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  1. Miss Muffet

    Fanfiction Challenges

    I recently saw a thread with this, but... it's dead and I can't reply to it. So here's a new one! If anyone has a fanfic idea, but don't want to do it themselves, or if they have a cool challenge, here's a place to put it. And if you want to do one, make sure you tell the poster. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Foxy

    Foxy's 30 days of Buffy Art & Writing Challenge

    Hey all, I want to push my creative boundaries a bit so I want to do a 30 day art/writing challenge. Most of you know that I love to draw/paint, but few know that I used to dabble in writing, as well (quite horribly at that). So, I thought let's push myself to develop a bit. I have made myself...
  3. CharlieGunn1

    Recast Challenge No. 1: Drusilla

    You've been tasked with recasting the part of Drusilla. Who would you pic and why? Let the games begin!
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