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Question Spuffy lovers: How and when did you fall in love with Spuffy?


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
I think that I truly fell in love with them in. S7. Before that, I was just deeply attracted to their physical chemistry. But they showed me that there was much more to it and I love them because of that.
Yes, I agree completely with you. I have conflicted feelings about their relationship though.

The possibility of a relationship was played for laughs in S5. His unhealthy and obsessive personality was played to show him as pathetic, ridiculous and gross, which I’m fine with, he’s a great comic relief. I still wanted to see them together to explore that possibility.

In S6, it’s pushed to another level. There’s no denying that their on-screen chemistry is amazing, but he’s still pathetic but now at a different level (doormat pathetic) and manipulative, while she’s trying to find a way out of her depression. And the writers finally decided to show how dangerous obsession can be in real life. With the AR scene, we’re reminded that Spike’s obsession is not cute nor funny.

I like that he gets his soul to be what she deserves and that he has to go through the redemption arc. But I think that Spike losses a lot of his initial appeal. I still love that he wants to be better for her and it’s a really cute relationship this season -- that I adore much more than their physical relationship in S6.

But my conflicted feelings come from the fact that we have to give up a lot of what Spike was for him to be deserving of her love and that Buffy has to be cut-off from her friends to be more accepting of that love. So, he loses a lot of his attractive personality (I loved him as evil and manipulative pre-S5) and they strip away her family (another element that made this show great pre-S7). I often wonder if it could have been written differently and still have them together at the end. But without his soul and redemption and without her being somehow open to accept his love, I don’t see how.

That’s why I say that I can’t see my love for them as completely rational. So, I have accepted that I love the fairytale (with dark and toxic undertones) that was present to us from S5-S7. And I can sympathize with those who prefer the other fairytale presented from S1-S3.
This is a pretty good summary and a great way to distinguish Bangel from Spuffy as two different stories.


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
When I fell in love with the ship and when I started shipping it are two very different things, just thought I'd add that. So I guess I'll answer the only one I can, which is the second one.

Back porch scene at the end of Fool for Love.
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