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sarah michelle gellar

  1. danzalthar

    Who else *needs* Sarah Michelle Gellar on screen?

    Supernatural has just come to an end with several apparitions from Buffyverse stars as one of its many nods to the show that is a reason this series exists. However, it's always bothered me how - among all of them - Eric Kripke never called Sarah Michelle Gellar in for an episode in 15 years -...
  2. G

    Anyone want to do a Cruel intentions film watch along

    Hi everyone I was wondering weather anyone wanted to do a cruel intentions movie watch along? We all click play at around same time and have a group chat or something to message each other throughout the movie. But no spoiler from buffy as I'm still on season 1 sorry for inconvenience but...
  3. Buffythehero

    The debate if Sarah did any of her own stunts

    Hi, I’m new here so I apologise if I accidentally break any rules. Anyway, I’ve always heard the rumours about Sarah being the reason Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford got fired/or left and decided to have a really good luck into it... I looked on Jeff YouTube channel and under one of his videos...
  4. Taake

    Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in ”Other People’s Houses”

    New show for SMG - guessing the ”Sometimes I lie” thing fell apart? Or at least hasn’t come to fruition yet. Her new show is a dramedy created for Fox, also inspired by a book! She shared this on her insta Not much info yet though, but nice to see she’s eager to get back to TV if she...
  5. pic.jpg


    Ain't that neat, luv?
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Sarah Michelle Gellar's best moments in Buffy

    Hi all, I have noticed that Sarah is rarely the first person menton when we do a best actor/actress list on this show.However, I think it is fare to say that she did carry beautifully the Buffy show on her shoulders and showed us that she was an amazing actress who can really play anything! In...
  7. jw-ew_07-sarah-michelle-gellar-library.jpg


    EW 20th Reunion Cover
  8. jw-ew_01-cover.jpg


    EW 20th Reunion Cover
  9. Mrs Gordo

    Sharing the Bangel love...

    I just thought we could use a place to share miscellaneous thoughts, quotes, art, gifs sets, and other Bangel positive things that we see around the web. Let me start by sharing this :)
  10. M

    Why Buffy is still relevant for teenagers and others

    Lessons and metaphors in Buffy seasons that discuss issues still relevant to people (first two seasons, most specifically for teens) today.. And here's why the show holds up very well.. every teen still faces these problems to this day!
  11. M

    Connection between buffy and all my children! FAN THEORY

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and All My Children Connection Fan theory! So I was on reddit and came across a very interested fan theory on Buffy, in normal again episode, we never really get to know which world was right or wrong.. According to this theory, Buffy ended up choosing the wrong world...
  12. M

    Certain errors/issues with buffy the vampire slayer?

    So I wanted to ask, what do you guys think about certain issues with buffy mentioned in the video below? Also, this is only for fun and discussion... I love digging into shows and just coming up with some creative fan theories.. So this isn't me dissing buffy, If you have read my previous...
  13. M

    would the show have been different if xander didn't lie?

    I was just wondering, in season 2, do u think Buffy would have done something different if xander had told her the truth about willow performing the spell to restore Angel's soul?
  14. M

    Did Sarah REALLY perform her some of her own stunts?

    So I know everyone says she does but here's the thing, her old stunt-double was sick of her and said Sarah had some attitude problems. Even her husband said sarah was a diva back then which is why they left the show together after season 4 (or were fired idk). I read that woman's article where...
  15. MasterXPosed

    Sarah Michelle Gellar for Pilates Style Magazine

    Just thought i'd post this! Hits stands today. She looks amazing, and i'm happy to see her making a comeback in magazines. She hasn't done one in a long time.
  16. MasterXPosed

    I met Sarah Michelle Gellar!

    It was such an amazing day. One of the best days of my life. Someone that i've admired/loved for years. The experience wasn't entirely the best tho. Staff said no touching at all, no hugs, no handshakes. and autograph tickets were sold out so you were not allowed to talk to her without paying...
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