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  1. IndianaSolo221

    My Thoughts on Bangel/Spuffy

    Hey! I just wanted to start out with a post discussing how I feel about the Bangel/Spuffy ships, particularly in relation to the fanbase and fanfictions. As a sidenote: I'm pretty sure this is in the right place, but my apologies if it's not! Something I've noticed, particularly in Spuffy...
  2. Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Buffy and Angel in "Forever"

    Angel returns to Sunnydale in BtVS S5E17 after hearing about Joyce's death.
  3. Angel character design

    Angel character design

  4. Mrs Gordo


    I figured since our little section here has been quiet as of late, I'd pop in and ask you all about the new Boom!Bangel developments. For those of you catching up, Buffy and Angel have finally met in the new comics and are working together in Hellmouth (2019) #1: So here are a few questions...
  5. B

    New member, old fan

    Hey all! I’ve been a Buffy fan more or less since the beginning. I remember sneakily watching a couple of episodes with a friend because our parents thought it was too scary for us (then finding out they were sneakily watching it on and off lol). After School Hard I properly started watching it...
  6. Mrs Gordo

    Sharing the Bangel love...

    I just thought we could use a place to share miscellaneous thoughts, quotes, art, gifs sets, and other Bangel positive things that we see around the web. Let me start by sharing this :)
  7. Mrs Gordo

    B/A manifesto

    This has been posted here before a while ago, I just recently re-read it and I wanted to see what you all thought of it. This is a Manifesto on B/A By Lettered: B/A Thingy A rant, a squee, and an essay walked into a bar and produced this meta-cle miracle. lynnenne says beautifully in...
  8. Mrs Gordo

    Can Buffy and Angel be friends?

    Spike once famously said, a long long time ago (in a buffyverse far far away), that Angel and Buffy weren't friends and they would never be friends. Do you think that holds up today? Taking into account all of their history as well as where their characters are today, how things have...
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Bangel gifs

    Ok so I might be copying the Spuffies but hey I really want to see your favorite Bangel gifs! Here one to start:
  10. T

    The real Reason Spike decided to get a soul?

    Hey everyone I'm new here. The general consensus among people (especially Spuffy shippers) is that Spike got a soul for Buffy. But I've been doing a re-watch of Buffy and I don't really think that's the case. I believe Spike got a soul for himself. The lore of the show is that vampires could...
  11. RachM

    Why Bangel Endures

    BtVS has been off the air for close to fifteen years and the Bangel relationship was technically over in Season 3, yet Buffy and Angel as a couple still endure. They are often listed (in very high spots) on “Best TV Couples” lists, referenced in popular culture and almost always brought up...
  12. MarieVampSlayer

    Spuffy AND Bangel!

    Hi all! So I might be the only one but I do love Spuffy and Bangel. I feel like Buffy needed both Angel and Spike in her life and that she can love them both in different ways. Is there anyone else who agree? Can Buffy love them both and not decide who she wants to be with forever? Please no...
  13. MarieVampSlayer

    Would Cangel be possible if Buffy didn't die?

    Hi all! So I am re-watching Angel S3 and wanted to test something with you. So at the beginning of this season, Angel mourns Buffy who died and decides to move on without her. Coincidentally, he starts having feelings for Cordelia that are different from S1 and S2. So I was wondering, did Angel...
  14. Curious Pathos

    Did Angel Leave Buffy for legitimate reasons?

    I have been struggling with this for a long time. I don't understand Angel's stated reason for leaving Buffy in "The Prom". He says he wants her to have a normal life, implying kids and a real relationship, but I don't see his reasoning. I want to focus on Angel's train of thought, here. He...
  15. MarlieTheSlayer

    Other ships (like Bangel)?

    Do you have other ships you're passionate about? Did you notice some similarities between your other ships and Bangel? I ship Emily and Aiden from the show ''Revenge'' (such a guilty pleasure :)). I consider them soul mates, just like Buffy and Angel. Emily and Aiden both seek revenge and are...
  16. MarlieTheSlayer

    MarlieTheSlayer's art

    Not sure if I can call it art yet ;), but I wanted a place where I can drop some of my banners and stuff. My first banner, I've used this one for years :) Bangel end of days Bangel - One perfect day Bangel - Surprise me
  17. Mrs Gordo

    IWRY Marathon *Reviews & Feedback*

    Tomorrow begins the IWRY Marathon From LJ "The IWRY Fic Marathon was the brain child of leni_ba, who began it in 2004 to mark the anniversary of the 'Angel' episode, "I Will Remember You". The idea was to post one B/A story every day for the month of November." The fics will be revealed one by...
  18. MarlieTheSlayer

    Favorite and least favorite Bangel kiss

    The title says it all :p My favorite (at the moment, changes all the time) I am not saying it's their best kiss, but it's just so sweet. Aw it warms my heart. My least favorite Maybe it's just me, but David/Angel makes some creepy facial expressions during this scene. It also doesn't help...
  19. MarieVampSlayer

    Angel and Buffy kiss

    Hey all! I was wondering what did you think about the Angel and Buffy kiss in End of days/Chosen? I must say I do love Angel and Buffy together but I feel like it didn't make any sense in the story. Why would they kiss at that very moment? We saw that Spike saw it and the First told him "That...
  20. MarieVampSlayer

    If Angel had been patient...

    Hi all! Ok so first if you haven't watched all the Buffy season please leave if you don't want any spoilers! So I just rewatched the episode I will remember you and I just had a thought. Knowing that Buffy gives the slayer power to all the potentials in chosen and that she had the possibility...
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