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powers that be

  1. EarthLogic

    Why was Angel sent that vision of the Black Thorn?

    Angel's last stand in Not Fade Away gets talked about a lot in terms of whether it was a good reiteration of the message of the show or whether it was really a futile exercise that in fact betrayed their core mission. But I haven't seen as much discussion about why the Powers sent Angel that...
  2. M

    Question Was it Jasmine who sent visions to Cordelia?

    Hello, I'm rewatching Angel season 4 and I have a doubt: in episode 4x17 Skip says that Jasmine managed events in order to make her birth possible: Connor's birth, Darla's resurrection, and most important Cordelia coming to LA, meeting Angel and getting visions from Doyle: without visions, she...
  3. Poetic Life

    Spoiler! Did Lorne Know?

    Lorne can read people as they sing, and can see a few of their possible destinies. I've got that. Depending on what part of their life they're in and what choices they still have to make, not everything is clear. I've got that. But Angel and the rest of them sang for him multiple times and...
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