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  1. Foxy

    Foxy's 30 days of Buffy Art & Writing Challenge

    Hey all, I want to push my creative boundaries a bit so I want to do a 30 day art/writing challenge. Most of you know that I love to draw/paint, but few know that I used to dabble in writing, as well (quite horribly at that). So, I thought let's push myself to develop a bit. I have made myself...
  2. MarlieTheSlayer

    MarlieTheSlayer's art

    Not sure if I can call it art yet ;), but I wanted a place where I can drop some of my banners and stuff. My first banner, I've used this one for years :) Bangel end of days Bangel - One perfect day Bangel - Surprise me
  3. Puppet

    Sharing my own banner art

    I have been looking for a place to do this, I make so many banners for my fanfic and they don't always get commented on, whether they're good or bad, and comments make me a better artist in the future :) Starting off, they will be somewhat Spuffy oriented, because those are the main fics I...
  4. Guy

    Help Avater help

    Um, if anyone has the time and feels like it, I'd be eternally grateful if you could make this pic more Avatar-worthy: Not anything huge, just some color-tinkering. Make the colors less gray and bland - but don't make it too colorful either. If it could look the way the show looked...
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