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  1. anya my queen.gif

    anya my queen.gif

    wow have you ever seen someone so perfect
  2. The Mayor

    Anya, the vengeance demon turned adorable bunny-fearing human

    Anya quickly became a favorite character of mine throughout season five and six. She is so weird and seemingly alien due to her thousand year existence as a vengeance demon. Leave it to Xander (former boyfriend to a mummy and plaything to a praying mantis woman) to bring out the humanity in...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's worst outfits

    Hi all, Did Anya have any bad outfits? Let's find out together! Here is one that I don't 100% agree with: I couldn't find the whole outfit but oriental leppard top is a no for me!
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's best outfits

    Hi all, So it was logical for me that our favorite ex-demon would have a best outfits thread of her own! Come here and post her best looks (or funniest)! Here is one of mine! Ok her first look had to be this dress, she looks perfect in this!
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