strikes out something and instead of hitting a demon or Spike, she hits the woman whom we recognize as Katrina. The body falls down a hill and Buffy finds it there, dead and assumes she's to blame. Hidden in the shadows, a very alive Katrina watches on.

Spike escorts Buffy away from the scene and back to her house. Inside the van, Warren is pleased with the success of their efforts as the Katrina double returns to the van and shifts back into Jonathan's body. Buffy dreams that Spike joins her in her bed then of sex at the crypt with Spike bound by handcuffs. The figure of Spike shifts to Katrina and the scenery becomes the woods. Another shift shows Buffy lowering a stake to Spike's chest and then Katrina's eyes open as a stake is shoved into her chest.

Shaken by her dream, Buffy wakes and dresses before going to Dawn's room. She confesses her love to her sister and Buffy admits that an accident happened and she has to go to the police. Dawn's scared and is upset by the idea of losing her sister. Spike catches Buffy outside of the police station and tries to stand in the way of her turning herself into the police. He casually admits that he took care of the body, but two cops passing by reveal that the body was found washed up by the river.

Despite the fact that Spike was unable to cover up the accident, he's still determined to stop her from admitting guilt and tries to goad her into letting her emotions out on him. She starts to beat on him and for the most part, he just takes it. She explains that she is not and never will be his girl as she really tears into him. He makes a comment about hurting loved ones and wounded by that comment, she leaves him to enter the police station. Inside, while waiting to confess, Buffy overhears an officer identify the body as Katrina's and she remembers Warren's ex-girlfriend.

The Scooby Gang research and find that the demons Buffy encountered in the woods caused the time shifting and that Katrina was probably dead before Buffy even encountered her. Buffy knows Warren is connected to the incident and wants the supervillains found and dealt with. Warren and Andrew are pleased with the general success of their murderous actions, while Jonathan is less than thrilled about it. The only disappointment is that Buffy didn't actually take the fall for Warren's mistake.

After researching the spell, Tara is able to inform Buffy that the spell didn't bring Buffy back wrong at all. She was changed ever so slightly on a molecular level, which apparently was just enough to keep Spike's chip from going off. Buffy's shocked and confesses to Tara that more than just an exchange of punches has been going on between her and Spike, but Tara is supportive, regardless of Buffy's motivation. Needing an excuse for her involvement with Spike, Buffy desperately pleads for something to be wrong with her. She breaks down crying with Tara comforting her, unable to accept that she alone is responsible for what she does with Spike.

Written by Steven S. DeKnight ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: February 5, 2002

Older And Far Away (6.14)

Buffy apologizes to Dawn for having to leave and hunt down a dangerous demon, promising that some real quality time will happen soon. In the cemetery, Buffy fights with the demon, who carries a sword and disappears at random. Buffy stabs the demon with its sword and its sucked into the blade before she heads back home, sword in hand. At the magic shop, the gang talk about Buffy's upcoming birthday party and Xander tells Willow that Buffy wants Tara at the party. A bit too eagerly, Willow agrees that her ex-girlfriend should be there. Dawn arrives and there's brief talk about the supervillains and the complete lack of success in tracking them down. Dawn asks for company to shop for Buffy's birthday gift at the mall, but no one is available and she goes alone.

Later that night, Dawn returns home to an empty house and retreats to her bedroom where she unveils a brand new leather jacket underneath her own coat, one she clearly did not pay for. The next day at school, Dawn's called away from class to the guidance counselor who prods into the young girl's life and tries to get her to reveal her problems. Dawn wishes that people would stop leaving her. Food is prepared by Anya for the birthday party as Buffy informs her friends that she invited a friend from work, Sophie. Xander and Anya share that they also invited a friend, a guy friend for Buffy, which doesn't please Buffy. Buffy lets Tara in and when the two talk secretly, Buffy explains that Spike wasn't invited because he wouldn't behave around her friends.

Downstairs, WIllow and Tara chat, both nervous and unsure about how to react. The conversation dies off and Tara breaks away to the kitchen for a much-needed drink. After hearing about the party from Willow, Spike shows up and surprises Buffy. With him, he brings beer and another demon, Clem from kitten poker. Before Buffy has a chance to do anything about Spike's presence, Xander introduces his friend from work, Richard. Buffy goes to show Richard where he can park his car while Spike watches on, clearly jealous. Dawn is anxious for presents to be opened, but Xander and Anya are more concerned with Buffy's progress with Richard and Dawn is yet again treated like an uninformed child. Spike catches Buffy alone and tries to lure her away for some private celebrating, but Buffy's not interested and ignores Spike's jealous jabs at Richard.

Buffy opens her birthday presents and receives a back massager from Willow and a brand new leather jacket from Dawn. The security tag still attached to the coat draws Buffy's attention, but the new custom weapons cabinet from Xander and Anya that is wheeled out into the room interests her more. Sophie, a young teenager, arrives and Buffy moves to introduce her new friend, leaving a disgruntled Dawn to shut the door. As the door closes, the guidance counselor steps out of the shadows and turns into the vengeance demon Halfrek before she says, "Wish granted." The party continues on at full force with dancing and games. Buffy and Richard talk briefly and then Buffy steps away and finds herself alone with Spike in the dining room. He makes jokes about how sweet Richard is and tries to persuade Buffy to put her hand on his crotch, but Tara walks in and catches them.

Xander and Anya playfully discuss who will go get beer and Willow ends the excessive cuteness by offering to make the run herself. Instead of getting up and leaving though, Willow simply drops her head to the table. The night of birthday fun continues as the gang play Monopoly and poker in groups while Dawn watches on, happily. The next morning, no one has left the house and it suddenly seems weird that despite how much they all want to be where they have to be, they don't go anywhere. Spike comments about eating breakfast and that subtlety hints at Richard being a meal before Buffy drags him off and the two begin to yell at each other. They talk about leaving the house and getting away from each other, but soon it's realized that they can't leave--something is keeping everyone in the house.

The gang discuss the dilemma, most of them really needing to get to work or school. Dawn snaps at them all, hurt and angry that they all want to leave. Suspicious, the Scooby Gang talk to Dawn and question whether she did a spell or something to lock them all in the house. The young teen is furious that they would accuse her of such a thing, but they don't drop the subject when she denies it and that only upsets Dawn more. Magic is suggested to fix the problem, but Tara, who doesn't have any supplies with her, is the only one who can do it. Things get complicated when Willow reveals that she still has a few items she kept for an emergency only. Tara's anything but pleased, but asks for the supplies anyway and makes it clear that Willow is to keep her distance from the spellcasting.

