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  1. A

    New Member to the forums

    Hi all, I am Adam and new to the board. My favorite character is probably Anya or Cordelia (female good guy wise) and Drusilla or Lilah for the "baddies". Male characters are Lorne and Angel. I am a 30 year old male who has been an AVID fan for nearly two decades, now. I joined to find my people...
  2. We out here

    Hewwo QwQ? I'm new ;w;

    Ah I'm kinda a newish fan of Buffy and started watching it in October QwQ,,,,, And I really love all the characters in it ((even the ones who act like awful trash who are also still very compelling characters )) ;w;" I'm on season 7 I'm also an artist!! ;;;;W;;; But I really like the series...
  3. Triss

    (Insert witty title here)

    Hello, I'm Triss, a fluctuating transmale British person. I love animals and my life revolves around my own collection of animal friends (four parrots, two rats, two snakes and a greyhound. I'm thinking of building an ark.) I also play the violin (badly) and Half-life 2 (still forlornly waiting...
  4. Monkey Pants


    I just created an account and wanted to post as soon as possible:). I love this board and have been reading threads here for awhile and really get a lot out of the lively and interesting discussions that get started here, and thought it was time to join the fun myself! I'm looking forward to...
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