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dawn summer

  1. MarieVampSlayer

    Dawn's best & worst outfits

    Hi all, Ok first of all Dawn has gorgeous hair. But what about her outfits? Let's list little miss Muffet's best outfits! Here is one that I find adorable: It's not easy to pull-out this look but I think Dawn does it!
  2. M

    Did anyone else hate Dawn in this season?

    She was annoying as hell.. She was freaking 14! and was acting like a 3 years old brat! Just like how sometimes it pisses me off that parents don't do anything to discipline their bratty kids, I was annoyed that joyce or buffy didn't say anything to her if she was being a jerk or screaming.. or...
  3. J

    Counting down from 730....

    7.11.17: .I don't know if anyone else caught the hospital wall-clock, when Buffy emerges from her hospital room post Faith stating: "Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0. - The clock was approaching "7:30am" Just thought I'd share- didn't see that posted anywhere on that specific...
  4. deathtosaneppl

    Question Spike’s decision to get a soul

    Do you think that Spike’s decision to get a soul would have been more impactful and significant if he’d decided to get it not only for Buffy, but also for Dawn, and the Scoobies he’d learned to care about? In my head I’ve always had this idea that instead of Spike nearly raping Buffy (which in...
  5. Joan the Vampire Slayer

    What if Dawn had been a boy?

    What if Dawn had been a boy? Would that have changed anything? Do we think that Buffy would have still done what she did? Discuss!
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