Tara performs a spell to "release" them from the house, but instead it releases the demon from the sword Buffy brought home. The sword-wielding demon attacks the gang and Richard takes a cut to the chest, but is the only one seriously injured before the demon retreats into the walls. While Richard's wound is tended to, noises can be heard in the walls and Anya begins to show signs of claustrophobia. Xander comforts her and as he goes to get her some water, he's attacked by the demon. Buffy and Spike fight the demon back into hiding, but Xander is injured and still shows more concern for Anya's state of shock than his own physical harm. Buffy and Dawn finally get to talking and Dawn begins to open up.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang try to figure out a plan, but the only untried solution lies in the magically trained hands of Willow. Xander and Anya suggest that Willow try to use magic although she doesn't want to, and Tara firmly stands in the way of that idea. Upset that no one is willing to do anything productive, Anya goes upstairs to find her own solution to their problem. Dawn reveals to her sister that she recently talked to a guidance counselor and may have made a wish to the woman. In Dawn's room, Anya searches frantically through Dawn's possessions, while Xander tries to stop her. Dawn enters the room with her sister and is very freaked out by the invasion of her privacy. Anya uncovers Dawn's secret stash of jewelry and objects from the magic shop which stuns everyone.

Dawn tries to get away downstairs, but she's followed and Anya goes off on her for stealing. Buffy has a hard time accepting her sister's behavior and tries to blame the guidance counselor Dawn talked to for the situation. Anya puts the pieces together and concludes that the one responsible for their mess is Halfrek and summons the vengeance demon because she is the only one who can lift the spell. Halfrek appears in the house just before she's run through with the demon's sword and falls to the ground. Spike and Buffy fight with the demon and yet again, the demon tries to escape into the wall. Buffy uses the sword to stab the demon through the wall, effectively trapping it within the sword and then breaking the metal over her knee. The demon gone, the only problem left is destroying Halfrek's pendant so they can be freed. Before Anya can get Halfrek's pendant, the vengeance demon (or "Justice demon" as she prefers to be called) rises, barely harmed by the stabbing.

Briefly, Halfrek recognizes Spike as William and he finds her familiar too, but both deny knowing each other. Halfrek explains her purpose and it's lack of restriction to revenge on men. She informs the Scooby Gang that Dawn's pain and silent, but desperate plea for attention was something she hadn't seen so severely in a long time. According to her, the whole gang deserve to be cursed and confined to the house together for all eternity. Halfrek tries to leave, but falls victim to her own curse and is forced to lift it in order to escape.

As Tara clears up all remains of her spellcasting, she and Willow talk about Willow's possession of the supplies. Tara understands why Willow kept them and is proud that she didn't fall for the temptation of using magic even in a desperate situation, but makes it clear that the redhead has to make it without backup. Richard is escorted outside and to the hospital while most of the remaining gang depart for freedom from the house. Dawn stays behind, but is surprised when instead of leaving like the others, Buffy just shuts the door and stays in the house.

Written by Drew Z. Greenberg ~ Directed by Michael Gershman

Original Air Date: February 12, 2002

As You Were (6.15)

Buffy cleans the grill with a fellow worker, Todd, who talks non-stop and then leaves Buffy to finish cleaning alone. On the way home from work, Buffy runs into a vampire, but once the vampire finds out that Buffy was working at Doublemeat Palace and smells like it, he tries to escape and instead is staked by an offended Slayer. Finally home, Buffy finds Spike waiting in front of her house and she knows what he's there for, but with Dawn waiting inside, she refuses to let him follow her in the house. Instead, he persuades her to stay outside with him and they drop to the grass together.

Later, Buffy apologetically presents the not-so-appealing bag of Doublemeat Palace food to Dawn for their dinner. Dawn can't stand another meal from the fast food place and is saved from having to eat the burgers when Willow arrives to take Dawn to the Bronze. Willow notices Buffy's rough appearance and grass stains on the back of her outfit, but Buffy blames it on work and a battle with a vampire. Tired and a bit depressed, Buffy allows her sister to go, but doesn't join them. At the Bronze, Anya and Xander snack on chips while agonizing over the seating arrangements for the wedding reception and other jobs that need completing before the big event.

Dawn and Willow sit and have drinks while discussing Xander and Anya's wedding and Willow's newly changed relationship with Tara. Although the two are far from getting back together, there's an open door on communication. Meanwhile, at home, Buffy works to remove the grass stains from her coat. The next morning, Buffy wakes up amidst her unfolded laundry to the sound of the garbage truck. She rushes to get the garbage outside in time, but the truck drives away.

The next day, Dawn prepares to leave for school as Buffy returns inside and finds a letter from UC Sunnydale waiting for her. As her sister leaves, Buffy reads the letter and finds that her application has been rejected. At work, Buffy tends to the grill like a depressed robot with life offering her little more than her fast food job. Todd sends Buffy up to the front counter while he takes to preparing the food. Her first customer though is not someone she expected to see: Riley.

In a hurry, Riley requests her help with a mission he's on and Buffy willingly steps away from her paying job to help him. Still clad in military-like clothes and armed with state of the art weapons, Riley briefly explains the demon he's after and how close it is. The demon appears on the streets and people run for cover, except for Buffy and Riley who immediately start a fight with the large demon. The demon wounds Riley and Buffy is smashed into a wall before it escapes. The battle continues in an alley and Riley manages to tag the demon with a dart before it gets away yet again. This time though, the Slayer and her ex follow it in a car and talk about all the catching up they need to do when time permits while Buffy changes into some more fight-appropriate clothing courtesy of Riley.

Elsewhere, Anya and Xander continue their chip-eating fest as they sit in traffic, needing to pick up some of Xander's family from the airport and Anya's friends from a demon portal. They are both incredibly stressed out and take it out on each other. Riley and Buffy come to a stop at a dam where it seems the demon has gone down to the bottom. Riley attaches a rappelling cord to the dam and with no weapons or other gear, rappels down the side of the dam with Buffy clinging to him. Quickly after they reach the bottom, the demon attacks them and a fight ensues. When the demon gets ready to attack Riley alone, Buffy gets Riley out of the way. As the two recover and hold onto each other, a woman enters the scene, curious as to what Buffy's doing with her husband.

Sam, as Riley later introduces his wife quickly jumps into a fight with the Suvolte demon. Buffy recovers from the shock of Riley being married and Riley starts to catch her up on his life since he left as they watch Sam deliver quite a beating to the demon. The demon strikes Sam and Riley rushes to help her as Buffy approaches the demon from behind and snaps its neck. Riley's shocked that she killed it and Buffy soon finds out from Sam that they weren't trying to kill it. Improvising, Sam takes a knife from Riley and cuts into the demon's gut as Buffy watches on, still confused. Sam observes that they're too late and the three head for Buffy's home where it should be safe. Riley mentions that Sam's good cutting skills are because she's a doctor and promises Buffy that he'll take the time to fill her in on everything.

