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  1. Moggin

    Make a Movie

    If you had to edit all 7 filmed seasons of Buffy into three separate epic films (similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), which characters and plots would keep? Which would you cut?
  2. G

    If you could meet anyone from season 1-3 who? Can only pick 3 girls and 3 boys who would it be?

    if you could meet 3 girl character and 3 boy character from buffy in real life who would it be from season 1 - 3 only and no spoilers from later season lol as only on season 3, episode 2
  3. G

    Please consider donating buffy DVD uk England

    Hi I'm new to this but basically everyone says that the remaster version is terrible and I can't seem to find any cheap DVD at moment if anyone from England and has unwanted DVD of buffy they don't want and are happy to give to me so I can watch all the seasons much appreciate stay safe everyone...
  4. Movie Marquee

    Movie Marquee

    A local movie theater by me always has something witty to follow movie titles. I was so excited when I saw this.
  5. DoomSlayer

    Artist Dedicated Buffy The Vampire Slayer Apparel

    Hey everyone im a designer who does alot of creative pieces and was watching the original Kristy Swanson Buffy Movie from 1992 not too long ago on tv again. So i created this design and wanted to share with everyone! Let me know what you think ?
  6. JCoatsworth

    Rate the last movie you've seen #17

    New thread! Bullitt - 8.5/10 One of my all-time favorites. McQueen is absolutely badass and I just looooove Lalo Schifrin's score. Oh, and that car chase. Damn.
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