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  1. buffynmarvel

    Question Anyone want to beta read my Marvel/Slayer crossover?

    Hi! 😊 I write a Marvel/Slayer crossover where OC Slayer, Selene Teresi, is Tony Stark's daughter. Picks up from Season Two of the series. I'm wondering if someone wants to beta read the episodes as I finish them? I'm currently working with a writing coach on an original novel until August...
  2. J

    Buffy/angel fanfics

    Hey , I am looking for fanfic B/A a lot of the sites are gone now. Would anyone have any threads they could share ? Also there was an author Akay I read years ago fics from Akay but can’t find any links that aren’t dead , wonder if anyone can help?
  3. buffynmarvel

    Angel's apartment (Buffy S1)

    Hi! Not sure if this is in the right category. Apologies if it isn't! I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about Angel's apartment in Buffy season one? I've been on the Fandom site and Google for images, but can't find what I'm after. We see the cement steps leading down to it, and it's...
  4. janas

    janas art stuff

    Well let's start with them 😘❤
  5. buffynmarvel

    Fan Fiction on Wattpad

    Hi! I hope this is the right place to post this. If anyone's interested, I've uploaded Part One of Slayer on Wattpad. Its rated Mature for violent imagery just to be safe. And heads up, Angel is in this because I love their relationship. It will semi-follow the series as of Part Two, but I'll...
  6. HushSarah

    Question Does anyone know if Angelus raped as well as tortured?

    Does anyone know if/when/what scene during rewatching the series (Season 2 specifically) if Angelus in his darker days had ever raped as well as tortured anyone? I bring this up because (and I keep my distance from FB groups) it's been implied/mentioned allegedly that Angelus had raped his...
  7. Miss Muffet

    Least Angst-y Bangel Episode

    What's an episode of BtVS (or AtS) that has good Bangel moments, but not a lot of angst? (Preferably one where they have more than one scene together) Thanks!
  8. buffynmarvel

    Bangel relationship

    Hello! :D What are people's thoughts on Buffy and Angel's relationship? I know it's a massive discussion in the fandom, and there's a reason I'm asking. I'm a writer, and I got into fan fiction last year and I absolutely love it :) I'm writing a Slayer / Marvel crossover with an OC Slayer...
  9. Miss Muffet

    Bangel FanFics You Would Show Spuffies

    Hypothetical situation: You have a Spuffy friends who agrees to let you show them two Bangel fanfics, one short and one long, in order to help show them why you like Bangel. Which ones do you show them?
  10. IndianaSolo221

    My Thoughts on Bangel/Spuffy

    Hey! I just wanted to start out with a post discussing how I feel about the Bangel/Spuffy ships, particularly in relation to the fanbase and fanfictions. As a sidenote: I'm pretty sure this is in the right place, but my apologies if it's not! Something I've noticed, particularly in Spuffy...
  11. Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Angel returns to Sunnydale in BtVS S5E17 after hearing about Joyce's death.
  12. Angel character design

    Angel character design

  13. Mrs Gordo


    I figured since our little section here has been quiet as of late, I'd pop in and ask you all about the new Boom!Bangel developments. For those of you catching up, Buffy and Angel have finally met in the new comics and are working together in Hellmouth (2019) #1: So here are a few questions...
  14. B

    New member, old fan

    Hey all! I’ve been a Buffy fan more or less since the beginning. I remember sneakily watching a couple of episodes with a friend because our parents thought it was too scary for us (then finding out they were sneakily watching it on and off lol). After School Hard I properly started watching it...
  15. Mrs Gordo

    Sharing the Bangel love...

    I just thought we could use a place to share miscellaneous thoughts, quotes, art, gifs sets, and other Bangel positive things that we see around the web. Let me start by sharing this :)
  16. Mrs Gordo

    B/A manifesto

    This has been posted here before a while ago, I just recently re-read it and I wanted to see what you all thought of it. This is a Manifesto on B/A By Lettered: B/A Thingy A rant, a squee, and an essay walked into a bar and produced this meta-cle miracle. lynnenne says beautifully in...
  17. Mrs Gordo

    Can Buffy and Angel be friends?

    Spike once famously said, a long long time ago (in a buffyverse far far away), that Angel and Buffy weren't friends and they would never be friends. Do you think that holds up today? Taking into account all of their history as well as where their characters are today, how things have...
  18. MarieVampSlayer

    Bangel gifs

    Ok so I might be copying the Spuffies but hey I really want to see your favorite Bangel gifs! Here one to start:
  19. T

    The real Reason Spike decided to get a soul?

    Hey everyone I'm new here. The general consensus among people (especially Spuffy shippers) is that Spike got a soul for Buffy. But I've been doing a re-watch of Buffy and I don't really think that's the case. I believe Spike got a soul for himself. The lore of the show is that vampires could...
  20. RachM

    Why Bangel Endures

    BtVS has been off the air for close to fifteen years and the Bangel relationship was technically over in Season 3, yet Buffy and Angel as a couple still endure. They are often listed (in very high spots) on “Best TV Couples” lists, referenced in popular culture and almost always brought up...
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