At the house, almost everyone greets Riley with open arms--Dawn is upset with him because of the way he left the last time. Privately, Willow offers to hate the new wife for Buffy and, unable to really hate her herself, Buffy agrees. Sam and Riley begin to describe the gory details of the demon and the mission and although Riley's concerned about Dawn hearing about it, Sam sticks up for the teen and she gets to stay with the "grown-up's." Sam explains that the deadly Suvolte Demon multiplies quickly and can destroy towns full of people in no time at all and has come to Sunnydale to lay a nest full of it's offspring. A demonic dealer in Sunnydale by the name of "The Doctor" is suspected of holding the eggs in exchange for money. The topic of Willow doing magic to help is raised, but Willow explains that she cannot.

Riley directs Sam and Buffy to search for the nest while he investigates the dealer. In the kitchen, Sam tells Willow about a couple of shamans she knew that got addicted to magic and literally didn't survive it. She's amazed that Willow is strong enough to beat the addiction and Willow says nothing, but really takes the words in. Buffy and Sam patrol and talk about Buffy's honorable reputation as the Slayer and of course, Riley. Sam explains how she met Riley for the first time and how much Buffy mattered to him for so long. Sam questions whether Buffy regrets losing Riley and although Buffy does a little, she certainly wouldn't try to change things now. After Sam tells Buffy that Riley did get over her--after a year--she brings up the subject of Buffy's current love life and the Slayer dodges that subject.

Buffy suggests they split up and as Sam heads off to find Riley, Buffy aims directly for Spike's crypt. Upon arrival, she questions his knowledge about "The Doctor," but when he has no immediate answers, she changes the subject to his feelings for her and eventually pulls him to her for some physical comfort. Later that evening, Buffy and Spike sleep under a blanket together and Spike wakes to find Riley has walked in on them. The vampire takes the opportunity to emphasize his having Buffy with him, but Riley has no interest in that; he identifies Spike as "The Doctor" and demands to know where the eggs are.

Spike denies knowing anything about the title or the whereabouts of the eggs, but Riley's confident with his information and starts to tear the place apart. Buffy is unable to believe that Spike could be involved, but as she and Riley go to the bottom level of the crypt and find the eggs everywhere, Spike's cover is blown. Spike and Buffy exchange harsh words and as Spike leaves, the eggs begin to hatch. Little demons crawl out and begin to attack Buffy and Riley. The two escape and Buffy throws a live grenade down where the demons are, effectively destroying them and much of Spike's underground lair.

With family and friends causing mayhem in the apartment, Anya and Xander huddle together in the bathroom. Anya's bugged by the fact that Xander's so interested in Riley and Sam's marriage. Xander reassures her that while he's scared of the wedding, he's confident that the marriage will be great and last forever. Buffy and Riley talk privately and Riley asks her if she wants "The Doctor" to be taken out. Verbally admitting to her involvement with the vampire, Buffy denies his offer and accepts the fact that her life sucks and her ex-boyfriend is there to see it. Riley though tells her that struggling with life like a human being doesn't make her any less of a woman. Buffy tries to apologize for what happened when he left, but Riley's not interested in dwelling on the past.

The whole gang gathers to say goodbye to Sam and Riley. While Riley explains to Xander where and how his wedding took place, Sam and Willow confirm they have each other's e-mail addresses for future contact. A helicopter arrives and carries the married couple off into the night. The next day, Buffy finds Spike at his crypt and although she doesn't care about his being "The Doctor," she brings with her news he does not want to hear. Buffy tells him that although she has feelings for him, she can never love him and it would be wrong to keep using him the way she is, so it's over. Spike thinks it's her usual routine of playing hard to get, but Buffy's serious and walks out with a final goodbye.

Written & Directed by Doug Petrie

Original Air Date: February 26, 2002

Hell's Bells (6.16)

Buffy and Willow criticize their bright green dresses and talk about the rehearsal dinner from the night before. It was explained that Anya's friends are circus people, which explains their very odd appearances and surprisingly, the Harris family bought it. Willow has the honor of best man and Buffy is one of the bridesmaids along with Dawn and Tara. Anya hugs both girls in excitement about their gowns, which she of course loves.

Xander tries to get dressed with his family and Anya's demon friends invading his apartment. Xander's parents arrive and Mrs. Harris rants about not being in the wedding pictures and Mr. Harris bluntly expresses his distaste for the circus people on Anya's side. Xander's cousin Carol asks about Xander one of Anya's demon friends, Krevlin and whether he'd be interested in dating her. Outside on the streets of Sunnydale, an old man appears out of thin air and walks off, a purpose in mind.

Buffy forces Xander into his cummerbund and works on his bow tie while offering her happy wishes to Xander on his special day. Tara and Willow button Anya into her dress while the bride-to-be rehearses her vows. When the buttoning is complete, Anya shows off her dress and goes on excitedly about how happy she is. Xander's Uncle Rory shows off his date to Dawn, but his date is actually just one of the caterers. D'Hoffryn arrives as does Halfrek and Dawn greets them at the door. D'Hoffryn offers his very alive wedding gift in a box to Dawn.

Dawn continues to mingle through the crowd and encounters Spike with a goth date. Finally ready, Buffy and Xander proceed toward the crowd of mingling guests while reviewing the tasks necessary to keep Xander's parents out of trouble. Xander greets people and is suddenly assaulted by people complaining about problems. The old man in a trench coat drags Xander away from the others and explains that he is Xander Harris, from the future and the wedding cannot take place. As proof, he shows the younger Xander a crystal ball that will show Xander what his future is like.

Xander's drunken father offers a toast to the waiting attendees of the wedding and insults the demons on Anya's side of the "family." Clem and another demon talk about how annoying the man is, but before a fight can break out between Mr. Harris and one of the demons, Buffy pulls the drunk man away. In a view of the future, Xander sits watching TV and yells at Anya while his son runs around teasing Anya's part-demon daughter. Anya explains that she's going to make money while he sits around wounded and worthless. An argument breaks out as they talk about how he got injured helping Buffy, although that didn't save her life.

In a later scene, Xander, Anya and their two now-teenage kids eat at a restaurant while the teens fight and Anya comments about Xander's drinking. Again years later, in their kitchen, Anya yells at Xander for ruining her life and blames him for her misery. He gets angry, yells back and raises a frying pan to hit her with, but the vision of the future is cut off before anything happens. Xander is shocked by the visions and the old man warns him not to marry Anya. Buffy finds Spike alone and the two talk about the wedding and Spike's attempt to make her jealous with his date. After he finds that his efforts worked, Spike realizes it's best to just leave and takes his date away.

