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Did Lorne feel OOC in Not Fade Away?


Feb 6, 2004
I don't think it was out of character for him, because as has been mentioned, he agreed to commit to the mission. It would have been OOC if he showed no remorse, but he left Angel and the team, because he knew he could never do something like that again. I don't remember if Lorne mentions his feelings about the event at all in After the Fall. Maybe that could provide some more insight too.

Also, I once read, and thought it was a pretty awesome realization...when Lorne meets Lindsay for the first time after he sings, Lorne says, "Well, you know what they say, the hand is quicker than the eye. You'll get that later." Someone said Lorne knew at that moment what was to come. Maybe Lorne didn't know he was going to have to do it himself, otherwise I don't think he would have made such a light comment. In the context of that episode you would assume he was talking about the hand and eye that W&H gave to Lindsay and the other guy, but maybe it wasn't. Granted I'm sure the writers had no idea what was to come, but I thought it was an interesting way to watch that scene.


"Hi honey, I'm home"
Staff member
Jul 31, 2018
He's meant to be OOC in killing Lindsey so it doesn't matter and I don't see it as OOC if it's meant to be that way. Lorne feels horrible after he did it.


Jul 26, 2018
Self-defense or not, she killed people who were genuinely trying to save the world. And she didn't give them a second thought. If you hate the thought of killing people, knowing that it is in self-defense doesn't mean anything, And she tried to kill Faith - and was lucky she didn't succeed - to save Angel and because Faith had to be stopped. Which is exactly what Lorne was doing. If Buffy had killed Ben when Giles told her to, she would've stopped Glory from even starting the ritual which Doc hijacked. Regardless of the portal, killing Ben was always going to be a necessity in order to fully stop Glory from future attempts to kill Dawn and destroy the world.

He tried to hit Connor with a heavy object because he was annoyed by him (he was also trying to prove that the no demon violence spell worked). He also begrudgingly joined Angel, Wesley and Gunn when they tried to take down the Beast. He may not have been a fan of violence but he helped people who used it often so he couldn't have objected that much to it.

And how do you know he spent his entire time on Earth trying not to be a killer? I think he, like most people, never thought he'd have to worry about killing anyone in the first place. It's a low bar to set - avoiding becoming a murderer.
Buffy killed the knights because they were trying to preemptively murder an innocent child to prevent something that may or may not ever happen. They were closer to Lorne in that scenario, not her.

Angel was going to die that day from Faith's poison. It wasn't some vague she-might-hurt-someone-someday guesstimate. It was up there with sending Angel to Hell and being ready to kill Dark Willow, do this right now or they'll be an immediate death from her inaction. Buffy almost died from letting Angel feed. Had she died, that death would've been Faith's doing.

Buffy is a soldier. The reason she kills someone--self defense and the defense of others--does matter to her. The only kills she's been against were the cold blooded & revenge ones. She has always seen killing humans as justifiable if there isn't another way to stop them. Such as tricking the snipers into shooting each other.

There was only another minute or two left to do the ritual and after beating Glory she went straight up to rescue Dawn. Killing Ben would not have saved the world. Had Ben turned back into Glory while Buffy & Dawn were back on the ground and she'd continued to try to attack, then Buffy probably would've killed Ben. When did Giles tell Buffy to kill Ben? He said to kill Dawn.
Oct 23, 2018
I think it was shocking that he killed Lindsey - and I think it was shocking that Angel asked him to do it, but his utter distaste for the task - and his setting the line, that he would do this thing but then Angel could ask no more of him, were believable as the reaction his character would have when forced to complete such a task.

I always found the snippets of conversation, in Power Play and NFA, where Lorne is always the last one to trust Angel - and still doubts him, far more OOC. Especially as he is the only one in the team that can read auras and divine people's true intentions.
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