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scooby gang

  1. telperion66

    The Library as Scooby HQ

    Following on from the thread I posted about Giles' apartment being a great spot for the scooby HQ in season four, I thought I'd post this follow up post about the library. So, the library... Where to begin? During seasons 1, 2 and 3 it was the cornerstone of all concocted plans by the core...
  2. telperion66

    The joy of the Season One scooby dynamics

    The main reason I can always rely on this season to lift my spirits and entertain me is the dynamics of the group during this period. Buffy, as the central character, is still far from the trodden-down, worn-down shell of herself that she becomes in the later seasons. In season one, she is...
  3. telperion66

    Giles' house as Scooby HQ

    During the first three seasons of BTVS, the school library was where the Scoobies always hung out, concocting schemes and plans, generally socialising and entertaining us. Moving into season four, notice how much time they spend at Giles' house. I think its a great place for us to watch the...
  4. B

    Wouldn't it have been nice if Xander appeared on Angel?

    I don't care what the rest of the producers thinked, but having Xander appear on an episode of Angel, would've brought a proper closure to the Cordy-Xander relationship, it would give a sense that Xander still cared for Cordelia, even though they were no longer together. He could even open up...
  5. B

    Buffy destroying property

    I've always wondered why nothing was ever said about buffy and the gang destroying sunnydale property several times. Like the mall with the rocket launcher, blowing up the school at the end of season 3. The bronze in season 5 though that wasn't all caused by them. I know there's a few more...
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