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  1. cateddy

    Question HELP! I have no idea what to read

    Im currently watching the Buffy tv show and know there are comics, but I'm really more of a book person. I've seen that there are quite a few books and comics about angel, buffy etc... but I have only really seen people talk about the comics. Are the books worth reading or not? also if they are...
  2. AshSlays

    The search for the Marsters Spike comic

    So I was listening to cast interviews around when I finished BtVS about the comics and show. I remember listening to this one interview(No, I can't find it anywhere I look) of both Whedon and Marsters where they talked about the Spike special comic they co-wrote. That day, I knew that I needed...
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Question - how to reply on threads

    Hi all, I am new here so bare with me. I know how to reply to all on threads but I can't seem to find how to only one member ( you know the little comments en small characters). Anyway, I need help! Thank you! MarieVampSlayer
  4. Guy

    Help Avater help

    Um, if anyone has the time and feels like it, I'd be eternally grateful if you could make this pic more Avatar-worthy: Not anything huge, just some color-tinkering. Make the colors less gray and bland - but don't make it too colorful either. If it could look the way the show looked...
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