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amy acker

  1. paradiselost

    Old gossips

    Hello guys! This is my first time posting something on here, but I'm sure you can help me clarify something that I "found out" and that shocked me af: it's true that Amy Acker and Joss Whedon had an affair back in the days? I mean, he always seemed kinda obsessed with her and surely loved/loves...
  2. A

    Performers Of The Month - May Winner: Outstanding Actress - Amy Acker

    Amy Acker was named May Performer of the month over at SpoilerTV. The article is a fantastic read for those interested. Excerpt: Much like their characters, Acker and Shahi always worked together like a perfect symphony and the fact that their last time sharing the screen together was during...
  3. A

    Amy Acker nominated in E!Online TVScoops Awards (Best Actress, Best Couple, Best Kiss + more)

    Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria on Angel) is literally all over those E!Online TVScoops awards for 2016. Her nominations are all relating to her role of Root on Person of Interest, but if any one of you have watched her on that show then you already know how badass she is on there. I figured since...
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