Willow runs into Xander in the kitchen and offers the final "best man" talk then leaves him to practice his vows a little bit longer. Anya continues to go over her vows in front of Tara, who offers a little advice about words not to use in the vows. The music begins and Buffy shows up to get Anya, but Willow pulls her out of the room and breaks the news that Xander is gone. Stalling while Willow looks for Xander, Buffy uses the excuse that the minister is also a doctor and had to perform an emergency c-section, so there will be a delay.

Anya tries her vows one more time while elsewhere, Xander walks away in the rain. The guests wait for the wedding to begin while Buffy informs the minister of the delay. Mr. Harris heads back to the bar with Mrs. Harris following and the two complain about Anya ruining the wedding. Buffy begins to stall the crowd with charades and juggling as Dawn chats outside with a teenage demon and both compare their embarrassing family and friends. Impatient, Anya heads out towards the wedding crowd, determined to get on with the wedding. The news that Xander is gone is accidentally spilled to Anya as Dawn talks to the demon teen and Anya freaks out.

Mr. Harris and other demons begin to argue and then a huge fight breaks out between the two sides of the wedding guests. Tara gets caught up in the battle, but Willow rescues her. Cousin Carol directs Anya to the man in the trench coat and Anya talks to him about what he did to scare Xander off. She finds that the man is really a demon she cursed many years ago who seeks revenge against her. He showed Xander false images about his future to ruin Anya's wedding.

She begins to cry and the demon strikes out at her, prompting Buffy to get involved. Buffy starts to attack the demon and Xander arrives to help save Anya. Anya explains to Xander that he saw only lies in those visions, but Xander isn't exactly relieved. Buffy and Xander finish the demon off and the crowd cheers. Fighting continues, but Anya breaks it up and everyone returns to his or her seats. Xander and Anya talk privately before the ceremony and Xander explains that he can't marry her. Motivated by the fear of turning into an abusive drunk like his father, Xander refuses to allow himself the opportunity to marry Anya and ever hurt her in that way. Anya tries to convince him otherwise, but can't and sadly, the two part ways.

Buffy, Willow and Dawn sit around at the house and talk about what happened with Xander and Anya. They feel sorry for both of them and wonder where Xander is. Meanwhile, Xander checks into a motel by himself. Sad and depressed, Anya sits alone until D'Hoffryn offers her sympathy, comfort and her job as a vengeance demon back.

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: March 5, 2002

Normal Again (6.17)

The scenes of this episode flash between Sunnydale as we know it, and a seemingly alternate reality where Buffy is a mental patient in a hospital. The respective descriptions are divided accordingly, with the shifts to the hospital shown in italics.

Buffy searches newly rented houses for the Trio's hideout and the three discover her on their surveillance equipment, as she gets a bit too close. While they hide in the basement, Andrew calls on a demon that attacks Buffy and starts a fight. The demon grabs Buffy and stabs her with a needle-like part of its body. In a mental hospital, Buffy cries out as she's held by two orderlies and stabbed with a needle. Buffy wakes up alone outside the Trio's house, hurt and confused and walks home.

Willow prepares herself for a talk with Tara, but spots Tara greeting another woman with a quick kiss and Willow walks away, wounded. Tara notices her retreating, but it's too late to chase after her. At the Doublemeat Palace, Buffy works but is a bit out of it. Flash to the mental hospital where a doctor announces it's time for her drugs. Willow and Buffy talk about Xander's disappearing act and Willow's attempt to talk to Tara. Xander surprises the girls by showing up at the house, and wonders about Anya and how to repair his relationship with her. The girls tell him Anya left a few days ago and try to reassure him that everything will work out in time.

Buffy runs into Spike at the cemetery and they talk about the events of the wedding that didn't happen. A confrontation begins between Xander and Spike and as Willow tries to break it up, Buffy gets weak and collapses. Xander manages one punch to Spike before his attention is drawn by Buffy. At the mental hospital, a doctor informs Buffy that she's been in the hospital for six years and everything she knew to exist in Sunnydale isn't real. She's shaken and confused, especially when both of her parents appear, and then Buffy falls back into the Sunnydale world.

Willow and Xander get Buffy home and she recounts what she saw and was told at the mental hospital. While Willow organizes a plan to research, Buffy falls back to the mental hospital reality. The doctor explains to her parents that she's been suffering from schizophrenia and her life as the Slayer has been an imagined story she made up in her mind. In Sunnydale, Warren and Andrew return to their hideaway with boxes after leaving Jonathan alone. Leery, Jonathan questions the contents of the boxes and tries to leave the house himself. Warren doesn't agree with that idea and convinces Jonathan to stay in the basement.

Willow shows Buffy a picture of the demon that stung her and tries to comfort her friend. Buffy confesses to Willow that in the beginning of her Slayer life, she told her parents about vampires and was put in a clinic for her supposed insanity. Buffy wonders if she's still there and Sunnydale really doesn't exist, but Willow assures her that isn't true. Xander and Spike patrol for the demon that hurt Buffy and between the two of them, they subdue the demon with force and tranquilizer darts. Dawn brings Buffy some tea, and Buffy dazedly observes that Dawn has been misbehaving and the problems need to be dealt with.

At the hospital, Joyce tells Buffy that Dawn doesn't exist and as soon as she's better, they can go home. Dawn realizes through Buffy's babbling that she doesn't exist in the other reality and upset, she leaves. In Sunnydale, the demon is dragged downstairs and held down as Willow hits it and then breaks off its stinger. She sends Xander on a mission for supplies at the Magic Box that she must make without the help of magic.

Later, Willow presents the antidote to Buffy, and Spike drops by to check on Buffy. She tells him to leave but Spike responds with a lecture about her love of pain and misery and tells her to tell her friends about their relationship before he does. Buffy starts to go for the antidote, but stops and pours it out into the trash. At the mental hospital, Buffy tells the doctor and her parents that she wants to be healthy and be rid of thoughts of Sunnydale. The doctor tells her that she has to do what is necessary to destroy the elements like her family and friends to truly be healthy.

Xander arrives at the Summers house and finds Buffy alone in the kitchen. He talks to her about Spike and his obsession then she knocks him out cold and drags him into the basement. Willow is bound and gagged there already with the demon chained to a beam, but there is still someone left for Buffy to get rid of. Upstairs, Buffy finds Dawn packing in her room, and tells her sister that she must go downstairs with everyone else. Dawn runs and tries to convince Buffy not to hurt her, but is ultimately bound and gagged in the basement with the others.

