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season 1

  1. telperion66

    Buffy's weakness for boys in season 1

    Hi guys, I've watched BTVS and Angel forever. One thing that I just pieced together as it were is something we learn about Buffy's character early in season one. Clearly from the onset, there is a romantic attraction between Angel and Buffy, but in the episode 'Never Kill A Boy On The First...
  2. Madido24

    Buffy Pros and Cons

    BUFFY PROS AND CONS I noticed people reviewing each season through pros and cons and I have decided to do the same as I find it more readable for another reader and more practical for me. First off, I would like to say that I love BTVS. It has marked me quite later in late 2018 when it was...
  3. danzalthar

    What was your initial, very first reaction to Buffy?

    October 19th, 2008. A network TV channel started airing the first two seasons of Buffy on Sunday afternoons. I had seen the movie but only knew the series by name, from the X-Men comics Joss Whedon had penned and some mentions here and there (like on a magazine announcing James Marsters as...
  4. G

    How scary is Buffy?

    planning on watching first ep but during the theme song there were spiders i love horror but hate spider so if anyone can advise much appreciated
  5. Gris

    Rewatching Season 1 after 10 years

    It's been ten years since I last watched Buffy. I was 14 when I discovered this amazing, cool, dark, witty show that I loved so much. It was part of a time of self discovery and growth and I cherish it for that. It's something I know I adored but time passes and you move on. Or so I thought...
  6. B

    why didn't Buffy season 1 have Oz and Jonathan?

    Well as I'm looking at the show, & those characters weren't introduced until S2E4 ("Inca Mummy Girl") Why didn't season 1 of Buffy have Oz and Jonathan (although he appeared in the "unaired 1996 pilot") in it?
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    If Angel had been patient...

    Hi all! Ok so first if you haven't watched all the Buffy season please leave if you don't want any spoilers! So I just rewatched the episode I will remember you and I just had a thought. Knowing that Buffy gives the slayer power to all the potentials in chosen and that she had the possibility...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Jesse - Why we forgot about him?

    Hey all, Ok so we can all agree that killing Jesse in S1 was supposed to be shocking for the characters, a way to say that slaying is dangerous and anybody could die (Yeah Lost, Buffy did it first!). Watching Welcome to the hellmouth for the first time, we didn't know that Jesse wasn't going to...
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