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  1. Wesxfred

    Question Was Season 4 really that bad?

    I want to start off by saying that I get why some people hate this season. The whole Cordelia thing is terrible and it ruins her character for me, but I would probably say the this Is my favourite season of either show *GASP* Ikr! I'm gonna tell you a few reasons why and feel free to comment x...
  2. C

    Buffy and Angelverse Fanfiction

    <div class="blockMessage blockMessage--important blockMessage--iconic u-noJsOnly">JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before...
  3. NeddaSai

    If Jasmine provided perfect happiness, how come Angel didn't turn?

    Just something I was thinking about, Jasmine provided everyone with contentment and happiness, how come Angel didnt turn into Angelus because of it? I thought maybe it's because it's fake happiness but he still turned into Angelus temporarily in Season 1 when he was drugged. Thoughts?
  4. TarasBoyfriend


    I just rewatched this episode and wanted to rant about it a bit. It’s a really good episode, one that always stands out in memory. There’s so much in this episode that propels the season forward and it comes about halfway through the season. I notice that is something a lot of new shows try to...
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Who should have been a victim of Angelus?

    Hi all! So Angelus comes back in S4 of Angel and really doesn't do much in terms of evil deeds. If we could up the stakes a little, who do you think should have died because of Angelus to miroir Jenny's loss on Btvs? Lets' discuss!
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    More Angelus?

    Hey all! I personnaly love Angelus and know a lot of you guys do too! I was wondering if you would have liked more Angelus in Btvs and Ats. If so, in what storyline would you had him? Would you create a new one just to have him shine? Let's discuss! :)
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Why Angelus didn't torment Connor?

    Hi all! So I was commenting on a thread and I realised that I would love to have your opinion on this. I was wondering if you think that Angelus should have been obsess with Connor like he was with Buffy in S2? In S4 Angel would love Connor the most and be as vulnerable to Angelus's pain as...
  8. Teddie Westside

    Souless vs with soul

    You're introduced to Angel at the beginning of Buffy Take his human past (Liam) His vampire past (Angelous) Then his vampire with a soul time on Buffy (Good Mopey Angel) Then on Angel (Bad Angel) [I mean when he got all epipanied off] Okay then there's Spike Abused poet (William)...
  9. E

    Why We Love Angel

    Thought we could start a nice positivity thread listing why we love this adorable, broody vampire! I'll kick off with some of my fave reasons to love Angel: Because he loves Barry Manilow Because he's ridiculously socially akward Because he imagines himself dancing like a frog in a blender...
  10. C

    Does Angel mention Angelus had feeling for Buffy to Faith??

    It was brought up on another topic that the comics mentioned Angel telling someone (Faith?) that Angelus felt the same for Buffy as he did? Does someone have the exact quote, or issue # I can look up. I believe it was this Season when Faith was questioning him about how in control he was during...
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