In the mental hospital, the doctors convince Buffy to pace herself while in the Sunnydale reality, Buffy unchains the demon in the basement. Xander pleads with Buffy to help him, but she retreats under the stairs, leaving the demon to take her friends. Meanwhile, Tara shows up at the house and finds everyone in the basement. She uses magic to free Willow and Dawn and sent a shelf full of paint flying at the demon. At the hospital, Joyce encourages Buffy to fight against the Sunnydale reality, but Buffy knows where she needs to be and what she really needs to fight against. She thanks her mother for the wise words and leaves that reality to return full-force to Sunnydale and destroy the demon trying to hurt her friends. At the hospital, the doctor checks Buffy and tells her parents that she's gone.

Written by Diego Gutierrez ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: March 12, 2002

Entropy (6.18)

The Trio chase after some vampires on ATVs, but when a collision occurs, the vamps are given an opportunity to escape. Buffy shows up and attacks the vampires, forcing a disk one was holding to be thrown out of the way. Secretly, Warren snatches it and the Trio escape, unseen by the Slayer. Buffy takes on two of the vampires, but receives some help as Spike shows up and holds one of the vampires out of the way while he starts up a conversation. He raises the issue of Buffy telling her friends about them, but she's not interested in sharing. Xander mopes alone at his apartment but eventually can't stand it anymore and leaves. As he walks away, Anya watches him from behind some bushes.

Willow waits for Tara outside of her classroom and the two talk and plan a coffee date. Buffy and Dawn shop together, but have a difficult time as Dawn has a shoplifting record at most of the stores. They chat about all of the things Dawn stole and how they're working to remedy the whole problem. Jonathan works on a project involving the disk they stole as Warren watches over, eager for it to be complete. While Jonathan finishes his work alone, Warren and Andrew talk about their inability to trust Jonathan and how soon before they won't need him anymore.

Xander finds Anya at his apartment and tries to apologize for his wrongful behavior. There is a glimmer of hope for them until Xander says the wrong thing and Anya questions whether he still wants to marry her. He admits to loving her dearly and wanting to be back with her, but he's still too afraid of himself to marry her. With her back turned to Xander, she reveals her vengeance demon face and begins to wish him physical harm. Her attempts to grant her own wish are unsuccessful and upset that her powers didn't work, she leaves. The next day, Anya has coffee with Halfrek and the two demons talk about Anya's attempts at vengeance. Halfrek informs her she can't grant her own wishes and must get someone else to wish Xander harm.

At the Summers house, Buffy makes breakfast in the form of pancakes for Dawn. Dawn realizes she's trying too hard to make up for what happened when she was crazy and eventually Buffy catches on to that reality too. Dawn proposes the idea of joining Buffy on patrol so the two can spend some time together, but Buffy isn't remotely interested in that. On their coffee date, Willow fills Tara in on all of the supernatural activates that Tara has missed over the past months.

Anya interrupts them and wants to talk about her pain and how Xander causes it. She also talks with Buffy and Dawn and attempts to get them each to wish something horrible on Xander, but none of them fall for her tricks. While talking with Buffy, Xander shows up at the house and Anya leaves in a huff. Buffy talks him out of following after Anya and Xander takes his aggressions out on a lawn gnome on Buffy's front lawn. When Buffy doesn't recognize the decoration as something she put there, Xander checks it out and discovers it has a small camera in it filming Buffy's house.

Buffy presents the small camera to Spike and questions whether he had anything to do with it being on her lawn, and he's offended that she would even accuse him of such a thing. He reminds her he loves her and doesn't hurt her then tries to convince her that what exists between them is real. Buffy knows it is, but only for him. At the magic shop, Anya and Halfrek continue to talk about getting vengeance on Xander. Anya realizes she needs to find someone who hates Xander to make the wish and fortunately, Spike walks into the shop at that moment. He's looking for something to ease his pain and instead of something magical, she offers him a bottle of alcohol.

Willow works at Buffy's house on her computer to try and trace the camera found in the gnome. Jonathan finally completes his work with the disk and performs a ritual that highlights a spot on a Sunnydale map. They are happy to have located their target, but suddenly the map catches on fire and has to be put out, dampening the excitement. Meanwhile, Anya and Spike are working their way through the Jack Daniels and complain to each other about their respective relationship problems. Spike sympathizes with her over the way Xander treated her and Anya tries to use that to her advantage. Unfortunately, Spike doesn't actually make a wish.

Anya and Spike continue to drink and rant about their struggles with love. Willow finally taps into the source of the camera and discovers that there are cameras all over town at all of the Scooby Gang's hangouts and places of work. At the magic box, Spike compliments Anya and the two start to see a common tie between them. While Willow continues to search for all of the cameras, Spike and Anya search for comfort in each other's arms. She feels guilty about what happened with Xander and Spike consoles her, which leads to something much more. The two kiss and undress as Andrew realizes someone has tapped into their video feeds. Willow stumbles upon the Magic Box feed as Spike and Anya are having sex on a table.

Warren directs Andrew to shut down the videos, but they are suddenly distracted by the action on the Magic Box camera. Back at the Summers' house, Buffy, Dawn and Xander also see the computer screen and what's going on at the shop. Xander is infuriated while Buffy is hurt and goes outside. Dawn follows Buffy and finds out the truth about Buffy and her relationship with Spike. Their bonding moment is cut short as Willow informs them both that Xander is gone and he left with an ax. Spike and Anya get dressed and both act awkwardly and embarrassed about their impulsive behavior. Spike leaves the shop, but doesn't get far as Xander attacks him outside.

Just before Xander can stake Spike, Anya comes outside and tries to stop Xander and manages to distract him long enough for Buffy to knock him out of the way. Xander and Anya yell at each other angrily about each other's rights to vengeance and moving on with their lives. Xander is disgusted she would even touch Spike and Spike quietly comments that he was good enough for Buffy. Xander and Anya put the pieces together and realize the truth about Buffy and Spike. It is all too much for Xander to handle and he storms off. Buffy also walks off mad at Spike and as she leaves he starts to make a wish to Anya, but she stops him and they part ways. Tara goes to Willow in her bedroom and gives a speech about all they have to do to rebuild their relationship. She's willing to move past that and get on with the kissing.

