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  1. MarlieTheSlayer

    MarlieTheSlayer's art

    Not sure if I can call it art yet ;), but I wanted a place where I can drop some of my banners and stuff. My first banner, I've used this one for years :) Bangel end of days Bangel - One perfect day Bangel - Surprise me
  2. MarieVampSlayer


    Hi all! Ok so I don't know how to do a banner but I love the ones that I see here. Is there anybody who is willing to share one of his banners with me? I honestly don't have the skills to do it myself but would be eternaly greatful if someone had one to spare. I know a lot of you are great...
  3. Puppet

    Sharing my own banner art

    I have been looking for a place to do this, I make so many banners for my fanfic and they don't always get commented on, whether they're good or bad, and comments make me a better artist in the future :) Starting off, they will be somewhat Spuffy oriented, because those are the main fics I...
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