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Discussion of Buffy 9.02 "Freefall: Part 2"- Released 10/12/11 (Dark Horse)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
I'm loving this new guy - cool addition to the series.

I liked this one, but Dawn and Xander are being super jerky to not let Buffy stay with them. Very season 7 reminiscent. And Willow needs to grow up and deal with how the world is now. It's not Buffy's problem that she doesn't have magic anymore. Get over it.


Riley's BFF
Oct 28, 2010
Los Angeles
Willow seems whiny in this issue. You base your whole identity in your magic...we get it.

Sucks that Xander and Dawn would kick Buffy out. Gone are the days when the Scoobies were a team and had each others backs. :(

Stake fodder

What about my me?
Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Times have changed: Spike tries to reason with the loan demon, while Buffy just wants to kill it. Very soulful of Spike! Willow just comes off as sanctimonious, and also like she knows something she's not telling. Meanwhile, Spike keeps coming around to tell what he doesn't know!

Great, now Buffy will have a arrest-warrant demon on her tail, as well as one for her loan! But I guess the party's over for Buffy, so to speak, and it's back to her regular life.

I thought like others here that it was a shame to get no back-up from Dawn and Xander, who react with a shrug to her fugitive status. But I don't know, maybe Buffy is starting to be the relative/friend who seems like she will never get her act together, and keeps bringing the drama to your house. I don't think that's fair to Buffy, though. Spike really is starting to seem like Buffy's only loyal friend.

I'm unclear how the male Slayer (if he is) killed a vampire(?) by snapping its neck, when that has never worked before.

Can anyone tell me if I should be reading "Angel & Faith" in tandem, or does it matter if I go through the S9 Buffy first?

P.S. to @Priceless: I had no luck finding "Magical Mystery Tour." My library doesn't have this volume, so I am using another source, and I couldn't find it there.


Jan 25, 2016
Can anyone tell me if I should be reading "Angel & Faith" in tandem, or does it matter if I go through the S9 Buffy first?
You don't have to read them together, but Spike does go over to A&F at some point (hope that isn't too much of a spoiler as I can't remember how you do spoilers on here) though it doesn't really affect the stories, IIRC.
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