Written by Drew Greenberg ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: April 30, 2002

Seeing Red (6.19)

Willow and Tara snuggle after spending time in bed together and talk about Buffy and the possibility that something's going on between her and Spike. Tara confirms Willow's suspicions and talks about Buffy's relationship with Spike and her feelings of shame because of it. Willow's hurt that she was never told about it. Willow goes to check on Buffy, but instead encounters Dawn, and the two talk about the struggle Buffy must be going through with Spike. When Tara appears wearing just a sheet, Dawn gets very happy to see they are back together again. Buffy breaks into the Trio's lair, but finds the place deserted and dangerous traps waiting for her as the guys expected her arrival. She escapes and manages to take a few items with her as several large saw blades tear apart the house and her leather jacket.

Buffy, Dawn, Willow and Tara gather to go over the few items Buffy managed to steal from the Trio's lair and they all realize that the rest of the group won't be helping since they all have other priorities or lack an interest to help. Anya sits with a young scorned woman who wants to wish vengeance on her cheating boyfriend, but Anya is too busy talking about her own relationship problems to notice the young woman's wish. Meanwhile, in a cave, the Trio subdue a large Nezzla demon they need for their plan to become unstoppable. Dawn visits Spike at his crypt and lets him know that she knows about what he did with Anya and his relationship with Buffy. She lectures him about hurting Buffy when he supposedly loves her and leaves him pondering the thought of how he shows his love to her.

Back at the cave, Jonathan puts on the skins of the Nezzla demon they took out and crosses a barrier that can only be passed by one of the demons. While Jonathan's away, Warren and Andrew talk of their plans to conspire against their partner. Jonathan returns with a box that contains two red orbs--the key to their ultimate powers. Warren tests the power of the orbs on another demon and is quite pleased with the results when he kills the demon easily. Buffy visits a distraught and angry Xander at his apartment. He can't believe that she could have been involved with Spike and the two argue about it until Xander storms out. He walks the streets alone, pausing briefly to secretly look in on Anya as she works at the magic shop.

At the house and in bed, Willow reviews some files on her laptop, but is quickly distracted by Tara. Xander sits at the bar at the Bronze and the Trio show up to test out the powers of the orbs. Buffy patrols and fights with a couple of vampires and before turning to dust, one manages to kick her back into a tombstone, injuring her. At home, Buffy sets up a bath for herself to soothe her aching back. Spike shows up uninvited and starts to talk to her about how he knows she loves him and just needs to admit it. She protests as he forces himself on her, an attempt to make her feel love for him again. With her back injured, Buffy struggles against him and ultimately kicks him across the room, stopping him from going too far. Spike's stunned by his behavior and tries to apologize, but Buffy only knows he stopped because she made him.

At the Bronze, Warren tries to pick up a girl while Andrew and Jonathan debate the appropriateness of Warren's plans. The woman's boyfriend steps in and a fight breaks out, but Warren's too strong and takes on the boyfriend and several others with great ease. Xander tries to intervene but is tossed aside and nearly takes a bad beating, but Jonathan reminds Warren they have to be elsewhere. Xander goes to Buffy and gets worried when he notices Spike's coat on the stairs. Upstairs in the bathroom, Xander finds Buffy on the floor, a large bruise on her leg and realizes what happened. Buffy refuses to let him go after Spike and instead focuses on Willow's new discovery regarding the Trio.

Willow and Tara tell Buffy they found plans that indicate the Trio are planning to steal a large amount of money and have narrowed it down to one scene that they're likely to hit that night. After Xander tells her of Warren's new strength, Buffy rushes off to stop the nerds. At the crypt, Spike thinks back on his actions earlier at Buffy's house and becomes infuriated. Clem stops by, wanting to hang out, but Spike is more focused on what he did and questioning what Buffy and the chip are doing to him. He realizes that something needs to be done to make things change.

An armored car is loaded up with money from a big weekend at an amusement park but as it tries to drive away, Warren stops it with his strength and overturns the vehicle. Buffy shows up and starts to fight with him, but he's able to handle himself fairly well against the Slayer. She knocks Warren down and he's buried under a mountain of broken rocks, but he recovers quickly. The fight continues and Warren taunts Buffy with his supposed mastery of her. Jonathan jumps on Buffy's back and appears to be fighting her, but he quietly informs her that she needs to smash the orbs in order to defeat Warren. Buffy returns to the fight with Warren and when she finds the orbs on his belt, she smashes them.

No longer strong, Warren takes his jacket off and reveals a jet pack on his back, which allows him to escape freely into the sky. Andrew reveals he too has a jet pack, but when he tries to escape, he only knocks himself out on the overhanging roof above him. The cops arrive and take Jonathan and Andrew to jail. On his motorcycle, Spike pauses and looks out over Sunnydale, promising Buffy that she's going to see a change soon before he takes off. Willow and Tara get dressed and while hugging, Tara notices Xander and Buffy out in the backyard together.

In the backyard, Buffy talks with Xander about what happened with the Trio and they touch on the subject of Buffy's relationship with Spike. Warren interrupts the bonding moment, and declares his intentions of revenge on Buffy for ruining his plans as he pulls out a gun. He fires directly at Buffy then shoots randomly over his shoulder as he runs away. Buffy and Xander topple to the ground as the window to Willow's bedroom is broken and a bullet strikes Tara in the back as she's facing Willow. Xander tries to stop the bleeding of Buffy's chest wound while in the house, Willow cries out as she holds Tara's lifeless body and her eyes suddenly turn magically dark with pain and fury.

Written by Steven S. DeKnight ~ Directed by Michael Gershman

Original Air Date: May 7, 2002

Villains (6.20)

An ambulance arrives at the Summers's house and Xander leads them to Buffy's still body. Meanwhile, upstairs, a tearful Willow begs for Tara to return to her and calls upon a demon to bring Tara back to life. The demon denies Willow's request, explaining that the death was natural and human and cannot be undone. Devastated and angry, Willow kills the demon with a violent scream. Xander accompanies the paramedics to their truck out front as a determined Willow exits the house. He tells her Warren shot Buffy and she leaves on a mission while Xander joins Buffy in the ambulance.

At the police station Andrew and Jonathan talk about the fact that they're in jail and debate about whether Warren will be rescuing them. Warren orders a round of drinks for a bar as he by a vampire and brags about how he killed the Slayer. The vampire and demon bartender inform Warren that Buffy's still alive, as the news just reported the story. Willow barges into the magic shop and heads directly for the black arts books. Anya tries to stop her, but Willow literally stops her from moving. Willow pulls the books off the shelves, sticks her hands into the pages and sucks the words into her body. Her eyes and hair turn black as she completely consumes the darkness. Dawn returns home from school to an empty house and walks into Willow's bedroom, finding Tara's dead body lying on the floor.

