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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    The hottest couples that never happened

    Hi all, What is your hottest couples in the Buffyverse that never happened (but totally should have)? For me its: Faith and Buffy for BTVS Gunn and Gwen for ATS What are yours?
  2. Anyanka Bunny Slayer

    GQ Magazine's most stylish man of 2017: Tom Hiddleston

    GQ magazine names Tom Hiddleston most stylish man of 2017 Two million votes have been counted, and GQ magazine has named actor Tom Hiddleston the 'Most Stylish Man of 2017'. "This year, the title goes to a Brit who wears a suit better than just about any other A-lister alive right now," GQ...
  3. Anyanka Bunny Slayer

    The utter perfection which is Boyd Holbrook

    He's simply breath-taking, and can be seen in "Logan." Somebody named Hugh Jackman is also in the film, I think. But who cares?!
  4. Anyanka Bunny Slayer

    Post a picture of the ONE perfect human

    Who is the one person on this earth that is sheer perfection in your eyes? Someone who you'd drop everything for, just to jump on their bones a few times...you understand. ;) Who's your hottie? Mine is Andy Biersack...not only is he GORGEOUS but he's REALLY tall Ooooh. Me want.
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