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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    Why do you like it?

    Hi all! So I know a lot of you love Firefly and I just can't seem to agree with you guys. BUT! Since I like to challenge my initial ideas I wanted to know why you guys like it so much and how much it impacted your life. I'm trying to see it in another light so there go change my mind!
  2. PaulParmar1

    Friendships on Firefly

    the series is so short but what's your fav friendship on firefly that was formed through its 14 episode run & the movie? I gotta say I'm loving Inara& Kaylee's friendship the best :)!!! Two strong women!
  3. PaulParmar1

    Firefly First Time

    Alright I'm watching Firefly for the first time!!! Gotta love that Whedonverse :D So basically I've finished episode 1 now and I'll be updating it to finish the rest of the series & then I'll be reviewing the movie too! So my thoughts on episode 1 & the series so far LOVE the series so far...
  4. Lionness

    CSTS auction on NOW

    I meant to get over here sooner but it's been so busy getting this HUUUGE auction up and running! All money raised is going to Equality Now - Joss's favourite charity. We have over 50 lots from rare promo items to things Joss signed just for us. We also have signed pictures from Sarah Michelle...
  5. jinzoxhayato

    A Whedon Verse Convention

    So when I was at SDCC this year, I stumbled on this group. It's convention ran by experienced con fans of the whole whedon verse. I was talking and joss has known to show up to their events before. The doctor horrible sing along sold out when joss confirmed he was going to that...
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