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  1. Twinkie

    What's a show or movie you used to love but upon rewatching you don't love it anymore

    I went back to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D rabbit hole and I just realised I don't love it anymore. I could go into detail on why I fell out of love with it but it would be a long thread. I am just curious what's your guys?
  2. VCA

    References to Buffy or AtS in other TV shows/movies

    I was watching Bones yesterday and caught this small reference to the Hyperion Hotel from AtS which made me smile: Have you guys found any other TV shows/movies that make Buffy or AtS references? Feel free to add them here! :)
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Opinion on Repo! The Genetic opera movie

    Hi all, So I am debating on whether or not I should watch this move. ASH is in it and I just love his voice but the overall critics on this movies says it's horrible. What do you think fellow BB? Should I give it a try? FYI I do love musical in general. Thanks!
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    What television trope are you tired of ?

    Hi all! So since we know that Buffy was created after the tired trope of the blonde girl dying first, I was wondering what televion or movie trope are you tired of? The first one that comes to mine is Chubby lazy husband with Hot nagging wife. What are yours?
  5. JCoatsworth

    Rate the last movie you've seen #17

    New thread! Bullitt - 8.5/10 One of my all-time favorites. McQueen is absolutely badass and I just looooove Lalo Schifrin's score. Oh, and that car chase. Damn.
  6. gite63

    Foreign Movies

    Do you like to watch foreign movies? The ones you have to read subtitles? I love Italian Roberto Benigni and almost all his movies, and French Jacques Tati and all his movies... I use to watch Eurochannel, and I like a lot Italian, French, Russian, Finnish, Slavic movies; but till today, I've...
  7. JCoatsworth

    Movie Thread: Hidden Gems

    So, I came across this gif... ...and I began thinking about my personal hidden movie gems. Movies which I like but nobody else seems to like, know, or care about. Here are some of mine: Chinese Coffee Zero Effect De grønne slagtere The Spanish Prisoner Thief Coma Halloween III: Season of...
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