Warren visits Rack's place and showing cash, he demands protection from the Slayer. Rack warns the man that his big concern lies with Willow, who really wants him dead and she's got the power to do it. In exchange for a lot of money, Rack gives Warren some powers to help him combat against Willow. At a hospital, doctors and nurses struggle to keep Buffy alive but soon their job is taken over as Willow enters the room and orders everyone else out. Xander watches as Willow approaches Buffy's body and raises the bullet from Buffy's chest and heals the wound. Buffy wakes up and feels fine, but Willow is in a hurry to get to Warren.

Xander follows Willow's directions as he drives down a deserted desert road and Buffy tries to reason with Willow about her choice to go after Warren. Rushed, Willow takes control of the car and leads it to another road where a city bus is approaching. She uses magic take control of the bus and once it is stopped, she orders Warren off the bus. He barely manages to beg for forgiveness before she wraps her hand around his throat and starts to strangle him. Willow is only angered more when she finds that she was tricked and it was actually a Warren robot. Buffy and Xander plead with her not to kill Warren, but she doesn't want to listen and shoves them away as she departs. Buffy and Xander return to the house and find Dawn huddled in the corner of Willow's bedroom, staring at Tara's body. Buffy tries to comfort her sister, neither of them really able to grasp the situation.

The Coroner takes Tara's body away and Xander sees them out. When Xander and Buffy begin to talk about Willow, Dawn jumps in with her view that Warren should be killed. Buffy's disturbed by that and doesn't think it's okay for Warren to be killed just because he killed Tara. Concerned for her friend, Buffy wants it to end without Willow destroying herself. Buffy refuses to allow Dawn to tag along, and instead, Dawn want to stay with Spike. Xander is upset by Buffy's willingness to let that happen and reminds her of Spike's actions the night before, but she's confident Spike can't hurt Dawn and he is their only option. In Tara's dorm room, Willow uses her shirt, splattered with Tara's blood, and magic to guide the way to Warren.

Buffy and Dawn show up at Spike's crypt, but find Clem staying there instead. Since Spike is gone, Buffy asks Clem if Dawn can stay with him for a little bit and he's more than happy to have the company. As she leaves, Buffy asks about Spike and his whereabouts, but Clem has few answers. Across the world, in Africa, Spike enters a cave, despite warnings from one of the tribesmen. Inside the cave, Spike greets a demon in the shadows, wanting a change. The demon assumes that Spikes wants to return to his former self and he doesn't think Spike has what it takes to earn that. Spike is confident though that he will and he demands what he came for if he does. Xander talks to Anya as she recovers from Willow's magic. She reveals that she feels Willow's cry for vengeance and Xander discovers that she's returned to being a vengeance demon. They question Anya's loyalties but she's willing to help them find Willow for Willow's sake, only.

Trees part as Willow walks through the woods, hot on Warren's trail. As she reaches a small clearing, Warren sneaks up on her and plunges an ax deep into her back. She recovers quickly though, her powers much too strong to be hampered by an ax. He runs off again and tries to stop her by sending a flying box at her that explodes and a ball of goo. She freezes the flames escapes the goo then uses magic to tie Warren up spread-eagle between two trees. Willow realizes Tara wasn't Warren's first kill and brings out Warren's dead, ex-girlfriend, Katrina. Katrina taunts him with comments about how she should have killed him a long time ago and when Warren gets angry, Willow makes Katrina go away again. All the while, Anya leads the way for Buffy and Xander to reach Willow.

Willow decides Warren needs to feel what Tara felt when he shot her. He begs for mercy as describes the damage of the bullet and when he continues to interrupt her, she sews his lips shut so she can continue. She questions why someone like him gets to live when someone wonderful like Tara has to die. When he's free to speak again, Warren apologies profusely and tries to convince Willow that she's better than this. As the others arrive, Willow rips Warren's skin from his body and then his body is engulfed in flames and then disintegrates. Buffy, Xander and Anya look on in horrified shock as Willow proclaims, "One down," before disappearing into thin air.

Written by Marti Noxon ~ Directed by David Solomon

Original Air Date: May 14, 2002

Two To Go (6.21)

Buffy, Xander and Anya run through the woods and Xander fights the urge to be sick so they can reach Willow before she gets to Andrew and Jonathan. Knowing Willow will take some time to get to the prison, even at her level, Anya teleports herself to get there first so she can save the boys. Buffy and Xander find Xander's car destroyed courtesy of Willow and Buffy runs ahead by herself. Andrew is still convinced Warren is coming to save them, but Jonathan has a bit more of a realistic view and the two argue. Anya appears in the cell and updates the guys on the events that have happened since they were put in jail. Anya calls to the guard and tries to convince him that he needs to let the guys out because something terrible is coming for them.

Willow arrives outside the police station, puts an officer to and uses magic to tear apart the brick wall that keeps her from Andrew and Jonathan's cell. Officers try to stop Willow, but she keeps them all at bay. Anya is pretty much helpless and can't get the guys out of the cell as the wall breaks apart. Meanwhile, Buffy arrives on the scene and sneaks into the building. Willow floats up to the opening in the wall, but finds that the cell bars have been bent apart and Buffy has gotten the guys out. Anya tries to talk to Willow, but Willow knocks her out and lets out a powerful and seemingly endless scream.

Xander steals a police car and gives Buffy, Andrew and Jonathan an escape. Buffy and Xander talk about their plans and question why Willow isn't after them already. They don't have to wait long as a huge semi-truck approaches from behind with Willow on top, controlling the vehicle. Eventually though, Willow runs out of power and the driver stops the truck while Xander and the others escape. Clem tries to entertain Dawn, but she is focused more on the fact that she cooped up in the crypt with him and wants to be helping her sister and friends. Spike reviews the rules of the trial with the demon and then a large man with flaming fists approaches and starts to attack Spike.

Dawn has Clem lead the way to Rack's moving shop, but the demon tries to convince her it's a really bad idea. Anya helps the others into the magic shop and goes to one of the few books Willow didn't drain, a book of protection spells. Jonathan tries to help, but Buffy isn't interested and he only manages to let them know that Willow will need a recharge soon. Buffy and Xander talk about keeping Willow from killing Andrew or Jonathan and what is going to happen when they do actually find her. Willow pays Rack a visit and he starts to chat with her, but things don't go as he planned when she starts to suck the power from him. Clem finally gets Dawn to Rack's place and Dawn goes in to talk with him but finds Rack dead and a much more powerful Willow waiting for her.

