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  1. telperion66

    My First Buffy Fan-Fiction (Introduction)

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at writing any kind of fan-fiction, and yes, of course it had to be for Buffy (one of my favourite shows, along with Angel) I hope you take the time to check it out. There's plenty more of where this came from, as I've got loads of time on my hands and I'm...
  2. buffynmarvel

    Bangel relationship

    Hello! :D What are people's thoughts on Buffy and Angel's relationship? I know it's a massive discussion in the fandom, and there's a reason I'm asking. I'm a writer, and I got into fan fiction last year and I absolutely love it :) I'm writing a Slayer / Marvel crossover with an OC Slayer...
  3. buffynmarvel


    I'm new to this forum. I've read things on here before but I've just signed up because I want to ask some questions and join in conversations with people on here :) So hello! How is everyone? I love Buffy and often re-watch a lot of episodes. Despite the age and bad CGI in a lot of ways, it will...
  4. We out here

    Hewwo QwQ? I'm new ;w;

    Ah I'm kinda a newish fan of Buffy and started watching it in October QwQ,,,,, And I really love all the characters in it ((even the ones who act like awful trash who are also still very compelling characters )) ;w;" I'm on season 7 I'm also an artist!! ;;;;W;;; But I really like the series...
  5. Ryan

    Hi :)

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and think the best way to start is to introduce myself and get to know everyone :) I'm Ryan. I live in Ireland and have been a fan of Buffy for the past 15 years. I was 10 years old when I became aware of the show, just as it was ending. I watched all the re-runs and...
  6. NevadaHighElf

    Hi, I'm Nevada

    Hi humans, my name is Nevada. I am a completely insane high elf yakuza samurai that don't make no kinds of sense. I like katanas, and i'm insane and awkard. How are you peoples?
  7. nicolemccormick

    I want to be adopted??

    helllllo, I'm new, obviously! I thought this was a cool idea and was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer any of my questions and show me how to work this interesting site. Thanks!
  8. M

    Hey!! :D

    Hey everyone, it's nice to be here. I'm 20 years old and I have been obsessed with Buffy ever since i was like 8. However, at that time, I didn't really understand the show but only watched it for Sarah Michelle Gellar because after watching scooby-doo 2, my first ever non-animated movie, I fell...
  9. M

    New Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game!

    Hey everyone, so I made a 2D buffy game in which you can choose between buffy, xander and willow.. Each have their own strength/weapon and weakness. As you go on with the game, it becomes harder and harder.. You basically earn points by killing or by passing through difficult parts of the game...
  10. VampireStanner

    New Slayer Stan

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this whole forum thing, I'm honestly new to forums in generals, but the buffyverse has been so crazy interesting to me that I NEEDED to discuss it. I am currently still on Season 5 (scared to binge watch and have it end NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!) However, once I finish...
  11. Tara MacSlay

    Another newbie dropping by to say hi (huh, that rhymes)

    Hello everyone, I'm Jessica from Scotland and I am all about the Buffy! After falling in love with the show many years ago and recently re-watching it and re-re-watching it (twice), I've started reading the comics and have just bought the Angel boxset since you can never have enough Buffyverse...
  12. DarkGoddess

    Well hello there!

    Newly registered, long time lurker. Been watching the show since I was 9-10, now almost 21. My all time fav is Willow, but over the time(and many, many viewings) I came to love pretty much every character. English is not my first language, I'm trying to write some fics but not sure if I'd...
  13. Willow Faith

    Hi, it's my first day

    I'm a new member and would like to be adopted... Thank you in advance...
  14. Monkey Pants


    I just created an account and wanted to post as soon as possible:). I love this board and have been reading threads here for awhile and really get a lot out of the lively and interesting discussions that get started here, and thought it was time to join the fun myself! I'm looking forward to...
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