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What's a show or movie you used to love but upon rewatching you don't love it anymore


Apr 2, 2020
I feel bad for writing this here but honestly Angel

I just find it’s pacing and plotting consistently terrible. It teases arcs then drops them or concludes them in a rather ham fisted way. Also it’s attempts at doing ‘dark’ which I ate up as a moody teen I now find I just eyeroll at the hilarious pretentiousness of it. Redefinition is the absolute pinnacle of this, the voiceovers, the training montages, the ‘Angel’s so dark he’s even smoking’ shot, the OTT acting from Juliet and Julie (who are usually great) after they’re set on fire and the melodramatic ‘what was that?’ Like really Darla it’s just an extra moody Angel. The whole thing is almost a parody

I have the same issues with AtS as a whole as I do with BTVS S6 where it’s putting the characters into ‘dark’ situations without really planning how they were going to have to deal with the ramifications of it. Like Beige Angel has his epiphany and then he’s just goofier than ever and everyone largely just shrugs off his actions, the endless tedious S3/4 character relationship destruction having to be totally retconned to even have a S5, Cordy’s ridiculous ascension, production seemingly desperate to write off Connor as quick as they created him and making almost zero effort to give his character any depth beyond angry traumatised teen.

Wolfram and Hart are easily the worst written ‘big bad’ of the entire Buffyverse. Their plans and motivations make no sense and change from episode to episode. There’s almost no consistency there. It suffered from the show trying too hard to be ‘grey area’ and complex except they just ended up with it just becoming a convoluted mess. The show as a whole would have majorly benefited from tighter storytelling and planning

When you have to basically retcon 2 seasons of stories and character actions you know you majorly F’d up in the writing and planning department
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Feb 16, 2022
Westchester, NY
I used to love Spider-Man Far From Home, but I cannot stand that movie now. The idea of watching it is just straight up boring, and that stinks because I’m a big Spider-Fan 😭

The irony is a movie I used to hate, Amazing Spider-Man 2, is probably my favorite of the Spidey flicks now. They got so much right in that movie. Too bad YouTube amateur critics spread awful publicity about it and caused it to fail. The 3rd could have been even better
Amazing Spider Man 2 is my third favourite Spiderman film, I didn't understand why people hated it.
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