Dawn is frightened by the new Willow and tries to get away, but Willow won't let her leave. Dawn mentions Tara, but it has little impact on Willow. Irritated with Dawn, Willow suggests ending Dawn's constant whining by sending her back to being a ball of energy, but Buffy arrives in time to stand in the way. Jonathan continues to offer help to Xander and Anya as they struggle to translate the book, but Xander suggests he get back to sitting down unless he can do the translating for them. Andrew wonders why Jonathan is helping their supposed enemy and suggests a plan to escape before Willow can get to them. Anya and Xander bicker about handling the situation with Willow and the sour turns their relationship took. Xander expresses his guilt about what's currently happening because he saw Warren's gun before he shot anyone and didn't do anything.

Buffy tries to reason with Willow and get Dawn out safely, but dark Willow's tired of being the old Willow because the only good part of that involved Tara. Willow doesn't buy Buffy's attempt to convince her life is worth living because she knows Buffy is anything but someone who wants to live. Willow transports the three of them into the magic box where Buffy and Dawn collapse to the floor and Willow turns her magic on Andrew and Jonathan. A protection barrier stops Willow from hurting the guys because Anya continuously chants a protection spell. Meanwhile, in Africa, a burned Spike finally manages to defeat his challenger, but he quickly finds out that that was only the first of many tests he must pass. Buffy tries to talk with Willow and stop her from hurting Andrew or Jonathan but Willow is relentless and casts a spell on herself to make herself strong. Buffy steps up to physically stop Willow but she's carelessly tossed aside. Buffy recovers quickly and returns the favor to Willow.

Xander and Dawn get Andrew and Jonathan out of the shop while Willow is down for a moment. The girls fight and Buffy pretty much gets her ass kicked because of Willow's magical advantage. Anya continues to chant the protection spell until Willow finds her and makes her stop. Andrew doesn't want to stay in Sunnydale where Willow can find him and wants to escape to Mexico, but Xander doesn't agree. Andrew rebels and pulls a sword on Xander, but Jonathan pulls a sword on Andrew and informs Andrew that they're not getting away, they're going to go back to jail. Willow tosses Anya aside and then does the same to Buffy, confident that no one can stop her now. Suddenly, a bright green light sends Willow flying across the shop and Giles appears in the doorway, willing to test her unstoppable power.

Written by Doug Petrie ~ Directed by Bill Norton

Original Air Date: May 21, 2002

Grave (6.22)

Willow starts to recover from Giles's attack, but Willow's not interested in his attempts to help. He tries to keep her down, but she's persistent and he's force to bind her and her magic with his powers. Giles offers his sympathies to Willow and then catches up with Buffy. Giles reveals that he was given power from a powerful coven to take down Willow. Buffy fills him in on everything he's missed and Giles reacts by laughing hysterically at what has happened. Willow communicates with Anya telepathically and tells her how to end the binding spell. Buffy and Giles continue to laugh about the luck of their lives and then talk about Buffy's feelings about being alive in the world. The subject goes back to Willow and Giles explains that the coven is trying to extract Willow's powers without killing her. Willow appears in the doorway, holding an unconscious Anya, and reveals that she's free of the binding spell.

Willow tosses Buffy aside and sends weapons flying at Giles. He blocks them though and sends her flying through a brick wall into the main room. Xander and Dawn talk and Xander lets it slip that Spike tried to rape Buffy, but Dawn is not quick to accept that. Spike wins another round in the cave and asks for whatever else the demon can dish out. He gets it when his body is suddenly covered in beetles. After several rounds that destroyed the magic shop and weakened Giles, Willow is confident in her strength and Giles tries one last attempt to hurt Willow by bringing up Tara and what her thoughts on the situation might be. Willow shows off a fireball that she sends off to find and destroy the remaining Trio. Buffy rushes off to try and stop the fireball before it hurts the guys. Willow lectures Giles while she slams his body repeatedly against the ceiling and the floor. He interrupts her with some magic but she doesn't let that stop her. She sucks the power from Giles's body and revels in the overflow in her body. The magic she took from him though is accompanied by an emotional burst that makes her feel so much that she decides it has to end; there's too much pain in the world and she must end it all.

Xander, Jonathan and Andrew try to break into crypts at the cemetery but they're interrupted as the giant fireball heads directly for them. Buffy races through the cemetery and tries to get everyone out of the way before they're hurt. After the fireball hits, Xander is knocked out, the ground shakes and opens up and Buffy and Dawn fall into a large hole. Andrew and Jonathan take the moment to escape and head for Mexico. Anya finally comes to and finds a weakened and dying Giles on the ground. He can feel Willow's presence and knows that she's going to end the world. Buffy tries to climb out of the hole but struggles and tries to pull coffins out of the surrounding dirt walls to stack and try to escape on. After Xander comes to, Buffy sends him to find some rope to help them get out.

Dawn questions why Buffy didn't tell her about what Spike did and tells her sister that she can't protect her from the world. Anya appears in the hole and updates Buffy on the situation with Willow. On a bluff elsewhere in town, Willow raises a temple out of the ground to help her with her plans. Anya explains how Willow is going to end the world and that Buffy cannot do anything to stop her. She leaves with the parting information that Giles is short on time. Willow talks to Buffy telepathically and Giles can also hear her as she speaks. Willow wants Buffy to die fighting and makes a lot of zombies come to life in the hole. Buffy tries to fight the zombies as best as she can and, outnumbered, Buffy asks Dawn to help.

Willow begins her magic on the cliff and the earth starts to shake all over town. Xander steps into Willow's way and tries to force her to stop the magic, but she tosses him aside. Giles wakes up and realizes that it's not as over as he thought it was. After one of the zombies attacks her, Dawn slays it with some pretty crafty moves, which she credits to watching her sister in action. Xander starts to talk to Willow and appeal to her emotions by reminding her of her past and telling her that he loves her and he'll stick by her side no matter what she does. She uses magic to physically wound him every time he tells her he loves her until the emotions drain her of her powers. Willow tearfully breaks down in Xander's arms as the magic drains from her and she returns to her usual red-haired appearance.

No longer on the edge of death, Giles wakes up and tells Anya that the magic he received was intended for Willow to steal. It tapped into her remaining emotions and gave Xander the chance to reach her humanity. Anya is shocked to find that Xander saved the world. Buffy starts to cry happy tears and Dawn questions whether she wanted the world to end. Buffy's sure that things are going to get better and she's now really ready to live. Buffy and Dawn climb out of the hole and check out the horizon while Xander continues to comfort Willow, the nerds get a ride to Mexico and Anya helps Giles to his feet and out of the destroyed shop. In Africa, Spike lies on the ground as the demon announces Spike has won the right to the prize he wanted. The demon places a hand on Spike's chest and he returns the vampire's soul.

Written by David Fury ~ Directed by James A. Contner

Original Air Date: May 21, 2002
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